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Merry Christmas to you all! If you are reading this post now then please know that I love you so much. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule and stopping by my blog. Today, I will introduce you to an app named Snapcape which has opened new doors to the everyday photographers like us. Keep reading to know how.

 What is SnapCape?

Snapcape is basically an app that encourages mobile photography and photographers plus it is an app for stock photographs. It is technically Asia’s first photo crowding app. Let me share a little bit more about this app. As the brand says, SnapCape is that venture where we consider everyone with a smartphone a photographer, who can associate with brands/ agencies/ editorials globally, to monetize their shots. 

On the other hand, Brands source Custom and Stock Content. 

We are creating an opportunity to leverage this visual customer generated content for user engagement purposes for organizations. 

Making consumers the Brand Ambassadors and Brand Advocates.

Get Paid for Your Smartphone Photography with SnapCape

Get Paid for Your Smartphone Photography with SnapCape
Almost all of us own a smartphone and almost all of us like to capture moments with our phone camera. SnapCape encourages every smartphone-photographer and it gives an opportunity to exhibit their skills with a large number of potential brands who might be interested buying images from them. So, basically you are getting paid for what you love. Why won’t anybody love a chance to get paid for those perfectly shot mobile photographs?

Get Paid for Your Smartphone Photography with SnapCape

Get Paid for Your Smartphone Photography with SnapCape

How SnapCape Works:

SnapCape works in two way- for buyers and for sellers. Both the procedures are very simple. This is how they have put it on their website-
“For Photo Buyers and Sellers-

Step 1: The photographers need to click images from their mobile phones or camera and thereafter need to upload them at Snapcape.

Step 2: Once you’ve uploaded the images’ you need to specify the category they fall in – any from the list provided. You also need to set a price for your image, anything ranging between $1 to $5. The buyers would be buying your images at this price.

Step 3: Here you are ready to sell off your photographs.

Step 4: The buyers can scroll and select and add images to their cart. You can also make use of keywords and brand names to customize your search. Also you can filter your search on various categories like price and authenticity. We have all these features enabled to meet all the needs of the users.

Step 5: Finally you can buy the chosen images. Also the model space is backed with a folder called “Favourite” where you can save all the images you wish to buy sometime in future.

Get Paid for Your Smartphone Photography with SnapCape

There are some brands also who regularly come up with various tasks for photographers in return of which they pay some bucks. 

I actually was not sure about the whole idea of it so I downloaded the app myself and eventually ended up loving it. There are so many categories to search through, all of them loaded with good-quality photographs. As a blogger, I am always in need of good pictures that goes with my posts well when I am not able to click myself. You know how difficult it is to deal with copyrights while downloading images from the web. The leading stock photography sites cost a bomb for subscriptions. This app is perfect if you want to download images without thinking about copyright and that too within budget. 
Download the App here

You will love SnapCape if-
  • You love mobile photography.
  • You have a passion for clicking creative photos. 
  • You want to earn money with your photographic skills.
  • You are a blogger/publisher/editorial and you need authentic images.
  • You don’t want to worry about copyright while downloading pictures.
  • You don’t want to pay a huge amount of money on stock photographs.
You Should Choose SnapCape because-
It is  “affordable, authentic, licenced, copyscape verified, SEO ready, size specific, ready-to-use images across a large array of categories.” There are a large number of fresh photographs stocked. All the photographs are priced between $1 to $5 which is unbelievably inexpensive. The app has a rating of 3.8 rating on Google Play Store. Most importantly, it takes only 3.6mb space in your phone. 
I am really in love with this app. If you go through the images they deliver, you will know why. The best thing about this app is you won’t find any image that will seem to be repetitive. All of the images are freshly taken by new photographers and new images are added everyday. I hope you like this app as I did. 
Merry Christmas. See you in my next post. Till then, be safe & keep smiling! 

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