Back to School/College Skincare

Sorry for the long gap between my posts. I am a little tensed for a few days about my mom’s health. She is entering the phase of menopause and having a lot of troubles regarding the issue. I feel to stay with her chatting above everything. So, forgive me, I make sure to continue the series and talk about almost everything about Back to School necessities before the month ends. Amidst of the entire bustle, studies and other scheduled works we deliberately forget about the needs of our skin. We forget about the vital ingredients of beauty, nourished skin, and healthy hair. So, I have a few tips that would give your skin and hair the most desired nourishment and glow that works best for school or college goers. First of all the three basic steps for that natural healthy skin- CTM, which means Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing- Cleansing:Cleansing is […]

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