Dear Crop Top Lovers, brace yourselves! It’s the perfect time to set your summer day look with some cool and chic crop tops.

On those unbearably hot summer days, wearing a crop top feels like bliss. A lightweight cotton crop top lets your skin breathe, adding more comfort and coolness to your summer days.

Also, these crop tops are stylish, cute, and hot, letting you embrace femininity and look super stylish not only in summer but throughout the year. However, choosing the perfect crop top is an overwhelming task.

With so many varieties available in crop tops, it’s hard to decide which one is ideal for summer. But don’t worry.

Here in this blog, we are listing some must-have crop tops that you must consider to ease your summer days.

Light White “Paranoid Keep out” Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

This summer, dare to express your bold and graceful personality. Reach out for this unique “Paranoid Keep Out” crop top and let others admire your straightforwardness. This crop top is not just a random outfit; it’s a strong bold statement.

Wearing this crop top says a lot about your bold and expressive personality. This meaningful crop top is dedicated to those bold, optimistic, and truthful souls who can’t stand any negativity and hold the courage to say it louder. This summer, let your crop top do the talking.

As this crop top is made with premium-quality cotton, it feels super lightweight on your skin. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday on your couch or a fun summer evening at your friend’s place, you can count on this crop top for achieving a stylish, confident look.

For more amazing deals like this, reach out to popular casual clothing brands like Aly&Val. Such brands can set your perfect summer day look with their vast collection of cotton crop tops.

Pure White “Lost in the Right Direction” Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

Have you ever thought about wearing an outfit that almost defines your entire personality? Well, that’s possible with the right choice of a typographic crop top.

It’s time to revamp your wardrobe collection with some lightweight cotton crop tops, easing your summer days and uplifting your style sense.

Take a look at these pure white graphic crop tops for women that complement your positive attitude and graceful personality. It’s the right summer wear for everyone who is confident about their life decisions and holds a strong, confident personality.

With its super charming logo, it celebrates your success, achievements, and the power to make the right decisions.

Whether attending an important client meeting or stepping out for Sunday brunch, styling this crop top with the right lower wear can elevate your style, confidence, and appearance.

For a formal event like a client meeting, pair this crop top with high-waisted jeans and a royal blazer. On the other hand, for casual events like a Sunday brunch, wear it with denim shorts and oversized sunglasses.

Solid Black “Inner Lights” Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

If you are a person who keeps wearing black despite seasonal and occasional differences, then this solid black “Inner Lights” crop top is a must-have for you. It invites you to empower your inner thoughts and showcase your undeniable fashion sense.

Wearing this crop top lets you spread a positive message: “Lighten up your world with the inner lights.” Such a wonderful message says a lot about your positive and humble personality.

Style it with high-waisted jeans, printed joggers, or white shorts. This crop top is made with 100% pure cotton, elevating your style and ensuring more comfort.

Cute Pink “So Far So Good” Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

This summer, embrace your feminine charm with this cute pink “So Far So Good” crop top. It’s not just an ordinary crop top; it’s more like a way to escape answering that same boring “how are you” question.

Wearing this crop top is the perfect way to define your current amazing state. This cotton crop top doesn’t only look awesome; it also defines your awesome life.

With its premium cotton fabric, it can soothe your summer days without killing the chic. Wear it with a flowery skirt or denim shorts. This can be your go-to look for attending those happening summer nights out.

“Sun Please” V Neck Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

Beat the heat with this lightweight “Sun Please” V-neck crop top. The witty logo of this crop top is perfect for complementing those sizzling summer days. Wear this iconic crop top with denim shorts and oversized sunglasses, offering your perfect summer day look.

This top is not just regular clothing; it’s your way of saying, “Dear sun, please take a chill pill.” With its attractive V-neck, it lets you set a head-turning look.

Furthermore, this crop top is made with breathable cotton fabric, letting your skin breathe fresh in summer.

Solid Black Boo Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

This summer, give yourself an edgy look by opting for this solid black “Boo” crop top. With its cute, witty logo, it steals the spotlight and attention. Crafted with premium-quality cotton fabric, this crop top relaxes your summer days with its airy fitting.

Wearing such a cute cotton crop top with high-waisted jeans lets you stay trendy throughout the summer season. Whether it’s a relaxing Sunday at the beach or lifting at a top-class gym, this lightweight crop top can add more chill and chic to every occasion.

“Raise the Bar” Pastel Green Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

Are you someone who never leaves a chance to raise the fashion bars? If yes, then you must try this “Raise the Bar” pastel green crop top, an ideal addition to your summer collection. It’s time to elevate your style game with this super happening crop top.

With its iconic graphic caption, it conveys a lot about your fashion-forwardness. Wear it with black high-waisted jeans and style it with an elegant wristwatch, cat’s-eye sunglasses, and a fashionable tote bag. That’s all you need to slay your summer days.

