Solo travel can be an incredible adventure that offers more than just visiting new places. It can be a journey of self-discovery, allowing you to step out of your solace zone and connect with yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Taking the time to travel solo is a valuable opportunity to unwind, gain independence, and build self-love and confidence.

This article will examine the various benefits of solo travel and how it helps build self-love and confidence. So, what’s the wait for? Let’sLet’s dive in!

 Time for Self-Reflection

Time for self-reflection during solo travel provides a chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with yourself on a deeper level. Without the distractions of others, you can take time to think about your goals, values, and aspirations.

This can lead to insights and a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings. With this understanding, you may discover new passions or interests, set personal boundaries, or gain clarity about what you want.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Solo travel can also significantly impact mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. When you travel alone, you can set your own pace and decide where to go and what to do. Additionally, solo travel provides much-needed alone time to recharge and rejuvenate.

In fact, many women also take the time to listen to their bodies and relieve tension through self-love using adult toys such as real whizzinator xxx, blindfolds, and other items to pamper their bodies. The pampering releases endorphins and happy hormones that relax the body. This practice can be a powerful way to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Increasing Creativity and Productivity

Traveling solo can also increase creativity and productivity. When traveling alone, you can design your itinerary and explore at your own pace. This sense of control can stimulate creativity and help you generate new ideas.

Moreover, it provides a distraction-free environment, allowing you to focus on tasks without interruptions. By eliminating distractions and immersing yourself in new experiences, you may also increase your productivity and accomplish more than you would in your everyday environment.

 Embracing the Unknown

When you travel alone, you can face challenges and confront the unexpected. This can be scary, but it can also be exhilarating and empowering. Embracing the unknown can help you build resilience, confidence, and adaptability.

It can also foster a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world. By stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the unknown, you may discover new passions, skills, or insights you would never have encountered otherwise.

Trusting Your Judgment

Traveling alone teaches you the skill of trusting your judgment. Without the input of others, you must rely on your own instincts and decision-making skills. This can be daunting, but it can also be empowering. By trusting yourself, you can gain greater self-reliance and confidence. You can also take ownership of your travel experience and create a trip that truly reflects your interests and values.

Bottom Line

As the saying goes, “life is a journey, not a destination,” and solo travel is the perfect way to embody that philosophy. So go ahead, take the plunge, and embark on your solo adventure – the world is waiting for you with open arms (and plenty of unique experiences and memories to be made)!


The Caribbean is one of the best vacation destinations on the planet for outdoor activities and watersports. Everywhere you turn in this beautiful corner of the world there are top quality camps and clinics dedicated to everything from open water swimming to kite surfing.

For water sports fans, a Caribbean vacation is a perfect opportunity to really get to grips with your passion.

So if you are packing your bags and heading off on a Caribbean cruise in 2022, check out these top camps and clinics that you can’t afford to miss.

Odyssey Expeditions

Odyssey Expeditions, based out of Tarpon Springs in Florida, runs a great series of camps that operate in the British Virgin Islands every summer. More than just a sports clinic, the kids live together and work together, learning a huge range of skills and abilities. The camps themselves focus on a variety of activities, including swimming, scuba diving, sailing, and hiking, but the real value is the softer social skills students learn as they interact with each other throughout the courses.


With swimming tours in both the British Virgin Islands and St Kitts and Nevis, Swimtrek is one of the Caribbean’s most reputable and exciting swimming camps. Over the course of a week, you’ll get a unique perspective on these gorgeous paradise islands, paddling your way through warm, calm, crystal-clear water and getting to see a completely different side of the Caribbean. Swimming up to 6km per day, you can choose from the stunning white sand beaches of the British Virgin Islands or the more dramatic volcanic landscapes of St Kitts and Nevis, but whichever you choose you’ll discover an unforgettable experience.

15 Knots Kiteboarding

Based out of San Juan in Puerto Rico, 15 Knots Kiteboarding offers a wonderfully hassle-free summer camp experience – you don’t even need to bring your passport! With some of the friendliest instructors around, 15 Knots are dedicated to making kitesurfing simple and accessible at every level, from complete beginner to seasoned veteran. Their long-running Discovery Course is regarded as one of the premier kiteboarding clinics in the Caribbean. Best of all, they are located on La Plage, one of San Juan’s most beautiful spots, and the ideal location to chill out after a hard day’s boarding with a cool, refreshing drink.

