Tradition gets a Makeover with Nihar Extra Care Hair Oil

Tradition gets a Makeover with Nihar Extra Care Hair Oil | Cherry On Top

Skincare and haircare start way early in our lives even before we realise its benefits. Since our childhood, we have seen our moms and grandmoms oiling our hair, sometimes with added herbs and seeds, on a day to day basis. When I was younger, my mom made sure she oils my hair at least three times a week and I absolutely hated the idea. I used to hate greasy hair. But, eventually, it turned out to be so beneficial for my hair. Everyone around me, or on the internet, compliments my hair and asks me the secret. It has always been half my mother’s care and affection towards my hair and half the blessings of nature. Sometimes my mom and grandmom used to soak methi seeds or kalonji seeds to the hair oil overnight to make the oil even more efficacious. Recently, Nihar Naturals, one of India’s leading wellness brand […]

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Tjori Night Skin Repair Elixir Review

Tjori Night Skin Repair Elixir | Cherry On Top Blog

Hi, guys! I am back with a new review after so long. I was kind of busy with getting my life back on track. If you read My Anxiety Story then you’ll know why I was away from the blog for quite some time. Now that I’ve started enjoyed every bit of my work once again, I am here with a review of the Tjori Night Skin Repair Elixir that I’ve been enjoying using for quite some time now. Tjori is a brand that has come to prominence in the recent past. I have literally been bombarded with recommendations on Facebook lately and it has successfully intrigued me to some extent. Recently, in my May Fab Bag (watch the unboxing video), I received this tiny bottle of the Tjori Night Skin Repair Elixir that I first mistook it for a sample size product but soon realized it is a full size. […]

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How to De-tan Skin at Home Naturally

How to De-tan Skin at Home Naturally, Tan removal at home, natural tan removal, home remedy for tanned skin | Cherry On Top

Come summers and we all get the tan that not only makes our skin look few shades darker but also causes side effects like uneven skin tone, acne, dark spots, dry skin and signs of premature aging. The idea is to not only keep your skin protected from the harmful sun rays but also going the extra mile by pampering your skin with home remedies that will not only help you get rid of the problems mentioned before but also give you glowing skin and bright complexion. Wondering how to remove tan the easy way? Here are few beauty tips you can follow and easily try at home using everyday ingredients from your kitchen. 1) Aloe Vera & Lemon Juice Mask Both aloe vera and lemon juice work wonders when it comes to reducing the effects of tanning on the skin. Aloe is a soothing agent that helps in fighting […]

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Cosmicare Gold Facial Kit Review

Cosmicare Gold Facial Kit Review | Cherry On Top Blog

Hi, guys! Sorry for being MIA. I was actually trying to focus on my YouTube channel for the past few weeks and that’s the reason why blogging had taken a backseat. But, I am trying really hard to cope up with everything and multitask. So, if you haven’t checked out my YouTube videos then please do me a favour and watch them. I would really appreciate it. Love you! Today, I am going to review a facial kit that I have been using since February and I loved it. Today’s product of focus is Cosmicare Gold Facial Kit. Due to our busy schedule and fast lifestyle, we tend to miss out on several things especially self-pampering. Our skin needs some sort of maintenance that helps it keep healthy and glowing. That’s why you need to go for a facial in at least every 15 days but, that never happens because we cannot […]

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Brillare Micellar Water Mist Review & Demo

Brillare scince Micellar Water Mist Review, Demo, Price

Makeup is an integral part of my life. It’s not that I do makeup on a daily basis but most of the time when I am heading out, I like to do some makeup no matter how basic it is. If not a full face makeup, I cannot skip my kajal and lipstick and some compact if necessary. As much as I love doing makeup, I love taking it off at the end of the day. Let me confess something, I am a big makeup remover hoarder. I always have two spare bottles of makeup remover at my home! Recently, I have been loving the Brillare Micellar Water Mist to remove my everyday makeup. Keep reading this post for a brief review and a demo. Price- Rs 500 for 100ml About the Product- Our skin gets exposed to many extremes of environment. These extremes may lead to the imbalance of […]