Lolliheart Round Neck Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

This summer, embrace some playful vibes with this fun and funky Lolliheart Crop Top. With its quirky charm and stunning round neck, this crop top can set a head-turning summer look.

The witty logo of this crop top is a perfect blend of humor and exclusivity. Styling this versatile crop top is an easy job.

It looks good with anything. Wear it with your favorite jeans or that elegant floral skirt; it’s versatile enough to gel well with any outfit.

Curated with high-quality cotton fabric, this crop top can be your go-to wear throughout summer.

Solid Black Screw Perfection Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

This crop top is dedicated to those beautiful souls who dare to choose exclusivity over perfection. Wearing this crop top is all about accepting and embracing your exclusive and imperfect self.

It defines your bold personality that prefers to be awesome rather than perfect. It’s a must-have summer outfit for every fashion-savvy woman who keeps finding excuses to wear black.

With its pure cotton fabric, it allows you to slay your summer days with comfort and chic.

Whether stepping out for a morning jog or getting ready for a dinner date, let this expressive crop top reflect your bold, unique personality.

Lightweight So”Fish”Ticated Crop Top

Top 10 Crop Tops You Must-Have for This Summer 2024

Are you someone with a great sense of humor and incredible fashion taste? If yes, then this lightweight “So’Fish’Ticated” crop top is a must-have for revamping your summer collection.

With its humorous logo and breathable fabric, it can rock your summer day look. Pair it with denim shorts and white sneakers. This elegantly designed look reflects your amazing fashion taste and sophisticated nature.

Whether attending a semi-formal event or embracing some laid-back holiday vibes, this crop top is your wingman.

Final Thoughts

These above-listed crop tops offer a vast variety of prints, styles, and cuts. Whether you are looking for a humorous piece to complement your awesome personality or want something lightweight and airy to beat the summer heat, these 10 crop tops have something exclusive for everyone.

The clothes are lined up; what are you waiting for? Now it’s your time to do some great styling jobs with these contemporary crop tops.

Opt for a crop top that defines your exclusive personality and style it with lightweight accessories. This summer, let’s aim for a minimalistic appearance with these above-listed quirky crop tops.

Grab the finest deals on every crop top. Shop our new arrivals to get your ideal summer day look. Do check the size chart to get the right fitting. Shop more to avail of free delivery. It’s time to revamp your summer collection with some witty crop tops.

A lot of different hormones can actually help us feel better. There are plenty of ways to trigger the release of these hormones. Even simple activities like exercising, spending time outside, cuddling a puppy, and the like can act like triggers. There is a group of feel-good hormones, like Serotonin, because of the happy and euphoric feelings they produce. They are also considered neurotransmitters, which carry messages across the spaces between nerve cells. The four feel-good hormones are:

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Endorphins
  • Oxytocin

Many get into the battle of serotonin vs dopamine. But there is no point, as all the above hormones play separate roles and their presence is equally important. Serotonin is associated with happiness, focus, and calmness, which are more permanent. Dopamine is associated with rewards and motivation, giving a sense of temporary pleasure. Endorphins act as a pain reliever, lower stress, improve mood, and enhance the sense of well-being. Oxytocin is often called a love hormone that is released during sexual activity and lets you feel bonded to the object of your desire.

We will be talking about serotonin in this article in detail.

What is serotonin?

This is a hormone that is involved in the function of several different organ systems in the body. It is known as the happy chemical because it appears to play an important role in regulating mood, emotions, and even digestion. As a neurotransmitter, serotonin sends messages between nerve cells in the brain. That makes it important for influencing mental health and brain function.

 The Science Behind: How It Works

An area in the center of the brainstem produces serotonin. It then acts on many different parts of the brain to affect a variety of functions and behaviors, like:

  • memory
  • fear
  • the stress response
  • digestion
  • addiction
  • sexuality
  • sleep
  • breathing
  • body temperature

Serotonin sends signals between your nerve cells. It is found in many parts of your body like in your digestive system, blood platelets, and throughout the central nervous system. It is made from the essential amino acid tryptophan. This amino acid should enter your body through your diet. It is commonly found in foods such as meat, dairy products, eggs, and nuts. The scientific name for serotonin is – 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT).

The hormone functions as the precursor for melatonin which helps to regulate sleep-wake cycles and the body clock. Scientists believe that it plays an important role in regulating mood and the central nervous system. It affects functions throughout the body. It effects on –

  • bone metabolism
  • eye health
  • blood clotting
  • neurological disorders
  • cardiovascular health

Functions of Serotonin

  1. 90% of serotonin in your body is produced in your intestines and helps control your bowel movements and functions.
  2. Nausea and vomiting tendencies are initiated by illness or from some foods due to the formation of serotonin in your stomach and intestines.
  3. Serotonin in the brain regulates feelings of happiness and anxiety.
  4. It controls the body’s sexual functions.
  5. Platelets in your blood store serotonin. It releases the hormone to help stop bleeding and heal wounds.
  6. Your ability to sleep and stay awake is very much influenced by this hormone and others.