Broadreach Sailing Camp

Aimed at middle school kids, Broadreach Sailing Camp operates throughout the Leeward and Windward Islands, providing educational, adventurous, and above all fun two-week experiences for students. Their main offer is sailing, but they also provide a number of snorkelling schools as well. Most importantly, they go above and beyond the usual summer camp experience, giving their kids a complete, holistic package that helps them be more independent, understand more about the world they live in, and develop leadership skills.

Sail Caribbean

Sail Caribbean has been running camps in the British Virgin Islands for over 30 years, taking on students from as young as 11 to as old as 22. Far more than just a sailing school, they combine practical learning with environmental awareness, as well as offering more advanced courses that include navigation, docking, boat safety, and passage-making.

For anyone interested in improving their skills and discovering exciting adventures in one of the most beautiful places in the world, then a summer camp or clinic in the Caribbean might just be the best vacation you ever take!

I have mastered the art of isolation, and mountains have always helped me externalize my emotions. The few friends that I am left with, they keep telling me that I rubbed off my personality from a mountain. I usually take that as a compliment. Mountains were my first love – the only constant that I have opened my heart to.

I have travelled to almost all the recognizable hill stations across the country. I used the word recognizable since the place that I am about to talk about is often overlooked, even though it is quite a convenient place. Lansdowne, unlike Manali, Shimla, or Rishikesh, deserves the same amount of attention and ardour – I think it does except it has managed to keep itself secluded from the mainstream at the height of 1700 meters.

Hike, Pray and Love

I think I had a brief moment of epiphany when I realized that corporate life was not meant for me. Not to romanticize, but Delhi is a sentient being, it speaks volumes to me. And, when you are a loner, you do get to observe these small details. So, I had to test this theory out and see if the travel life wants to choose me. Lansdowne seemed like a quaint place for me to know if I wanted to travel for the rest of my life.

A Trip to Lansdowne | Cherry on Top

Lansdowne can be reached by road – located in the Himalayas; the streets are only convenient routes. It is roughly a six hours drive from Rohtak, which is why I booked a convenient taxi service in Rohtak. Delhi to Rohtak takes about an hour and a half. Rohtak might seem like an inconvenient route for me, but I had to make the detour – there was some personal business that required my attention. (See, even in writing, my loner instincts won’t let me divulge details of my life)

Lansdowne – a slow respite

People often say that you aren’t to be left alone with your thoughts. But Lansdowne is for folks who’d love to be left alone with their thoughts. Don’t misplace it as an ideal tourist spot; it is neither commercialized nor urbanized. This place served as a recruitment ground for British forces to supply the workforce to the Garhwal rifles. So, I knew what I was getting myself into. Even though it is a place of respite, I had to make a travel itinerary. I wasn’t just going to sit around and brood.

A Trip to Lansdowne | Cherry on Top

 A bit of leftover colonial history

Lansdowne is a fading reminder of the colonial history left behind. Named after the then Viceroy Lord Lansdowne, its resonating silence is the most beautiful part.

Quitely Exploring Silence

Navigating silence is an art, so is silence. After a good night’s sleep, I woke up early to walk around the town.

I was suggested by a group of travellers that I visit old St. Mary’s church. The church stands erect like a goth queen, which harmonizes with the town’s residing tranquillity. I walked around the church and was able to catch a glimpse of the Himalayan mountain range. The peace here is addictive, almost makes you lethargic, normalizing your inner monologues. By the time I left St. Mary’s, I had enough monologues to add to a feature film. I did not feel like visiting the Bhulla Tal – not a massive fan of water bodies.

I started to retreat for the day, reaching the Mall Road late in the evening. I managed to get some snacks and some dinner. The city life seemed to have spoilt me; everything here closes down by 7:30.

A Trip to Lansdowne | Cherry on Top

Trekking at Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary

I decided to go for a small trek since what’s the point in just loitering around. Before I went for the trek, I decided to make a stop at Tip n Top to view the majesty of snow-clad Himalayas. Don’t worry, Himalaya is the kind of cameo that will keep appearing throughout the journey.

Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the Corbett landscape and a natural haven for wildlife of Lansdowne. Although it seemed a bit far away from Lansdowne, I did not mind this subset of a trip to Kalagarh.

