Cherry On Top is solely meant for sharing my personal opinions about different products, websites and services (restaurants, spas and salons) based on my personal experiences with like-minded people. The reviews and opinions might vary from person to person as we all have different skin tones, skin types, hair types, individual lifestyles and obviously different preferences. So, if your opinion about something varies from mine it might be because we are different persons.

Makeup Tutorials

I am not a makeup artist or makeup expert nor that I claim to be one. I only share with you the tricks and techniques which I use to do my makeup. They are not really those typical tutorials but just a friend-to-friend discussion which I think might be beneficial for anyone who is a beginner. I am still learning different methods and improving my makeup skills. By my tutorials, I do not preach or advise anyone to completely yield to make up neither do I signify that makeup is an essential part of your life. I solely believe in a person’s natural and inner beauty. My tutorials are for those (including myself) who love putting on lipsticks and some blusher. If you do not like makeup, no problem, I have included many other categories in this blog other than makeup tutorials.


Most of the pictures used in this blog solely belong to me unless otherwise stated. If you see any of your pictures here then do drop me an email in the below-mentioned address and I will put it down. I work a lot to get the best pictures possible. I edit them myself. Please do not use pictures from this blog elsewhere without prior permission. It is downright shameful and unfair.

For any suggestions and queries, shoot me an email at- sayantineebh@gmail.com

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