Serotonin and Mood Regulation

Serotonin is known as the happy chemical, which plays a crucial role in regulating mood. Low levels of this in the brain have shown a correlation with depression. Yes, there is a link between serotonin and depression, but whether low levels of it cause depression or depression causes low levels of this hormone- that’s not proven yet. As a neurotransmitter, it sends messages between nerve cells in the brain, and that makes it an important molecule for influencing mental health and brain function.

At its normal levels, serotonin makes us feel happy and calm. As it regulates our mood, it is often a target of medications that are usually used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. For example, if you find an increase in the levels of serotonin, it could be due to some of the antidepressants known as SSRI – Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

Sleep is something that is linked to your sleep patterns. You will appear cranky and irritated if you are sleep-deprived or your sleep pattern is disrupted. Serotonin plays a part in regulating when, how much, and how well you sleep. Serotonin is not the only one that regulates sleep. Serotonin and dopamine are the two neurotransmitters that, along with melatonin, regulate the sleep cycle. Your body needs serotonin to create melatonin. So not having enough serotonin or having an increased level can affect the quality and pattern of your sleep.

Factors Influencing Serotonin Levels

The factors that influence serotonin levels are:

  • Genetics: Research shows that some genetic disorders may impact the ability to produce or metabolize serotonin in the body.
  • Balanced Diet & Nutrition: If you eat tryptophan-rich foods, that might boost serotonin levels. Foods high in trans fat do not provide the brain and body with the nutrients they need and lead to both mental and physical health concerns. Eating foods with more carbohydrates will help tryptophan stay in the blood, which impacts serotonin levels.
  • Physical Activities & Exercise: Physical activities and exercise stimulate the release of tryptophan in the body, which helps produce serotonin. It often subdues other amino acids and makes it easier for tryptophan to reach the brain. 30 minutes a day of regular exercise helps release tryptophan and boosts serotonin. That results in a better mood and overall well-being.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Sunlight exposure usually improves moods, especially in people with depression. Sunlight and serotonin are positively correlated, according to studies. That is why it can help to treat depression. Lack of sunlight and vitamin D play a crucial role in low levels of serotonin, which cause seasonal affective disorders (SAD). This leads to a sad mood and low energy. It happens in dull, gloomy rainy seasons with gray clouds.
  • Sleep Cycle: Changes in sleep patterns can impact serotonin levels as they regulate the circadian rhythm phases. A night of less sleep may cause an increase in serotonin levels.

It is important to know how multiple factors can lead to a lowered level of serotonin. Like –

  • Prolonged stress
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Genetics
  • Digestive issues
  • Toxic substances
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Hormone changes
  • Lack of sunlight

The signs of low serotonin levels are usually:

  • Irritability
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Negative thoughts
  • Memory problems
  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Depression and anxiety

 Boosting Serotonin Naturally

The best way to boost the production of serotonin is to produce more tryptophan in the body, and the best way to do it is to exercise every day for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

You might depend on certain foods to naturally boost serotonin. Tryptophan is commonly found in foods that contain protein. Following are some examples –

  • Salmon
  • Poultry chicken, turkey, and goose
  • Eggs (but not fried eggs)
  • Spinach
  • Seeds
  • Milk
  • Soy products
  • Nuts
  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids

Other natural ways to boost serotonin would be:

Medications: SSRIs and Beyond

If you are going through depression, ADHD, PTSD, SAD, or any other mental disorders, doctors might prescribe you medicines that increase the levels of serotonin. SSRIs are the most prescribed type of antidepressant.

SSRIs: They increase the levels of serotonin in the brain. They block the reabsorption of the chemical so that more of it remains active. Some of the medicines with SSRIs are Prozac with fluoxetine and Zoloft with sertraline.

Supplements: Some supplements might have the ability to raise the levels of serotonin. But please keep in mind that they are not a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor and should not be taken alongside other medications. Some of the examples are – St. John’s Wort, SAMe, and Tryptophan.

While you’re taking medications that affect serotonin, please keep in mind that you shouldn’t use other medications or supplements without the permission of your doctor. Mixing medications is dangerous and may put you at risk of a serious condition called serotonin syndrome.

Serotonin Syndrome

Medications, supplements, and other substances that increase the serotonin level in your body can lead to a serious condition known as serotonin syndrome. The things that affect serotonin levels are –

  • SSRIs
  • MAOIs
  • Dextromethorphan
  • John’s Wort
  • SAMe
  • Tryptophan
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • MDMA (ecstasy)

Symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome:

  • Tremors
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Flushed skin
  • Disorientation
  • Spasms
  • High fever
  • Rapid heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle stiffness

In mild cases, your doctor will advise you to stop taking the serotonin medication to resolve your symptoms. In more serious cases, your doctor will provide additional medications to treat the symptoms. Your doctor might advise hospital treatment to manage severe serotonin syndrome. It is seen that it usually takes 24 to 72 hours to resolve the symptoms. So, if you suspect serotonin syndrome, call for medical help immediately as it can be life-threatening if delayed.