The theory of a choice

After Kalagarh, I planned for my return to Delhi. I think I am ready to travel. And, this trip helped me realize that. This perhaps is my calling – not being a white-collar corporate slave.

Note: If you want a smoother travel experience, try booking a cab from Delhi to Lansdowne. It will recommend the following route – Delhi – Ghaziabad – Modinagar – Meerut – Khatauli – Mirapur – Bijnor – Najibabad – Kotdwar – Lansdowne.

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Everyone wishes to visit Ladakh at least once in their life. It is one of the dream destinations for travelling enthusiasts. Not only is Ladakh famous for its top attractions and amazing weather, but this place has Gompas and Buddhist Monasteries too. The landscape, atmosphere, mountains, and the overall Tibetan environment are extremely appealing. Located at a whopping height of 3,000 meters above the sea level, Ladakh has amazing surprises for all its tourists. The place is a dream vacation spot for people who want to explore the natural beauty of the mother earth.

Ladakh is mostly visited in summer. Though winter or monsoon isn’t the bad visiting time, it is better to play safe since roadblocks are common in Leh-Ladakh during monsoon. Read on to know about the best places that make Ladakh the most pristine tourist destination.

Leh Palace – The Royal Mansion Built by an Ancient King

Best Places to Visit in Leh/Ladakh | Cherry On Top

Commonly known as Lhachen Palkhar, Leh tops the list of Ladakh’s most popular tourist places. Located in Leh, this beautiful structure was constructed by Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. The building is a Royal Palace that holds a great history. The builder of this Royal Mansion i.e. the King Sengge Namgyal along with his family was the first-ever residents of the palace.

Leh Palace is one of the tallest Tibetan buildings. The height of this mansion makes it a viewpoint for tourists who want to admire the beauty of the whole of Ladakh from a height. If you get a chance to visit Ladakh, head to Leh Palace in the evening and watch the sunset view from the top. This Royal Mansion looks more magnificent when the locals light up the entire palace during special events and festival seasons like the Galdam Namchot festival. In this festival, people living around Leh and Ladakh gather near this Palace and celebrate the occasion.

You might have heard of the major Kashmir attack in the 9th century? Well, it damaged the significant parts of Leh Palace. However, this Royal Mansion still looks wonderful.

Magnetic Hill

Best Places to Visit in Leh/Ladakh | Cherry On Top

Image source-

You can avail a car rental in Leh with a driver to explore Magnetic hill and watch some magic happening around the place. As soon as the vehicle is parked, it moves up towards the hill (opposing the force of gravity). At a height of 14,000 ft and a distance of 30 kilometres from Leh, you will find this Magnetic Hill – which is known for its magnetic power that catches the attention of tourists from different countries.

Chadar Trek

The Frozen River Expedition is a 6-day trekking trail that begins during the end of January and ends in February. The people residing in and around Leh take the Zanskar road in summers. However, the Zanskar River cannot be explored in the winters as a strong layer of ice is formed over it. The frozen lake looks like a white blanket, which is also called Chadar in the local language. Hence, the name Chadar trek.

The trek route looks like the most difficult of trails, but it only involves a flat stroll. The trek is perfect for tourists who want to explore tall mountains covered in snow and Zanskar River. The only mode of transportation to Leh is by flight. Since a considerable part of the city is covered in snow, there is no way a train or local bus can take you to this heavenly destination. But, the city and its amazing attractions can be explored via roadways. Avail a reliable Leh taxi service and visit all the beautiful places in Ladakh.

Tso Moriri

This 100 ft deep lake is identical to the Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Tso Moriri is not a popular tourist destination, but the scenic view and tranquillity are top reasons that make it a must-visit place. The background features snow-covered mountains and the surroundings boast of the beautiful hills.

As it is a less-popular destination, Tso Moriri does not receive a lot of crowds. To explore the picturesque mountains of Ladakh and the serene atmosphere of the hill station, this can prove to be a perfect destination.

Pangong Lake

Best Places to Visit in Leh/Ladakh | Cherry On Top

Located at a height of 4,350 meters, Pangong Lake is a popular tourist destination in Leh-Ladakh. The length of the lake is approximately 12 kilometres. Pangong Lake is especially famous for its length that connects India to Tibet. Roughly two-thirds of the Pangong Lake is in the Tibet region. The speciality of Pangong Lake is the colour of its water, which keeps on changing every hour. It turns from blue to light blue, green, and grey. The water changes colour several times, making it a magical lake for Ladakh tourists.

