Hey lovelies, how are you all? If you follow me on Facebook (if you don’t then do it now!), you would know that my hard disk was paining me so much resulting in no photo editing, no storage for documents and a series of haphazard situations. But, my boyfriend finally fixed the problem and now it’s all fine. This means I will be regular with posting new blog posts. Let’s see!

Today, I will be sharing with you a long overdue review of an online store named I think most of you would be familiar with this name. With a huge stock of clothes, accessories, cosmetics and household goods, Limeroad is surely on a par with the other leading online shopping sites. The best thing about Limeroad is that you can create your own fashion ensemble in their ‘Scrapbook’ sections and earn some LR Credits that can be redeemed while you buy something from them. Each credit is equivalent to one rupee. Isn’t that amazing?

My Shopping Experience with

I have shopped four times from them. My first order was a pair of brown wayfarer sunglasses that I am totally in love with. My first experience with them was really nice. I got the product exactly on time without any dispatch hassles. The packaging was really sturdy. You know how delicate sunglasses are! They need to be packed with proper care and Limeroad had looked after that. After that I bought another pair of blue aviators for my sister and again it was a pleasant experience. Recently (read 4 months ago) I bought two tops from them. One for me and the other for my sister. Here is a picture- 

My Shopping Experience with

How to create Scrapbooks? 

Creating look-book in the Scrapbook section is the most interesting part to me. I love dress-up games so when I am not shopping with Limeroad, I like to create looks that would reflect my style. It’s really very easy to create scrapbooks on Limeroad. You need to click on the ‘Scrapbook’ tab on the right of the page and then choose a template and add items. After you save the scrapbook you can see your LR Credits increase. These scrapbooks can be shared with others so that they know about your taste and get inspired. 

I am listing up a few things that I like about Limeroad-

  • Over a million styles, numerous brands and products at one place. 
  • Easy navigation.
  • Timely dispatch.
  • Cash on Delivery available.
  • Free shipping over Rs. 300
  • Supportive customer service. 
  • Secure packaging. 
  • Facility to earn points through creating scrapbooks. 

They also have a mobile app but I never found it to be enough helpful. I would rather prefer their website for shopping.

I hope this post is helpful for all of you who love online shopping. Would you give this site a try? What is your all time favourite online store? Let me know in the comments. As I said earlier, I am trying to be more regular with posting. So, yo may expect a new post mid-week. Till then be safe and keep smiling!

I have always been an optimist; at least that is the thing I have been taught by my family members, especially my parents. There are a lot of times when optimism has helped me surviving the thorny circumstances. Be it, board exams or any personal crisis, I have not given up. I have never bowed down to the problems; I have rather faced it and fought it with optimism and obviously, self-confidence. Among the zillions of such instances, I would like to talk about two situations where optimism helped me survive the pain and wretchedness of those certain situations-
When I was a student of class II, my mother used to drop me to school in the morning and pick me up in the evening. That was a routine which was never skipped and a rule that was never violated. As the school was over, my mother was supposed to be standing at the gate for me, everyday, without a fail. One day, the routine was skipped and the rule was violated. My sister was merely of 3 years then, and my mother had to come to pick me up after doing all her works and that day the work was more than the usual days. So, she was late. When all my friends went to home with their mothers, one by one, I felt afraid, but stopped my tears with a hope that my mother will just arrive. Gradually, my classroom became vacant and so was I from within. I still stood at the gate watching the seniors going home, but still I was hopeful. Then finally she came, and I embraced her like I never had done before and then I cried hiding my face. I was so proud that I did not lose hope and I did not cry. I knew what optimism is.
Next story is a recent one, when my dog was seriously ill and he was in his deathbed. The doctor used to visit two times a day, injected him with antibiotics and steroids. He was alive on saline, two times a day. It was painful to see him like that, in fact, it was more terrible than just painful. He couldn’t walk or even open his eyes. He starved for seven days, did not drink even a droplet of water for a week and then the stings of the syringes. He was like a baby for us and seeing your baby like that is not easy. The hardest truth of life was lying before me, death was it. Strangely, at that time the least I thought about was death. I never thought he could die in front of me. Every time the doctor injected him, he seemed to be improving. As the saline bottles emptied, he seemed to be better than before. I think it was my love for him and my confidence in God that kept me strong during that crisis, or else, I would have broken so badly that I could never been out of the trauma. He died, but it never felt like that. It still doesn’t feel like that. It is like it was before, like he is still alive. I think it the optimism that has kept him alive even after his death.

The world should be filled with nothing but hopefulness, the moment we lose hope, we die a million times. We should be alive, from within. 
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This is not my first time to write a review about, in point of fact I’ve done it before and you guys might have read it then. But unlike the previous one this is going to be rather a review than a rambling. is one of India’s leading online shopping portals. The varieties of products and huge listing of brands have made it one of the largest online shops in Indian online market. There are a few online stores that people relies on blindly. is one of them.
The Ups-
  • Up to 30,000+ products in one place.
  • Wide range of products, from clothes to home decor, from cosmetics to personal care, from jewelry to accessories.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Never-ending offers and enticing discounts.
  • Caters both economic and high-end brands.
  • Easy payments. Cash on delivery is available.
  • Delivers really fast.

The Downs-
So far I’ve found one bad thing about it doesn’t deliver to my address! I have to order stuffs to my friend’s address and this is not at all convenient. I don’t know what reason is behind that. Seems that they only deliver to metros and big cities and don’t care about them who live in small towns. That is the only thing I didn’t like about Jabong and I hope they resolve the failing in near future.
The Packing- They wrap your products very carefully and sincerely. They provide good quality bubble wraps and also air bags if needed. Like, my box consisted of a nail-paint so they packed it with two extra air packets.

Now let’s move on to my shopping experience. This is not the first time when I shopped from Jabong. I have shopped once before. There has been a vast change in products and brands in the mean time. There are some new brands introduced now; they now have restocked some previously sold products. A multiplicity of new products has been added. I was baffled and couldn’t decide what to buy. Then I opted for the two things that my vanity was deprived of- The very hyped Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint (in Wine & Dine) as I thought that this shade will be perfect for winters and the second one was Maybelline Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick (in Eternal Rose) as I thought the same thing about it as well. I ordered from them on 1st November and they dispatched the order on the same day which is great. They informed me about the dispatch with email and SMS. The order was delivered to the allotted address on 5th November. That’s pretty fast!

Rating- I’ll give an 8/10. I’ll deduct 2 points for the delivery issue.
My Words- I love shopping Only the delivery issue bothers me a lot. I am sure they will resolve the issue shortly. 

The website had provided me with a voucher but my review is totally unbiased regardless of the fact.  

                        Keep an eye on The Great Online Shopping Festival 2013 on Jabong. 
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