Overall Well-Being

Serotonin can keep depression away and provide a feeling of euphoria. This hormone boosts the mood primarily other than doing a plethora of work inside the body. Being called the ‘happy hormone’, serotonin is one of the keys to feeling good. When you feel happy and euphoric, when all seems to be right with the world around you, you are feeling the effects of serotonin. So, it can be said that your overall well-being depends on serotonin. Who doesn’t wish to be happy with no stress? No one right??!! That is why you need a balanced level of serotonin to be happy and healthy.


Serotonin contributes to a wide range of bodily functions. Many aspects of well-being may depend on a balance in serotonin activity. Due to many mental disorders, doctors prescribe medicines with serotonin to increase its levels. But you need to be aware of it as things could get worse if the serotonin levels are not in a balanced state.


Denim has been around for centuries, but the trend of it is constantly changing and evolving. In the past few decades, denim has become a fashion staple in many people’s wardrobes. With the current trend forecast for 2023, denim styles are expected to be even more popular than ever before.

Classic denim styles such as distressed jeans and jean jackets are still popular today, while new trends such as patchwork jeans and bleached denim are gaining traction. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular denim trends and their classic styles, as well as what we can expect from them in 2023.

High Waist Jeans-A Comeback of a Classic Style

High-waist jeans are making a massive comeback in the fashion world. This classic jean style has been around for decades, and it is now becoming one of the hottest trends of 2023. High-rise jeans are not only stylish but also incredibly flattering and comfortable. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and they come in a variety of colors and fits. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of blue jeans or something more daring, high-waist jeans will be sure to make a statement this year.

Wide Leg Jeans – Taking Over the Fashion Runways in 2023

Wide-leg jeans are making a huge comeback in 2023. This style of jeans has been seen on fashion runways all over the world, from Paris to Milan and New York. The wide-leg pant trend is here to stay, with celebrities and influencers alike embracing this look. Flared jeans, wide-bottom jeans, and other wide-leg jeans are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas everywhere. With the right styling tips and tricks, anyone can rock this look with confidence!

Women jeans trends 2023/ wide leg jeans/high waist jeans/culotte jeans

Carpenter Jeans – The Stylish Comfort of Denim

Carpenter jeans are quickly becoming one of the hottest fashion trends of 2023. They offer the perfect blend of style and comfort, making them ideal for any occasion. With their unique, relaxed fit, carpenter jeans provide a fashionable and comfortable look. The trend has become so popular that it has been seen by celebrities and influencers alike. Whether you’re looking for an everyday look or something special for a night out, carpenter jeans are sure to make a statement. With their stylish design and comfortable fit, carpenter jeans are sure to be a hit this season!

Culotte Jeans – The Modern Take on a Timeless Look

Culotte jeans have been a timeless fashion staple since the early 20th century. However, in recent years, they have become a modern fashion trend that is embraced by all ages and genders. This ankle-length jean style is perfect for creating an effortless and stylish look. In 2023, culotte jeans are set to be even more popular as it continues to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in any wardrobe. With its cropped length and flattering fit, it’s no wonder why this jean trend is here to stay!

It is crucial to make a statement with your clothes in order to make a good first impression. The denim trend is here to stay, so make sure you are up to date!

If you are considering purchasing a home in Buckeye, Arizona, consider one with no HOA. The average fee of an HOA community in Buckeye is around 1300 USD semi-annually, which you are required to pay at all costs. Not doing so might result in the Association foreclosing on your property.

But that’s not the only reason behind people looking for no HOA homes for sale in Buckeye. For instance, a non-HOA house allows you to do what you want with your property, and there are no special assessments. In this article, you will know why buying a home without an HOA is the best choice you can make.

Make repairs without any consultation

One of the top benefits of a property without an HOA is that you have complete control over it, allowing you to do whatever you want with it, including making repairs when needed or adding new features to the property.

If something needs fixing, you don’t need to consult the HOA before making repairs—you are free to do what feels suitable for your situation and budget. You may also be able to make improvements to your land without needing permission from the HOA, such as adding ponds or fences.

According to the HOA laws of Arizona, ARS 33-1817, the association cannot deny permission to alter a specific part of a homeowner’s property, provided it follows the design and plan of the community. However, the process is cumbersome, involving various complexities and often involving legal issues.

No fines for violating a rule

If you purchase a home and then find out that there’s a rule regulating the color of paint you’re allowed to use on your house, but you’ve already painted it, the HOA can fine you for violating their rules. In a new HOA home, you won’t have to worry about paying fines if something changes with the HOA rules after you buy your home. However, it’s essential to consider local market trends and factors like Will South Carolina home prices drop to make informed decisions about your real estate investment.