Considering the height, the temperature around this area is -5 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius. Pangong Lake is not open for tourists in winter since heavy snowfall and a freezing temperature freezes the lake. The place garnered the attention of the tourist after getting featured in many movies.

Let me know if you liked this piece on Leh-Ladakh!



Image: By Nikhilchandra81 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

As someone who loves birds, my constant endeavour has been to protect the avifauna by bringing birders and nature lovers together through social media. And the fact that I am a member of a bird-conservation community in my city, just adds to my effort. So, when the members of that community decided to visit the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary last winter and do a little research on the current status of migratory birds in India, it was obvious that I would never leave such a chance for such an adventure.

For those who are unaware, the Bharatpur Sanctuary has been renamed to Keoladeo National Park and is the country’s largest avifauna reserve. Situated in Agra, this is the second biggest highlight of the historic city after Taj Mahal.

Reaching Bharatpur

Equipped with our cameras, binoculars, and recorders (to record bird sounds and their calls), our group of 8 people headed to Agra on a cold January morning. It takes 1.5 hours to reach Bharatpur from Agra city. The best way to travel to Bharatpur is to book a taxi in Agra from a reputed service provider, especially if you are travelling during the winter holidays.

We reached Bharatpur and settled ourselves at the Bharatpur Forest Lodge. This is a convenient lodging option for birders since it is right inside the sanctuary, only 1.5 Km from the main safari section. Once inside the sanctuary, you can take a Jeep or Elephant Safari. But since we had to be awfully quiet and take a lot of photos and record sounds, we chose to explore on foot.

A day the sanctuary

Every year, as some of our group members mentioned, thousands of birds from Siberia, Central Asia, Mongolia, Europe and other colder regions in the northern hemisphere would come down to the warmer tropical mountains of north India and stay throughout the colder months. For over 200 years, Bharatpur has been witnessing the migration of more than 230 species of exotic avifauna but their number has reduced over the years, with lesser forested areas to nest in and too many tourists exploring these areas.

There is a concrete road that runs throughout the park and is mostly for vehicles, with nature trails on either side. The path we took on, cuts through small pockets of marshy lands where groups of painted storks were resting and feeding amidst the reeds. These black-necked birds are the quintessential members of this sanctuary and come every year to nest in the forests of Bharatpur.

A 10-minute walk further ahead led us a bunch of Kingfishers waiting for their catch, a few stray Siberian Rubythroats, Moorhens, and a couple of Herons wading through the muddy patch. My birder friends divided into two groups- one went towards the outer fringes and managed to spot the Greater Painted Snipe. And I with the group continued on our walk inside and noticed a peahen trying to perch on a tree. On hearing our footsteps on the dry leaves, the national bird flew away but managed to give us a long shot photo.

There were also one or two Flycatchers, Wagtails, and larks, lurking randomly around the forest. Once in few years, the forests of Bharatpur are replete rosy pelicans, different species of cranes, geese, ducks, warblers, eagles, pintails, darters, and more, and I promised myself to keep coming back until I see them all.

Birding tips:

To all fellow bird-lovers, here are few tips from our community for a successful tour of Bharatpur:

  • Get a good start and book a taxi with a trained driver from Agra to Bharatpur to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  • Opt for a stay closest to the sanctuary, so you cut down on travel (even if it’s walking) and have more frequent trips throughout the day.
  • Avoid taking the Jeep Safari, since vehicle sound can drive the birds away.

Hope to see your pictures from your next trip to Bharatpur.

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Booking tickets to Canada can sometimes be very expensive. Since you desire to save every coin when travelling to exotic destinations like Canada, where you will definitely have the need for money, it is always a good thing to take advantage of every saving opportunity you get. Canada already helps you by not charging a lot for a visa, especially if you are from visa exempt countries, all you need to do is fill up the Canada ETA form and that’s as far as the visa. Below is a look at some of the tips you can employ when booking your air tickets so that you realize incredible savings on the same-:

Book early

Great Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Canada | Cherry On Top

The first secret to getting cheap flights to any destination is to book early and this also applies when you are considering flying to Canada. If possible, check your schedule and once you ascertain the travel date, go get your air tickets immediately. Preferably, you should book at least one month to your travel date if you want to be a beneficiary of the low rates. If you wait till the last minute, there is no way you will be getting cheap tickets since the demand for them will be high, and the airlines know that this is the time they should be making a lot of money?