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All About Eaude Muge Medicated Lotion And Its Benefits

Have you ever wondered where do that fantastic glow and sparkling beauty of Japanese ladies come from? You look them around famous shoots, videos and much more, and always dream to have a skin like them? Right or not? But, even after numerous efforts, trying out artificial and natural remedies, and relying on all sort of products, you are unable to get rid of your uneven skin tone and irritating acne, then it’s time to turn towards Eaude Muge medicated lotion! This is one of the most prolific products which originated from Japan and has become the priority of every beauty concerned women. It is not just a lotion but is a complete package that turns all your beauty related dreams into reality. So, read on and discover more about this great product! Why do you need the Eaude Muge medicated lotion? Well, generally, whenever the word ‘moisturizer’ comes to […]

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Imiana House African Cocoa Butter Soap Review

If you guys follow my blog regularly then by now you have known that I am a sucker for organic and handmade skincare. I am up for anything that has to do with organic and natural ingredients. I found they work the best for my skin. A lot of you had requested me to review more organic products on my blog so, here I am with another new brand. Today, I will be talking about Imiana House African Cocoa Butter Soap. About Imiana House Imiana House is a brand that I found out recently when they approached me for an honest review of their products. I quickly went through their website and found out that they excel in making different luxury handmade soaps, skincare items like serums, body butters, moisturizers, raw butters and even fashion jewellery too! All the products made by Imiana House are 100% pure, vegan, organic and cruelty-free. About Imiana […]

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6 Reasons Why You Are Breaking Out

Acne is a skin condition that affects more than half of the world population and leads to insecurities and lower self-esteem issues. Most of the times, you do not even understand what the problem is, which makes this skin condition even worse. Therefore, we have the top reasons as to why you might be getting acne breakouts. 1.   Consuming Too Much Spicy Food Spicy foods are made with peppers and tomatoes, which have acidic lycopene in them that cause irritations and imbalance the pH levels of the skin leading to breakouts. However, not just spicy food can lead to breakouts. Some people can get breakouts because of bread, dairy, and other types of skin. Keep in mind that every person reacts to certain foods differently, therefore, you should never compare would situation with anyone. Focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can as they contain water […]

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Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil Review, Price and Availability

Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil Review, Price

The benefits of Argan oil is something that everybody is familiar with. It has been named Liquid Gold for true reasons. It is great for your skin and hair and it has been proven to give magical results if applied on a regular basis. The fatty acids and Vitamin E in argan oil help moisturize the skin and hair, adds glow and nourishment. Today, I will be sharing with you my experience with  Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil. If you haven’t checked out my post on Speaking Tree Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils then do it right now! Price- Rs 390 for 15ml Available at- Amazon, Flipkart, MyNutraMart   Packaging- Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil comes in 15 ml glass bottle with a plastic cap. They have European dropper cap included in their packaging. Inside the outer packaging comes a glass roller bottle as well. Key Ingredients- Speaking Tree Argan carrier […]

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Bipasha Basu Welcomes Bae to Bengal with Sephora

Sephora now open at South City, Kolkata   Kolkata, 6thJanuary 2018: Dear ladies of Kolkata, we’ve got your favourite beauty brand and the world’s largest beauty retailer to your favourite shopping destination. Yes, Sephora is now open at South City Mall, Kolkata and we couldn’t think of anyone more gorgeous and city sweetheart Bipasha Basu to join the launch festivities. We urge you to come with enough time on your hands to get experiential and makeovers with Sephora beauty advisors starting now! Speaking on this exciting occasion, Bipasha Basu said, “When I think Kolkata, I think big bindis, prominent red lips, bold eyes and a gorgeous bold look. It’s a city where art meets makeup and I can’t think of any other beauty brand that matches this synergy and vibrancy. Sephora is my absolute favourite shopping destination and a haven for beauty and makeup enthusiasts. I couldn’t be happier to […]

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