For example, you buy a house with an HOA at $250 per month because it has excellent amenities (pool, clubhouse), and the monthly fee seems reasonable.

The first year goes by without incident, and everything seems fine as far as enforcing these fees goes—until one day when they send out notices informing everyone that every homeowner who doesn’t pay their dues will be fined $1000 per month until they do pay up!

Moreover, HOAs in Buckeye often have complex laws that might cause trouble for somebody if they aren’t fully aware of them. For example, you might park a vehicle in your driveway that you use for your job in the neighborhood, but the HOA might have a rule against parking these and cite them as a parking violation.

No monthly HOA fees

You won’t be paying monthly HOA fees, which is good news because it means you can save money that would have otherwise gone toward those monthly payments.

And because there are no more HOA fees to pay, you can use the savings for other things—like retirement or your children’s education. It’s easy to see why this option has become so popular among homebuyers in recent years!

As mentioned above, according to the laws of Arizona, the Homeowners Associations in Buckeye have a right to confiscate your property if you don’t pay the fees in time. However, per revised statutes 33-1803, associations cannot impose dues 20% higher than those they charged the previous year.

These are some reasons to buy no HOA homes for sale in Buckeye. The most important one is that you can do what you want with your property without worrying about getting fined or having the entire community tell you how wrong it is. If you are searching for a new property and want to avoid HOAs, you will benefit in plenty of ways.



Crypto assets are actively used for trading and investment because this market is incredibly volatile, allowing one to buy and sell crypto at different prices. There is an option to buy cryptos and hold them long-term, which is called the “buy and hold” strategy. There are options to make money in a shorter term:

  • Scalping (short trades when a trader enters and exits the deal within 2 – 15 minutes).
  • Intraday trading (trades and closed within 24 hours)
  • Swing trading (takes a couple of weeks).

It is also possible to buy and sell crypto on different crypto platforms and receive a profit from the price difference.

Often, traders use such a tool as automated trading. That means they install trading bots and configure them according to their strategy. For example, a trader may set a price level at which the bot will automatically sell and buy coins without the trader’s participation. 

How to Get Started?

If you are a beginner crypto trader, you first need to buy cryptos. For that purpose, you should pick a reliable crypto exchange, for example, WhiteBIT. Here are simple steps on how to trade crypto:

  1. Register an account 
  2. Pass verification (takes a couple of days) 
  3. Deposit money from your bank card 
  4. Find the exchange calculator 
  5. Enter the currency you have and the amount 
  6. Pick the asset you wish to buy
  7. See the current price
  8. Pay the fee and receive coins in your account in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, you may convert your crypto to any other digital coin or fiat money if you wish.

On WhiteBIT, your cryptocurrency investment is safe and protected. The platform holds 96% of users’ funds on cold storage.

Read more about crypto trading on the WhiteBIT blog. It has many interesting articles on the crypto topic and guides on how to trade crypto. Plus, you may use the WhiteBIT demo account to practice and learn how the exchange tools work.

Every conversation on STIs or sexually transmitted infections discusses HIV, and Gonorrhea as health hazards but usually misses out on HPV or Human Papillomavirus. And that’s not how it should be, because HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection 1 and some high-risk HPV strains can lead to certain types of cancers, mainly cervical cancer which is the second most common cancer among Indian women. HPV can also cause vaginal, anal and vulvar cancers in women.

I’ll tell you what happened a year ago when I was having a discussion with some of my friends regarding intimacy and taking precautions in case of multiple sexual partners. We had discussed many things around contraception, sexual wellness, protection but missed out on HPV.

I got to know about HPV from my friend who has been recently diagnosed with HPV-related complications. That led me to learn more about this sexually transmitted infection that is alarmingly common. In fact, nearly all of us who are sexually active could be exposed to it at some point in life.

I was somewhat taken aback after I learned that even teenagers are susceptible to HPV infections. Anyone who has intimate partners needs to be aware of HPV, the ways it spreads and the ways to be protected.

Another reason all of us need to know about HPV is that whenever it comes to a woman’s reproductive health, there aren’t many conversations that quote the right sources or have credible information.

Today, let’s talk about HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus.

Knowing HPV better

Knowing all about HPV, the various types, how it spreads, who is at risk and what are the various preventive measures would help people stay protected.

Did you know that, HPV is the cause of almost all cases of cervical cancer worldwide? 4

There are over 100 types of HPV. Out of these, typically, HPV can be categorized as high-risk HPV, i.e. the virus that is cancer causing or low-risk HPV i.e. non-cancer causing. At least 14 of the 100 types are high-risk types. 5

Although most HPV infections clear up on their own and most pre-cancerous lesions resolve spontaneously, there is a risk for all women that HPV infection may become chronic and pre-cancerous lesions progress to invasive cervical cancer.