Set price alerts

The travel industry is such a massive one, and there are lots of technologies you can use to your advantage and for your convenience. When it comes to booking cheap flights, one of the best technology resources you have at your disposal is price alerts. As a person, it is nearly impossible to be calling airlines or visiting their websites every now and then to check if the rates have gone down. With price alerts, however, you will be informed every time the prices of tickets go down or they get into a range you are interested in. Whenever you get alerts for the price ranges you were looking forward to, don’t waste any minute. Grab your tickets and wait for the travel date.

Be flexible with your travel plans

Great Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Canada | Cherry On Top

The other way you can use to get cheap tickets is not to be rigid with your travel plans. There are certain days of the wee when the air tickets are expensive because so many people are travelling and there are certain days when the rates are relatively low because there is a low number of people travelling. For example, you don’t always have to travel during the weekends or at the start of the week. Everyone is travelling at this time and the airline knows it. You will be very ambitious if you think you can get cheap tickets around these times. What you ought to do is plan your travel right in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Additionally, you don’t have to travel around major holidays. This is because most people will also be travelling and as the laws of supply and demand dictates, the rates will just have to go up.

Consider connecting flights

If you are not in any particular hurry to get to Canada, you can opt for connecting flights instead of taking non-stop flights. This is because connecting flights are relatively cheaper due to some of the subtle inconveniences they have compared to the direct flights. All you have to do is use the flight search engines to filter and compared the options and see which best options will help you save money. With this approach, you may give up some of your time, but if it can save you a couple of hundred dollars and you are not in a hurry to reach your destination, then you should just go for it.

Use multiple travel portals

Great Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Canada | Cherry On Top

If you will be using travel portals, then you should consider using more than one portal. You should know that most of these portals are nothing but estimates, though they normally try to as correct as possible when they are doing the aggregation. Using just a single portal may not give you all the correct information about the tickets you are considering.

In case of a glitch or an error, you can rely on wrong information that might make you pay even more. But when you use multiple portals, you have a way to compare the results you are finding and you will also be in a better position to have a good grasp of where the rates are going, thus helping you be well equipped when it comes to making the final decision.

Check out for airline specials

Great Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Canada | Cherry On Top

If you choose to wait and book on the final week of your trip, be sure to check out for airline specials. There are some occasions when you can land very good deals on the very last minutes with an airline. This is especially when they have lots of empty seats and there day is fast approaching. With such, you can be lucky to travel so cheaply. However, this is never a solid strategy because it depends on luck – you are hoping that not many people will buy the tickets. You may wait all that time and end up buying the tickets even more expensively. But you can give it a try if you have to wait until the very last minute to purchase your ticket.

Shop for flights incognito

While you are shopping for cheap flights, be smarter than the internet and shop incognito. This means that you browse when your browser is in private mode. The reason for this is so that your computer is not “cooked” by the sites you visit so that you can always see new price changes and not the same ones you had seen simply because the site you visited placed a cookie on your browser.

Don’t be afraid of package deals

Depending on how long or the nature of your business in Canada, strongly consider using package deals since they will not just help you save money on flights, but also on other aspects of your travels such as accommodation.

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Take a refreshing break from the busy metropolises of Bangalore or Chennai and head on a road trip to Pondicherry that promises a refreshing and memorable holiday.

Formally a French colony, this Union territory is fondly referred to as the French Riviera of the East. There is a distinct French influence on the culture, food, architecture and lifestyle of the people living here.

Situated at a distance of 160 km from Chennai, one can drive down the scenic East Coast Road and reach Pondicherry in 4 hours. Outstation cabs in Chennai are available for tourists to enjoy weekend trips out of the city.

Pondicherry has a heady mix of spiritual culture and modern heritage where one can find pristine beaches, museums, temples, gothic churches and colonial buildings. Among this gorgeous French colony, one can see how the French essence has blended with the Tamil culture and lifestyle.

Historical Sites

History lovers can take a guided city tour by opting for a car rental in Pondicherry. The French War Memorial, Statue of Dupleix, 19th-century Lighthouse and Park Monument are prominent landmark places to visit here. The Raj Niwas is known for its beautiful parks, medieval and contemporary sculptures that give an insight into the life of Pondicherry.

