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Hi all, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a special day for all those who are in love. Though I don’t believe that one needs a specific day to express or celebrate love, I don’t even criticize the mood of Valentine’s. It has a certain flavor to it. No matter if you are single or taken, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day in your own way. For those who have a special plan tomorrow and haven’t decided what makeup should be done, here I have a simple, easy and quick makeup-look for you.
My boyfriend and I usually do not go out on Valentine’s Day (we have another special day), but if we ever plan one in future I would like to go for a soft and natural look (you know men, they love bare faces!) with subtle lipstick. That is my kind of a Valentine’s makeup. I have created this look for day time, you can always transform it to a night time glam look just by switching some things up. I’d tell you in the end. Keep on reading.
Products Used-

  • E.L.F. Eye-lid Primer
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
  • Maybelline Colossal Liner
  • Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara

  • Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream
  • Lotus Herbals Ecostay Foundation
  • Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact
  • Accessorize Bronzing Block- Shade 3

  • LAQA & CO. Fat Lip Pencil in Jammy Bastard

This time, I have started with my eyes before doing my face. Here are the steps to achieve the eye look-
Step 1: Start with filling in with your brows. Use any technique you are comfortable with- pencils, powders or creams. You can’t afford to try new techniques on such an occasion.

Step 2: Apply some eye lid primer. It will help your eye-shadows stay longer and exact.

Step3: Take some dark brown eye-shadow in a fluffy brush/blending brush and apply it right onto the outer corner of your eyes and drag it along the crease. I have used ‘Semi-Sweet’ from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. [P.S.Your crease is where your eyelid folds.]

Step 4: Blend, blend and blend. Blending is the key. The more you blend the softer it looks.

Step 5: After you are satisfied with the blending, take some lighter shimmery shade in a flat shader brush and apply in right on to the middle of your eyelids. I have used a peach-y shade called ‘Marzipan’ from the Chocolate Bar Palette. [P.S.Shimmers help in reflecting light. If you’ve planned a candle-lit dinner, shimmery or metallic eye-shadows are must. It doesn’t have to be truckloads of shimmer, just a little hint would do. Subtle shimmers can be used even for daytime looks.]

Step 6: Apply a highlighting colour, close to your skin tone, on the brow bones. I have used the shade ‘White Chocolate‘ from the Chocolate Bar Palette.

Step 7: With an angled brush, apply the same dark brown shade along your lower lash line.

Step 8: Apply the same highlighting colour on the inner corners of your eyes. It would make them look bigger. 

Step 9: Apply a liquid liner as close to your lash line as possible. You might not go for a full-fledged winged eye-liner but a little flick at the corners would definitely make your bae fall for you once again.

Step 10: Curl your lashes and apply generous coats of mascara. Remember, mascara is the elixir of a neutral look.
Soft & Coral Valentine’s Day Makeup Look| Step by Step Tutorial

For the face, I have just applied foundation and concealer. Applied some coral blush starting from the apple of my cheeks slightly dragging the brush diagonally along the cheek bones. For my lips, I have applied a coral lip tint which gives the look a softer finish. This look is perfect for both day and night time but if you want to go for a more glam look you can transform this look by applying a kohl on the waterline, slightly smudging it and by swapping this lip colour with a red lipstick.
Soft & Coral Valentine’s Day Makeup Look| Step by Step Tutorial

Soft & Coral Valentine’s Day Makeup Look| Step by Step Tutorial
Soft & Coral Valentine’s Day Makeup Look| Step by Step Tutorial
Just as I said earlier, Valentine’s Day is all about you. Being you is most important. Makeup can help you look better but you are what you are inside. That cannot be changed. If you don’t like makeup, be a rebel- rock your distressed jeans and loose tees, ditch the lipstick, be a tomboy. It doesn’t matter until you are yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I hope you liked the look. Do comment and share your views with me. If you recreate this look, do share them with me. Tag me in your photos on Instagram and I’d repost some of your looks. Keep then stay safe and keep smiling.

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Hello all, hope you’re doing great. As you all know (only you have been following my blog), I have renewed my subscription with Fab Bag for three months. January is the last month of the subscription. So, this is my last Fab Bag as of now. Let’s see what I got inside my January Fab Bag and how did I like my Fab Bag- January ’15 contents. 
Here’s how the January edition Fab Bag looks like. It’s a shiny pink bag- the material is of a faux leather kind of finish. I like it but I can’t say I love it as compared to the last two Fab Bags I received. Not so much of my liking.

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked

Now, the contents-
The first thing I noticed right after I opened the cardboard box was a lovely mask- purple and glitters- my heart was stolen. I think this is a symbol that endorses the theme of this month i.e. Beauty Unmasked. I liked the idea. Now, let’s see what came inside the bag-

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
1. LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil: As you can guess, it’s a lip crayon from LAQA & Co. which is a New York based cosmetic company. I got the shade Jammy Bastard which is a beautiful peach-y shade. The most amazing part is this lip crayon gives a great coverage in a single swipe and the colour pay-off is commendable. Sadly, this shade washes me out. But, I think I would use it as a balm or stain instead of applying it like a lipstick. The full size is priced 800 bucks for 3ml and I believe I’ve got a full size of this product in my bag. Cheers for that!

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
2. Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant Face Wash: I didn’t know the meaning of Moussant, so I googled it and found that it’s a French word that means ‘Foaming‘. Now I get it, it’s a foaming gel cleanser! Bioderma is one of the best known and most reputed skincare brands of the world. I’ve always wanted to try their Sensible H2O toner and now I have another of their specialties- the moussant face wash. I will try it really soon and will let you guys know my thoughts about it. So, keep an eye at my Facebook page and Instagram.  

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
3. Splurge Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection: You all might know that I had been using my Cetaphil moisturizer but it’s too thick for my skin, so I skipped it in the mornings. Then came this Splurge Daily moisturizer which is my current favourite moisturizer. It’s not too thick, not too light. The consistency is just perfect for me. Most amazing fact is that it’s handmade and does not contain any harsh chemicals. I have been using this for three days now and I have already become a big fan of this product. I think I should write a full review on this product soon.

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
4. Seasoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask: It’s a coincidence that I was looking for a mud mask for quite sometime and couldn’t decide what to get. Then came my January Fab Bag and what I get to see is this! I have not tried anything from this brand before, it’s totally new for me. Dead sea mud is rich in minerals which provides the skin the essential minerals that it needs. Apart from the Dead Sea mud, this mask also contains some other ingredients, one of which is Moroccan Argan. How cool is that! This mask is for dull, dry and acne-prone skin. I will use it soon and write a review for you guys. 

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
That’s all for my January’15 Fab Bag. Hope you liked the products that I got in this month’s bag. I liked all of them. This bag focuses on the inner beauty and the needs of the skin which is a great thing to follow this new year. Here my 3-months subscription with Fab Bag comes to the end. I am not sure if I would renew my subscription at this moment or not, but if I do I will surely let you guys know. Before I conclude, I want to remind you guys that Cherry On Top is completing it’s 2nd year on 13th of January and I am hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page on that particular day to celebrate the 2nd blogversary of my blog. Make sure you check out the giveaway on the 13th. 

Thanks for reading. See you next time. Till then stay safe and keep smiling!

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