No More Fighting With Combs

So girls, hope you’re doing well this love-season! Well, Valentine’s Day is 4 days away, so I decided to write some V’Day tips for the next five days. Today, I am going to writing about hair care. You don’t want to present your frizzy hair before your man or you don’t want to entangle his fingers in your hair. That would be so awkward, isn’t it? Don’t panic friends. I am going to give you some easy home-made remedies to get rid of frizzy and dried up hair and get silky smooth hair in a few days. Let’s get started…. Tip 1: Mix coconut oil and castor oil in 2:1 proportion. Add 1 or 2 Vitamin E capsules (broken) into the mixture. Gently massage it on your scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it off next day. Do this process for three days continuously. Tip 2: Apply Henna onto your […]

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