The Pondicherry Museum has some rare artefacts and sculptures that provide information on the cultural influences on this city.

Outdoor Activities

Paradise and Serenity Beaches offer surfing facilities for those looking to get their desired dose of adrenaline.

Adventure sport like Scuba diving can be done by tourists to discover the beautiful marine life or see the gorgeous coral reefs under water.

Take a stroll on the Gandhi Beach or catch the sunrise at the Rock Beach to relax in a serene environment.

Pondicherry has unmatched biodiversity. Nature lovers can find some exotic collections of plant life in the Botanical Garden.

Divine Pursuits

Calm your senses in the relaxing ambience of Aurobindo Ashram by meditating and offering prayers to seek blessings from the divine ‘Mother.’

Explore Pondicherry like a Local | Cherry On Top

Auroville is a nearby township that provides a peaceful atmosphere. Centrally located within its premises is the Matrimandir where one can meditate to find inner tranquillity. The Manakula Vinayaga Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha attracts Hindu tourists especially during festivals. Enjoy the aartis and bhajans at the ISKCON Temple of Pondicherry and feel the divinity of Lord Krishna around you.

Food, Fun and Frolic

Pondicherry is a food lover’s paradise. Cafe Xtasi serves the best thin crust pizza while Bakers Street is a well-known bakery. Surguru and Adyar Ananda Bhavan the veg restaurants where both traditional delicacies can be tried. The seafood at Appachi Chettinad and exotic continental fare at LaVilla Helena and Le Club leave one asking for more.

Pondicherry can be shoppers delight. Woodwork handicrafts, jewellery and fashionable clothing, can be found in the Serenity beach Bazaar and Nehru Street. Handmade souvenirs of SunD’art and Kriti Eco Boutique can be bought for folks back home. Luxury shopping can be done at Kalki and Casablanca that offer the best products in town.

The pubs and lounges of Pondicherry are the best places to unwind and enjoy the bustling nightlife.

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With the rise of effective and practical travel solutions, there are very few chances one could not plan a vacation all by themselves. The idea of solo traveling has evolved to a great extent in the past couple of years. Now, more people are interested in enjoying a tour to self-exploration. Gauging from its popularity, one can easily tell that there are so many valid reasons for one’s decision of traveling solo. Traveling itself makes a man wise and solo traveling makes someone even wiser, strong-willed, confident, undemanding and uncomplicated. Solo traveling is mostly popular because, it kind of challenges you, pushes your limits forward, lets you fathom your self-worth and at the same time it allows you to master the art of living life.

Since solo traveling is all about being your own planner and navigator, one should keep a few things in mind before traveling solo.

The Destination

Choosing your destination wisely is very important while traveling, especially if you are a woman. It really unfortunate to say that not every place is safe for an unaccompanied woman. Not only the safety of women but also the feasibility of transportation, communication, and basic needs are something that needs to be considered while deciding your travel destination. One should always go for locations that are not too remote or desolate. Make sure your destination is well-connected to where you live. Make sure to research on the nearby places to eat, hospitals or health centers, and administrative or governmental organizations/offices.

The Documents

You can never be enough careful about your documents. Carry multiple copies of important documents like Voter ID card, Adhar Card, Pan Card (you never know!), tickets etc. Also, keep the documents scanned and added to Dropbox or any other services like that so that if your luggage ever gets lost you have a back up of the documents. If you are pre-booking your hotel or transport then keep the related screenshots with you in case of emergency. Before leaving, make sure your family has the details of your credit/debit card, bank, and hotel.

The Transport

Choosing your transport wisely is very important in case of solo traveling. If your destination is connected with a railway and you want to take that option, it’s totally fine. But, with affordability comes hassle. For a faster transport, you should always consider airways. When you’re traveling solo, you might not enjoy sitting on your seat for hours and hours having no one to chat. Music or books can be your friend but the question is, for how long? Also, traveling by airplanes is hassle-free, comfortable and relatively safe.

Spicejet can be considered the best airlines in terms of domestic transportation. It is the third largest airlines in India by the number of domestic passengers carried. It offers traveling in a very affordable fare that is significantly lower than most of the airlines in India. With the modern interior and comfortable seating arrangement, Spicejet gives you the most convenient way to fly. It also has a very proficient staff including experienced pilots, well-trained and cordial cabin crew, and skilled ground maintenance staff. The Spicejet team is always ensuring that your every flight is a remarkable one. You can book your next Spicejet flight now.