In addition to causing cervical cancer, high-risk HPV can also lead to vaginal and vulvar cancers. Certain low-risk HPV types can also manifest in the form of genital warts – which are small bumps on the genitals

Key HPV Statistics

  1. HPV infects around 660 million people worldwide. 11
  2. 80% sexually active men and women get infected with HPV at some points in their lifetime. 12
  3. A large majority of cervical cancer (more than 95%) is due to the human papillomavirus (HPV). 13
  4. Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer among Indian women. 14
  5. Every 5 minutes one individual loses their life due to HPV-related cancers in India. 15
  6. In India, the mortality rate of HPV related cancers is about 60%. 16

Transmission of HPV

By engaging in vaginal, anal, or oral sex with a carrier of the virus, one can contract HPV. 7 Regardless of whether the affected individual shows symptoms, HPV can still be transmitted. Anyone who is sexually active can get HPV, even if you have had sex with only one person.

The virus can spread in many ways- 2

  1. Age – Genital warts typically occur in teenagers or early adulthood.
  2. A compromised immunological mechanism has been affected by the disease or illnesses like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), or medicine that suppresses the immune system.
  3. Lesions are more prone to develop on skin that has recently been perforated or wounded.
  4. Coming into direct contact with surfaces that have been exposed to HPV, such as those in pools or bathtubs, can boost the possibility of becoming infected.3

Should people stop being sexually involved to avoid HPV?

No. Almost every sexually active individual may be infected with HPV within days, months, or years later.2 People must take necessary precautions to avoid getting infected. Safe sex practices such as using condoms and dental dams provide a high degree of protection though they do not completely eliminate the possibility of HPV transmission. Regular screening, for example, Pap smear for women is a good way to catch the infection. Getting an HPV vaccines is also one of the ways to prevent HPV. But you should talk to your gynac about the right age and dosage of the vaccine.

Preventing HPV

HPV infection in itself has no known treatment or cure. However, diseases or cancers caused by HPV can be treated. But there are a few ways in which one can protect themselves from contracting the virus itself. Get in touch with your gynac/doctor to learn about vaccination and take action to safeguard your life.

As you might have understood by now, one cannot ignore HPV, nor can one afford to stay ignorant about it. Talk about HPV with your friends, discuss it as you would talk about other things like dating, relationships or sexual wellness. It’s time we are aware and are protected from HPV.

Learn more about HPV here and talk to an expert on the website to get more information and solve your doubts.


Issued in public interest with MSD India. 

This information is for awareness only. Please consult your doctor.

It’s essential to paint your home from time to time. It can help protect the property from weather damage. Paint can also act as a barrier against insects and other pests. Plus, fresh paint can give a home an updated look without undertaking a major remodeling project.


Mckinney is a Texas city known for its landscape, historical places, vineyards, and restaurants. It is no surprise that people love to stay in Mckinney, and most residents own a home. The summers in McKinney are hot and dry, and it is partly cloudy year-round. The sun and UV lights can cause fading and other damage to your residence’s exterior, while the wind and rain can lead to peeling and chipping paint. So, painting your home regularly can help safeguard it. Painters Mckinney keep these aspects in mind before committing to a project.


Advantages Of Hiring a Skilled Painting Service


When painting your house, you may be debating whether to consider doing it yourself or hiring an experienced service. However, there are some distinct benefits to picking a company over a DIY approach.


  1. Expert Finish


have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. They know how to properly prep a surface before starting, can choose the best product and finishes for the job, and can apply them evenly for a beautiful, long-lasting look. They also have the right equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. On average, McKinney painters can charge between $1.40 and $3.30 per square foot.


  1. Tools And Equipment


When you employ a painting service, they will have all the necessary equipment to complete the job efficiently. This includes ladders, drop cloths, sandpaper, brushes, and rollers. In other words, you are not required to make a list and shop for all the possible tools for painting your home.


  1. Work gets done on time


When you’re trying to complete a project yourself, there’s always the potential for indecisiveness, mishaps, and imperfections. However, with a professional service, you can be sure that the job will be completed as scheduled.


It can be costly to fix if you make a blunder while painting your own home. A professional service will correct errors before they cause any damage.


  1. No mess


Another advantage is you don’t have to deal with the mess. Professionals will take care of the cleanup for you so you can enjoy your new home without worrying about the mess.


  1. Weather Conditions


Skilled contractors work as per the weather conditions. This means they will consider the temperature and humidity levels when starting the work. This ensures that the assignment is done correctly and lasts long.


  1. Licensed and insured services


Professionals offer licensed and insured services. They provide peace of mind knowing the job will be done right, and you are protected in case something goes wrong.


  1. Save money


A professional paint job will look better and last longer than one done by an amateur. This is because specialists take the time to do things like caulk cracks, rough sand edges, and prime surfaces before painting them. Painters in Mckinney charge $1.20 to $2.90 per square foot, which is quite reasonable if you don’t have a large home. This will help you save dollars in the long run.




