Hello people, today I am going to post a quick review of the Colorbar Nail Lacquer #15 from their Exclusive range. It’s my first time using a Colorbar Nail Paint. If you are following me on Facebook and Instagram, you will know that I posted a NOTD picture on Facebook and Instagram wearing this nail paint.

I so wanted to try a pastel shade, especially a mint green shade for this summer.This shade is a pastel mint green shade which is just perfect for the summers. At first, I wasn’t sure about the showing up of the colour on my skin. I thought it would make my fingers appear darker. But, to my surprise, it complements my wheatish skin-tone very well. It makes my nails look so fresh. 

This nail paint dries out easily. You don’t have to blow your nails or dry them before a fan for a long time. It has been on my nails for 12 days now and only my right hand nails got chipped. I love the formula because I love long lasting nail paints for my nails. I think it’s worth the price.

The only problem I faced was its uneven distribution on the nails. The application is never uniform on the nails and as it dries out quickly, you can see your bare nails somewhere peeking at you through the nail paint.

Product Category- Nail Paint
Brand- Colorbar (Exclusive)
Price- 175 INR (They are now on a 5% discount on
Quantity- 9ml

Now let’s move on to the NOTDs-

I have a great experience with this range. I would love to pretend this Exclusive range of Colorbar as the Indian version of Essie nail paints 😛 Hope you like this too. 

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Hello lovelies, hope you all had a great Christmas and you must be busy getting prepared for the New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe that New Year is around the corner. Feeling really excited! I have a hell lot of things listed for shopping and now wondering how would I manage to accomplish it. Anyways guys, I have just got my first ever Fab Bag in my hands today.

In case you are wondering, this is just the old wine in a new bottle. Vellvette Bag has now just changed their name to Fab Bag. But I personally liked their previous name. Anyways, let’s see how Fab is the bag-

The bag is just the typical black bag primped with some colourful stars on it which I found to be really gorgeous and very significant keeping the ongoing festivities in mind. They have done a good job on the bag, I must say. Here is a look of the bag-

This is the overview of what I got inside the bag-

Products that I got in this month’s Fab Bag-

1. MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss- Shocking Pink
2. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Conditioner
3. LA Splash Nail Splash- Blowfish Purple
4. Bonus: Anna Andre Nail Enamel Remover

What I love about this gloss is the shade. I was looking for a barbie pink lipstick for a few weeks and I got this in my December Fab Bag. Though MUA is nowhere a ‘deluxe’ brand but still I love it as I have never used any lip product from MUA. Also, it’s going to be my first pink lip-gloss. I have no idea why I didn’t got any description card with this product.

This will be my first product from this brand. I have seen some bloggers got this in their November Vellvette Bag. I loved the packaging and the product also seems to be good. I haven’t used it yet but I will in a few days.

This will be my third pink/fuchsia nail paint that I got this year. I liked the colour. The top part of it got some dents which I didn’t like at all. I am yet to use it.

I don’t get the point of sending a nail paint remover in a beauty subscription bag, that too from a brand like Anna Andre. It may have been Sally Hansen. Nevertheless, this remover says it’s Acetone free and enriched with Vitamin E. That sounds good. Let’s see how good does it work.

I have been lucky since I have subscribed for the Vellvette/Fab Bag this year. Where I heard a lot of bloggers sharing their disappointments, I found my bag full of pretty good products. Then comes the question how Anna Andre and MUA are ‘deluxe’ brands. But as the nail paint remover came as a bonus, I don’t mind either it is from a deluxe brand or else. Talking about organizing, I must consider it as a big mistake how the Team Fab Bag have forgotten to include a description card with the lip gloss they sent.

You can subscribe for your Fab Bag here.

Overall, I liked my this month’s Fab Bag and what came inside it. I am pretty much satisfied with what I got. The nail paint and the lip gloss appears to be very good. I haven’t used the conditioner and the nail paint remover yet but I hope they work good for me.

That was it guys. I will come up very soon with another new post. Till then, be safe, be happy. Good Night 😀

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Have I ever told you that I am a deal-hunter? If no, then yes, I am!!
Recently I saw an enticing sale on It was quite interesting because I found some awesome offers on Sally Hansen lip glosses and nail paints.  They were offering one Sally Hansen nail paint/lip gloss+ one free Vantiv Spa hand-cream 5-8% less than the original price. I thought it could be quite a clever shopping, so I jumped into it.
I was planning to buy nail paints for quite a long time so I decided to buy a nail-paint rather than buying a lip gloss. I ordered the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Nail Paint in Mystery. I placed my order on 9thof July, they dispatched the order on 10th of July and I got the order on 14th of July. I think it is quite quick.
My Experience with Jabong:
I was about to buy only one nail-paint and that only from Sally Hansen, but they added an extra 99 rupees shipping charge on it, so I decided to buy one more thing to avoid the extra shipping change. I thought it’ll be intelligent to spend my money on buying a thing than to spend it for nothing.
This was my first experience with Jabong and I was really looking forward to them. But, I don’t know why, I had some issues while shopping from them. I actually live a few kilometers away from Kolkata; I have shopped online several times but never faced a problem regarding the delivery. But this time, whenever I put the address on the address form, they said they it is not possible to deliver the products to my address. I was surprised and at the same time very disappointed. Then I put the address of my friend who lives in Kolkata. At once it was accepted. I felt really disgusted. Whatever the cause was, it was really uncalled for.

Did you know what Jabong means?

Anyways, the delivery was pretty quick. I got my products in excellent condition; none of them were harmed or damaged. I got my discounted Sally Hansen nail paint along with a free 60 ml Vantiv Spa Hand Cream worth 125 INR. Smart buy isn’t it? I spent a total of 449 only. That’s awesome for some high end brands! I am pleased. 

What I bought:

Would I buy again from Jabong?
Yes, as long as I get more of the exciting sales and discounts without any harassment, I would keep buying stuffs from them.
My Recommendation: 
I absolutely recommend, as it is an awesome website with a hell lot of stocks, be it clothes, accessories, jewelries and make-up products. Apart from the shipment and delivery issue that I had to go through, it was a nice experience with Jabong.

So, which one is your favorite online shopping portal? Have you guys had any issues with online shopping? Let me know in the comment box below. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Thanks for reading.
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Hey gals! First of all I want to thank all the people who supported my initiative to write reviews and leading a lifestyle blog. I want to thank all my reader, followers and supporters. Pink and Peaches is nothing without you.

Coming to the post today, this is Monday again and it’s REVIEW TIME!! This is my very first nail polish review and my first try to do an NOTD. I don’t know whether I did it right or not, but, I know that you guys will correct me if not. Let’s jump into the review.

Today I am going to review one of my favorite nail colors, Lakme True Wear Nail Color in Classics-1 Sabyasachi. I love this color so much. My sister has bought me this nail paint and since then I am in love with that.

Brand: Lakme
Type: Nail Color
Price:  90 INR for 9ml (I got some discount)

This nail color has a very stunning color, a dark pinkish-mauvish-brownish (I don’t know what really is it!). I love it, it so compliments my skin-tone. I love the density of the liquid. It doesn’t spread on the nails, it gives a nice finish in one stroke.

1. Dries fast.
2. Easy to apply.
3. Nice color.
4. Nice density.

That’s it gals. Please rate and comment if you find this review good. Thanks for reading. Tell me what is your favorite Lakme nail color and why.

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