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Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
Hello guys, thank you for coming back to my blog. I am here with a new review post for you. I have already showed a lot of behind the camera activities while clicking pictures for the post. My Snapchat username is sayantinee in case you want to follow me for more sneak-peeks and behind the scenes stories.
I love my hair and who does not? I always promise myself to keep a proper hair care regime and to pamper my hair a little bit more but I always fail in keeping the promise. I am a lazy person, very lazy. Ever since I started saving money, I wanted to colour my hair but I was afraid of the chemicals and ammonia present in the so called hair colours. It was until I found a natural product that is ammonia-free and really effective. It is the Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna.

About the brand, Prem Henna- “Prem Henna is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality hair color products & skin care products. Our wide range of hair color products like powder and crème hair colors in various shades provide consumers with a wide range of options to cover their greys. Our henna and henna-based hair color products are absolutely free from ammonia (no ammonia).”
This brand has a variety of products for hair care and skin care. Their Kaveri and Prem Dulhan henna cones are for your hands and feet, they have creme-based hair colour named Nisha and Enega Brilliance, henna-based hair colour named Kaveri, So Silk shampoo and Elois hair removal cream.
I have used the Kaveri Hair Henna and So Silk shampoo.

Price- Rs 10/- for 15gms

Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
Kaveri Hair Henna review-

Kaveri hair henna hair colour looks like the usual henna powder that are easily available in the market. The packaging is just an ordinary plastic sachet packaging which needs to torn apart in order to take the product out. Each sachet contains 15 grams of product. For my medium-length thin hair I needed one full sachet. You will need two packets if you have long, thick hair.
The Kaveri hair henna comes in two colours- one is Natural Black and another is Natural Brown. I chose the shade Natural Brown as I don’t like the stark black colour in my hair. As soon as you mix it it will turn into a dark brown coloured paste. It might look scary or at least it seemed scary to me because I never coloured my hair before. I applied it to my hair with the help of my hands (obviously wearing a pair of gloves). The application was quite easy, it was not messy at all. I think it is more convenient to use your hands than using a brush. Thus you can reach each and every strand easily. I let the paste dry off completely, it took me almost 40 minutes for that and then rinsed it off in the shower using the So Silk shampoo.

Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
The result was really good and apparent. It made my hair soft and silky. It did not make my hair rough but I prefer applying a conditioner right after washing it off to prevent any chance of frizz. For the hair colouring part, I would say it was not quite visible as my hair is naturally dark brownish so I could not observe any noticeable change in the hair colour. But, I could observe a slight brown tinge in my locks when exposed to direct sunlight. This colour lasted for about 15 days. I do not have grey hair so I cannot really tell you if this henna covers up grey hair or not. 
Prem Henna Kaveri Hair Henna Review| cherryontopblog
THE RESULT- Visible where the sun hits the hair

I won’t give five stars to this product because I caused me hair-fall during the hair wash procedure.


  • Ammonia free hair colour.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Doesn’t make hair rough.
  • Makes hair soft and silky.
  • No-fuss process.
  • Takes less time to dry.
  • Lasts for almost a couple of weeks.

Caused hair-fall.

Overall, I quite liked the Kaveri Hair Henna as it’s natural, ammonia-free and does not do any harm to my hair. If you have never coloured your hair and are planning to do it, I would suggest you to try this out rather than trying those chemical-based hair colours available in the market. I believe you will end up liking it. I hope you liked this post. I will be up with an exciting post very soon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

Do you like applying henna to your hair?

*N.B.– I had used this a couple of weeks back for the first time. I was ready with my review until I found that I don’t have plenty of pictures which might be helpful for you. This is just to clear the confusion because you might have seen the pictures has been taken today. I just wanted to clarify that the review was written a week ago but the pictures are taken today. 

Disclaimer- PR sample but unbiased review.

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