The Perfect Journey

The Perfect Journey|

“To Travel is to Live.” – Hans Christian Anderson Travelling, to me, is to explore different parts of the planet as well as to explore my own self. Every journey has its own story and teachings. If you have never been into travelling you have already missed out some great pleasures in life. Your perfect Yatra does not need a lot of money to be invested in but a mind free from everything and a desire to see the unseen. My idea of an ideal Yatra would be to any place that I have not seen before, on my terms, exploring every inch of that place and discovering some never-seen-before alcoves. It might sound a little metaphysical but that’s me. I do not like visiting a place that is generally crowded. I don’t like visiting a city and standing in a queue to visit a museum or march all the […]

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Kickstart Your Day with These 4 Transformational Morning Practices

The alarm clock rings and before you can get accustomed to your surroundings, the voices in your head tell you to hit the snooze button. For most, mornings can be a dreaded period. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to gather your thoughts before plunging headlong into the chaos that engulfs the outside world. If you manage to clear your mind and mentally prepare yourself for a great day, you’re going to make the most of it. The Answer: Mindfulness Most people switch to autopilot mode as soon as they wake up, where your brain instinctively navigates its way through the daily habitual patterns that you’ve established. In short, you’re able to go through your everyday routine without really paying any attention to what you’re doing. Stray thoughts enter your mind, where they are entertained and nurtured. These musings tend to tire out your neurons, leaving you exhausted. The best […]

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#MyFamilyMyPride: The One Who Created Me

Having been born and raised in a semi joint family, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different things from each and every member of my family. Where my mother taught me the basics of a human life and reading books and writing postcards to my maternal grandparents, my grandmother taught me to be firm in my decisions, to be strong yet sensitive.  My childhood days were like what every child should get. Learning a new thing everyday- related to life, relationships, sensibility, books and toys. My grandfather was the only one to tell me stories from Panchatantra to his imaginary incidents and popular fairytales. I still can feel how mesmerized I used to be every time the Prince found his Princess in my grandfathers stories. Growing up I understood that those were not merely fancy fairytales but they were life lessons that had been injected into my mind at […]

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