The Accommodation

If you are traveling alone, not always things might fall into places. To be safe, book your accommodation beforehand and also do your study on the distance of the hotel from the main areas of the town/city and from the airport and railway station. You cannot just waste the entire day in traveling from hotel to the main market. You are there to explore new places and not the route to your hotel.

Make sure the hotel you are choosing has a good rating and reviews. You can use any app/websites to book a hotel for they have customer reviews on hotels and also you can get good deals on bookings too. Most of the apps and sites also provide you fuss-free cancellation (just in case).

The Locals

Knowing about the locals is very important while planning a solo trip. These are the people you have to rely on in case unanticipated situation occurs. Knowing about the local culture, food habits and language is more important than you might have imagined. It’s a basic thing to learn some of the local language, especially some common words like HELP, FOOD, WATER, MONEY, THANK YOU, COME WITH ME. If you don’t remember then note them down on a notebook or your phone.

I hope the above-mentioned points will be helpful for you. There cannot be enough of these safety measures for solo travelers but these are some basics you must consider. Above all, solo traveling is all about exploring one’s self and nature, it’s all about confidence and determination. One must not lose the true essence of it by being too much conscious.

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Norway is one of the most tranquil places in the entire world. The country is known to have some ridiculous temperatures during certain times of the year, but it has so many good things going for it and which makes it a top attraction for most individuals. However, the country is also known to have very high rates of taxation and this has created an impression that Norway is expensive and for you to visit, then you must be well endowed financially.

This is not entirely true and you can travel to Norway with the average budget you would need when travelling to any European destination. Therefore, if you were planning a trip to Norway but have been hesitant due to fear of having to spend a lot, then you can now go for expedited passport renewal because we reveal to you just why travelling to Norway is cheaper than you actually think-:

The Norwegian currency is relatively weaker

Why Traveling To Norway Is Cheaper Than You Think

When you are coming from a country with a stronger economy compared to the economy of the country you are visiting, then you can expect to have more value for your money when once you change it to the local currency. This is what is happening with the Norwegian krone compared to other major world currencies. If you are coming from a strong economy like the United States or the Eurozone, you will get more for your cash once you change it into krone.

As a result, you will access stuff and services more affordable than you would have done while in your home country or where your home currency would have been relatively weaker. Therefore, don’t be afraid to travel to Norway because you will be getting a lot more for your dollars or Euros.

It is beautiful everywhere

Why Traveling To Norway Is Cheaper Than You Think

One of the reasons why people go for expedited passport renewal is so that they can take trips to places they have never been before so that they can marvel at the beauty found in those places. It is always refreshing to be in a new place that is full of natural beauty, and Norway is not short of such places. But how is this relevant when considering the cost of travelling to Norway? With a plethora of beautiful places around you, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money travelling long distances just to catch some beauty. In Norway, it is right outside your door, or just along the streets. Everywhere you look at is amazing and you can get your fill of beauty without leaving your town. As such, you will end up saving a lot of money, while still getting treated to real and pure natural beauty.

There are many free things to do in Norway

People don’t cross borders and seas to go to Norway to enjoy a nightlife or indulge in shopping, though these would be very nice compliments. People travel to Norway to enjoy nature and you will not need any money to simply enjoy nature unless you really want to. Of course, you will have to pay money to go for a fjord cruise or to embark on a rail adventure, but you can also decide to go hiking from whichever city you flew in and you will still be treated to breathtaking landscapes as you watch the city below from the mountaintops. The good news is that Norway is basically mountainous and you will never run short of hiking trails.

You are free to camp anywhere in Norway

Why Traveling To Norway Is Cheaper Than You Think

Camping in a new country is always exciting. It is a chance to have a breath of fresh air and explore the natural beauties the country has to offer. Norway, with its magnificent landscapes, is a true camper’s paradise, and what is even more alluring about this is the fact that you don’t need to pay any money for you to camp. In Norway, you have the freedom to camp anywhere you want, provided that it is 150 meters away from the nearest residential dwelling. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to bother with expensive hostel accommodation and you can choose any fine spots you like. This is unlike places like the United States where camping is allowed only in designated places where you will have to pay some money before you are allowed to camp.