You can lead your life and go to work while the painters handle the task for you. This way, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to renovate your home.


There are many benefits to undertaking professional painting services. It can help to save time, money, and effort. In addition, it can ensure that the job is done correctly. Therefore, if you plan to revamp your home or office, it is highly recommended that you consider hiring an excellent local painting contractor.








We are all pressed for time these days so shopping online makes our lives much easier. You can get virtually anything delivered to your door including jewellery. Whether you are treating yourself or getting someone a gift, you can find endless options online. You may even find better prices than those in your local stores. The only caveat is that you need to be careful. The best online jewellery store is not necessarily the most expensive but the one which offers value for money and excellent customer service.

Here are some of the rules you should follow when buying jewellery on the web.

1. Do Your Research

You will find an overwhelming number of options at varying price points and levels of quality. However, you won’t be able to see the piece in person to touch it. You will have to rely in large part on the retailer’s description. Once you find a piece you like, read up on some of the terms used to describe it. Look to a reputable source for information so you understand exactly what you should be getting. It’s easy to be impulsive when shopping online but you should take a step back and do your due diligence.

2. Look at the Pictures Closely

A single picture will grab your attention, but you need to look at all the available images before you hand over your credit card details. Don’t just look at one angle and decide to spend your hard-earned cash. In fact, you can even ask the seller to send you additional images if you need to see an angle that isn’t shown on the site. Examine the jewellery for damage or imperfections as well as maker’s marks and artist signatures.

5 Golden Rules for Buying Jewellery Online | Cherry On Top

3. Get Details on the Seller

You need to ensure you are buying from a reputable source. This is especially important if you are buying a very expensive item. Look at how long the retailer has been in business and whether they have good reviews. Check with agencies like the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any open complaints against the company. Also, take note of how the seller responds to your queries and whether they display professionalism. If you’re purchasing a piece of jewellery that doesn’t have a certification, the seller’s reputation is the only thing you have to go on.

4. Ask for Proof of Authenticity and Check the Return Policy

You need to ensure the jewellery you’re ordering is authentic. If you’re buying a 24-karat gold ring or a 925-sterling silver necklace, ask for the relevant documentation. If there are diamonds or rubies involved, get the details on them as well so you know exactly what you’re supposed to get. You should also find out about the store’s return policy in case you get the wrong product or it’s defective.

5. Make Sure the Shipment is Insured

You don’t expect your shipment to get lost, but it could happen. It could also get damaged. If you’ve ordered an engagement ring or another special piece for a loved one, this is the last thing you want to occur. Ensure the seller offers protection against such occurrences so you have peace of mind.

Buying jewellery online is about more than just getting the best price, although you need to know the market value of any piece you want to purchase. Take the time to research the type of jewellery you’re eyeing and get the scoop on the retailer before you commit. Follow these rules and you won’t regret your purchase.

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As the Indian festive season is approaching soon, every Indian household is ready to get revamped. Have you ever considered changing your fans to redo your living room, or bedroom, or your veranda? You surely haven’t. When it comes to redecorating our houses, we only think about changing the paint or wallpapers and also the curtains. No doubt it changes the look of the house in a matter of a moment. But with the new Orient Aero Series fans, your house is going to look like as if it had an upgrade. I’ll tell you why.

About the Orient Aero Series Fans

The Orient Aero Series fans are premium fans that are aerodynamically designed to deliver high air delivery of 300 CMM in the segment, run silently and to top it all, they add to the overall aesthetics of your living space.

The Orient Electric Aero Series Fans | Cherry On Top

Fans that are Silent?

Orient Aero Series fans are the only silent fans you’ll find in India. I cannot thank Orient enough for coming up with such an amazing concept. Being a Youtuber, I face a lot of problems while filming my videos during the summer months. I cannot turn on the fan as it’ll make a lot of noise and the sound of the video will be affected. These Aero Series fans have ward off all my worries.

Did you know, the silent fans of the Aero Series has helped Orient reach No. 1 position in the premium fans segment? That means consumers across the country has been appreciating the concept of silent yet powerful air delivery.

Adding to the Aesthetics

I am sure none of you has ever noticed the fans when you enter someone’s living area. You might have praised a good chandelier or table lamp but never a fan! That’s because we have never taken the beauty of the fans seriously. Fans have always been a necessity and not a part of the aesthetics of a room. Now you will because the Orient Aer Series fans- Aero Storm and Aero Cool are not only efficient in delivering the most powerful air but also they have a unique design that would put other fans to shame.

Not only are they engineered to be work effectively but also designed to transform the look of their living spaces.

