Happenstance- When Comfort Meets Style

They say, “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world”. I am pretty sure what they mean by ‘right shoes’ is shoes that are comfortable. As a blogger, I always feel the need to be in the perfect pair of shoes that will look stylish but won’t give me blisters and shoe bites. I have been to events wearing a stylish, classy pair of stilettos only to come back home with a wounded pair of feet that would ache through the week. I feel I would be the happiest wearing my slippers wherever I go but that […]

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How To Use Accent Colour for your Prom Look

How To Use Accent Colour for your Prom Look | Cherry On Top

Ask any woman in her early twenties about the most memorable times of her life, and her prom experience will be close to, if not, at the very top. This milestone is a time for celebration, as you finish 12 years of formal education, while also saying goodbye to some dear friends, at least for a while. Therefore, it is important to get your outfit right, and with that in mind, here are some tips on using an accent colour for your prom dress. Making the Best Use of Accessories There are many ways to add some contrasting colour to […]

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Wedding handbags under Rs 1000

If you like to have a wide range of collections in your closet; but fail to do so because of the high price that comes with an elegant bag, then do not compromise with your desires this wedding season. Because here with the Flipkart upcoming sale online, you can have branded wedding handbags under Rs 1000. From Sangeet to Roka to the wedding here you will find all the wonderful brands in this post. Compromising on your desires just because to save money is not for you. That is why here we are doing the job of extra saving for […]

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Last Minute Holiday Shopping with African Mall

African Mall Clothes Wishlist | Cherry On Top

Holidays are right around the corner and I know a lot of you are still making your Holiday Shopping list. Well, I am still trying to recoup my impulsive expenses during the time of Diwali but I am also looking for some new clothes for me and also for some of my closest ones as gifts. Recently, I came across a website called African Mall and was excited to see their huge collection of crop top, co-ords and trendy dresses. Today, I am going to share some of my favourites with you guys. Co-ord sets are quite popular these days […]

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Top Online Catalogues for Women’s Clothes

list of top online catalogues for women's clothes | Cherry On Top

There are several catalogues out there for ordering women’s clothes in the UK. They allow you a variety of credit options, so you don’t have to miss out on the latest fashion. Let’s take a look at the top online catalogues for women’s clothes. Very Very is an online catalogue that offers so many different types of products. From homeware, electronics, toys, clothing and a whole lot more. There is a wide range of women’s clothing available on this website, they are super high quality and one-off pieces that you will not be able to find elsewhere. When you order […]

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Five Best Outfits for Exercise

‘Take care of the body. It’s the only place you have to live’- this simple little quote by Jim Rohn continues to hold its own decades after it was said. Maintaining a sound body is indeed something whose importance can’t be overstated. At the same time, it can be a gruelling task which demands the perfect workout outfits. So, this summer, just pull your hair into a bun, get into the sporty groove and hit the gym looking like a million dollars. Here are five of the most perfect outfits for exercise that speak to both comfort & style: Track-pants […]

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Summer Footwear for Day to Night Activities Ft FSJ Shoes

Gold Chunky Sparkly Heels for Night Out | Summer Footwear for Day to Night | Cherry On Top Blog

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Cherry On Top. In summers, the main concern for us ladies is what to wear, be it clothes or footwear. As far as my choices are concerned, I like to wear anything flowy and easy-breezy and for footwear, I like to wear my flip-flops only. Being a blogger (or even any working person), you don’t really have that luxury to wear your slippers. You have meetings, events, shoots and what not and you cannot wear a pair of slippers everywhere! So, I thought I should share a Guide to Day to Night Footwears for Summer. […]

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Rayon Kurtis Types and Their Styling Options

Rayon Kurtis Types and Their Styling Options | Cherry On Top

With just a couple of kurtis and a few pairs of leggings or trousers, your dressing needs can be sorted for a few months, and you will also not worry about looking great in what you have worn. Kurtis is one of the most preferred dress type for many Indian women because they are not just comfortable, but also versatile. They are not just a darling to the middle-aged women, but you will find old ladies, college girls and children also loving them in equal measures. The rayon Kurtis, in particular, is one of the most preferred Kurtis amongst the […]

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The Classic Bong Woman | Ft. Unnati Silks

How to style Unnati Silks Mangalagiri Handloom Cotton Sari | Cherry On Top | The Ultimate Practical Bong LookHow to style Unnati Silks Mangalagiri Handloom Cotton Sari | Cherry On Top | The Ultimate Practical Bong Look

I am a Bengali and I love being one. I totally adore the traditions and culture that Bengalis have been nurturing over the period of time. When it comes to getting ready for occasions like pujas or weddings, I gleefully decide to go for a complete Bengali look no matter what! You must have seen that if you follow me on my social media platforms (which, by the way, you totally should 😜). When it comes to transforming into a traditional Bengali look, I take the blueprint from my mom’s old photos. A classic Bengali look is best known for its simplicity […]

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