12 Effective Ways of Dealing with Short-Term Memory Loss

12 Effective Ways of Dealing with Short-Term Memory Loss | Cherry On Top

Do you remember childhood incidences but forget things that happen within a couple of hours? This may seem ironic, but it happens to some people. It is as a result of short-term memory loss. While to some people it is nothing serious, others may need medical intervention before all the memories start fading. This condition can be confusing to both the victim and the family members. It can cause anxiety and frustration if you don’t understand what is happening to you. Doctors say that there are different causes of short-term memory loss. We will discuss some of them and help you know how to handle the situation and recovery your memories. What causes short-term memory loss? The causes may differ from one patient to the other. While some people experience short-term memory loss due to medical conditions, others trigger it through substance abuse. Others experience it from brain injuries from […]

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