The Technology

Both Aero Storm and Aero Cool are made of a phenomenon that is seen in aircraft. The pressure at the wings of the aircraft creates a vortex and drag. The winglets also help reduce the vortex in the aircraft wings. They applied the same principle to the Orient Aero Series fans. At the top of every fan, a vortex is generated because of the sudden pressure difference of the air. This Vortex creates the vibration on the blade and air and which generates the Noise. Winglet provides a path to direct the air flow from the high-pressure zone below the blade to low-pressure zone Away from the blade. Due to this phenomenon, the pressure difference becomes significantly low and minimises the vortex. Reduction in vortex also reduces the noise in the fan.

Another is the Aerofoil technology. Aerofoil design helps in increasing the air thrust and air delivery. Aerofoil design also gives laminar flow on its lower surface which gives high lift, low noise and better thrust.

Aero Storm & Aero Cool at a Glance

  • These fans promise highest air delivery of 300 CMM
  • They have a sweep of 1320 mm and has 100% rust-free blade made of high-grade glass filled compounded ABS which provides strength to the blades, thus making it bend-proof, rust-proof and easy to clean.
  • Inspired by aerofoil design of Aircraft wings and uses the winglet technology to further reduce the air cutting sound while giving an impressive air delivery of 300 CMM.
  • Sturdiest and heaviest 18-pole motor design for longer life.
  • Awe-inspiring seamless design and PU finish add to the overall aesthetics of the fan.

The Orient Electric Aero Series Fans | Cherry On Top

Price of Aero Storm- Rs. 5990

The entire collection here.

Buy here.

Price of Aero Cool- Rs. 5290

The entire collection here

Buy here.

Other Fans in the Aero Series

Aeroquiet – The first fan in Aero Series range that created a buzz in the market.

Aeroquiet BLDC – 50% power saving fan

Aerolite with warm white LED underlight


So, are you ready to bring home the new Orient Aero Series fans this festive season and upgrade your lifestyle?

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A simply tailored blouse goes perfectly well with the sarees that are worn on a daily basis or for any occasion. Altering the neckline of blouses and sleeve highlights the attire. The addition of the tassel, brooch, lace, piping, and button adds to its grace. Intricate works of sequins, embroidery, patches, net and other pattern accentuates even the simplest blouse. The snazzy ladies are bent towards the traditional attires and the designers are not leaving any stone unturned to tweak the outfit. A sensuous and lavish look to the saree makes sure to steal the show. The latkans with knotted dors act as a beautiful rear neckpiece.

The Show Larcenist

Backless blouse has been in fashion recently after the Bollywood divas brought it in trend.They are so versatile that it can be worn with any kind of sarees like chiffon, crepe, georgette, silk, heavy embroidered, etc. and in any occasion.Not only the cut and the pattern, but the fabric used in the blouse also plays a very vital role in the final outcome of the bodice. The texture of the fabric should be compatible with the design to make the attire comfortable as well as stylish. To highlight your attire as well as you, here are the few collections of the blouses which are backless yet gracefully backed.

  • Simple Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

It’s the simplest backless blouse where the blouse is not overcrowded with embellishments but looks very classy with a simple chiffon saree.

  • Halter Neck Bikini Knotted Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

The Desi girl, Priyanka Chopra has carried this pattern in a very smart way in the song. It is very easy going and perfect for any social gatherings.

  • Square Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

This is a pattern where the back is completely bare, with just a strap of the fabric attached near the midriff to keep it together. This is one of the sexy blouses worn by Zarine Khan in a fashion show.

  • Backless Net Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

It is a skin show through the net. It gives a backless feel, but with complete grace.

  • Backless With Strings Attached

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

A heavy embroidered saree needs a simple backless blouse with just a string attached. This balances the richness of the attire.

  • Two Strapped Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

Sonam Kapoor pulled the look with the twin strap in the rear. It looks magnificent and voluptuous.

  • Full Sleeve Bowed Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

Full sleeve never misses a chance to add a spin to the blouse. A backless blouse with an elegant bow with sheer or laced full sleeves is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

  • Z-Pattern Strings Backless Blouse

The backless blouse with strings attached in a z pattern is a perfect for any wedding occasion. The addition of embedded pearls and bead attachment adds to its glamour.

  • High Neck Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

A vibrant coloured high neck blouse with the bare back and a delicate string attached to keep the bodice in place is sure to make you look apart from the crowd.

  • Bikini Pattern Backless Blouse

This is for the bold ladies who don’t mind to steam the ambience of the party. This pattern is only for beautifully curved ladies.

  • Mirror Work Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse Designs | Cherry On Top

A simple spaghetti shouldered mirror-worked blouse with strings is perfect for festivals. It can accentuate the look of a simple saree as well as a gorgeous one.

  • Mangalsutra Beaded Backless Blouse

Preeti Jhangiani looked fabulous in this blouse and a simply printed chiffon saree. It has mangal sutra beads on the shoulder as well as at the back. With a tight bun, the blouse looks perfectly trendy.

The backless blouse is the perfect way of exhibiting your back in style to gather reverence and applause.

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