Food is cheap from the supermarkets

Food is normally a great concern for every traveller. You don’t just want to get the best of it, but also you want to feel and experience the culture of the countries you visit through their foods. However, but not watching how you eat or where you eat, the cost may sometimes get through the roof and it can turn a nice travelling experience to become unnecessarily expensive. However, there are concerns you should never have when travelling to Norway. This is because the foods from the store brand supermarkets are very cheap. With such, you don’t just get a chance to eat cheaply, but also to taste true Norwegian foods and sample their culinary diversity as most of the store brand supermarkets only sell Norwegian products.

Education in Norway is free

Why Traveling To Norway Is Cheaper Than You Think

Norway is one of the few countries in the world where you don’t have to pay for education and if you are a Norwegian, you could be paid just to go to school. This is unlike countries such as the US and UK where students are incurring debts upon debts to go to school. So how is this relevant when it comes to travelling to Norway for cheap? It means that you can easily go to Norway and become an international student, pursuing any program of your choice.

It is cheap to fly with the Norwegian Air

Why Traveling To Norway Is Cheaper Than You Think

Most people are nowadays visiting Iceland courtesy of the free Iceland Air stopover. The Norwegian air is also quickly making the country an affordable travel destination due to the cheap flights available to Europe, United States, and Asia. It makes possible for travellers to dash to Norway for a weekend before boarding a budget flight to their European destinations.

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High-speed comfortable trains, planes that easily carry us from one corner of the globe to another, chic cars – all this is great! But, when you arrive at the place of travel, you want to see as much as possible. And for this, a tourist has to move on his feet. During a leisurely walk in a new city, you have a wonderful opportunity to slowly explore architectural monuments and colorful sights, get acquainted with local people or other travelers, and relax in a shady park or a summer cafe. So, here is a list of the most romantic cities in Europe from primedating.

  1.      Cumbria, England

The beautiful region of England (the highlands of the county of Cumbria) is known for its irresistible beauty and it becomes even more stunning and charming in autumn. Thanks to the richness of crystal clear lakes surrounded by golden and ruby hills, the region remains a perfect place for walks.

  1.      Czech Republic, Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is good at any time of the year. Cool weather makes lovers cuddle up to each other and go to one of the cozy restaurants to try real Czech beer. In the evening, it’s so cool to walk under flashlights and admire the landscapes of the Old City or even better – to book a romantic cruise on the Vltava.

  1.      Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not only the most “elegant” city of the Old World. It is also the capital of operas and famous waltzes. Exquisite cafes with crystal chandeliers and beautiful parks are equally well-suited for romantics. Go boating, taste wine at one of the surrounding vineyards, and get acquainted with the legendary Vienna forest.

  1.      Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is the most spectacular landscapes of Germany and Europe in general, with endless alpine forests and mountain peaks where fairy-tale castles and palaces are lost. Maybe you don’t know but Bavaria is considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

  1.      Wicklow, Ireland

Choose Wicklow National Park for a romantic trip. Fresh mountain air is so cool and trees are covered with a gold patina. In the park, there are kilometers of hiking trails. So, just go and view fantastic landscapes!

  1.      Wellington, New Zealand

Only twenty-five years ago, New Zealand began to attract adventurers. But now it got to the top of romantic cities in Europe. A huge set of hiking trails, charming valleys, national parks, majestic peaks inspired many to explore the country’s refined topography and travel to the wildest and untouched corners of New Zealand.

  1.      Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a dynamically developing center of art, culture, and gourmet cuisine. Over the past two years, the country has opened many museums and become one of the best romantic cities in Europe. In 2016, more than 300 Portuguese beaches got the “Blue Flag” sign. It’s no wonder that everyone is talking about this country and dreaming of a trip around Portugal.

  1.      Valletta, Malta

Valletta is prehistoric megalithic temples, fortifications of the XVII century on the whole coast, mysterious gorges and ruins – from underground sanctuaries to catacombs, knight castles, and the ancient architecture. It is worth noticing the relaxed atmosphere that reigns in Malta, its beaches and more than three hundred sunny days a year.

  1.      Paris, France

Welcome to Paris! As you know, it is considered one of the best cities in Europe. You may not even have enough time to enjoy all the walking routes because Paris is the Latin Quarter and the Luxembourg Garden, and Montmartre and lovely summer cafes, street artists’ shows, Notre-Dame De Paris, and many other places for lovers. Make a trip there!

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