The 9 Most Romantic Cities In Europe

High-speed comfortable trains, planes that easily carry us from one corner of the globe to another, chic cars – all this is great! But, when you arrive at the place of travel, you want to see as much as possible. And for this, a tourist has to move on his feet. During a leisurely walk in a new city, you have a wonderful opportunity to slowly explore architectural monuments and colorful sights, get acquainted with local people or other travelers, and relax in a shady park or a summer cafe. So, here is a list of the most romantic cities in Europe from primedating.      Cumbria, England The beautiful region of England (the highlands of the county of Cumbria) is known for its irresistible beauty and it becomes even more stunning and charming in autumn. Thanks to the richness of crystal clear lakes surrounded by golden and ruby hills, the region […]

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