7 Aloe Vera Face Masks for Bright & Beautiful Skin

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1. Glow, baby!

Mix Aloe Vera gel (the fresher the better), Coconut Oil and Honey for a healthy glowing skin, naturally.

2. No More Acne

Mix Aloe Vera gel, Nutmeg Powder and lemon juice to keep acnes at bay.

3. Bye, bye, dark spots

To get rid of dark spots and blemishes, all you have to do is to mix turmeric powder or paste, aloe vera pulp, yoghurt and lemon juice and apply on to the skin!

4. Dry Skin Relief

Dry skin during winter is a nightmare. Let's treat it with some aloe. Apply a paste made out of aloe vera pulp, honey and olive oil. Keep it more 10-15 minutes and wash off.

5. Oily skin? Worry not!

Oily skin in summers is ghost stories in the dark. Yes, it is scary! Nourish your skin twice a week with a face mask made out of aloe gel, lemon juice and yoghurt and you're good to go!

6. For Sensitive Skin

There is one more for sensitive skin people too. Apply a mask which is made out of aloe gel, banana and honey. It will make the skin glowy without irritating.

7. Remove Sun Tan

Sun tan is a no-no for both summers and winters. Th easiest and more natural way of removing sun tan is to apply a paste of sloe pulp, cucumber, lemon juice and yoghurt.

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