Five Best Outfits for Exercise

‘Take care of the body. It’s the only place you have to live’- this simple little quote by Jim Rohn continues to hold its own decades after it was said. Maintaining a sound body is indeed something whose importance can’t be overstated. At the same time, it can be a gruelling task which demands the perfect workout outfits. So, this summer, just pull your hair into a bun, get into the sporty groove and hit the gym looking like a million dollars. Here are five of the most perfect outfits for exercise that speak to both comfort & style: Track-pants […]

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Summer Footwear for Day to Night Activities Ft FSJ Shoes

Gold Chunky Sparkly Heels for Night Out | Summer Footwear for Day to Night | Cherry On Top Blog

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Cherry On Top. In summers, the main concern for us ladies is what to wear, be it clothes or footwear. As far as my choices are concerned, I like to wear anything flowy and easy-breezy and for footwear, I like to wear my flip-flops only. Being a blogger (or even any working person), you don’t really have that luxury to wear your slippers. You have meetings, events, shoots and what not and you cannot wear a pair of slippers everywhere! So, I thought I should share a Guide to Day to Night Footwears for Summer. […]

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Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wash Review

Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wash Review | Cherry On Top

Hello, all! This is probably the first time I am talking about intimate hygiene on my blog. I have done so many skincare and cosmetics review but this time I thought I should share something that has been a taboo for years. In 2019, still, there are women who shy away from talking about feminine issues like unpleasant vaginal odour or irritation in the pubic area and believe me that’s doing more harm than good! Today, I will be reviewing the Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wash and tell you why you should include this in your daily feminine hygiene routine. Price- […]

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5 Golden Rules for Buying the Best Jewellery Online

5 Golden Rules for Buying Jewellery Online | Cherry On Top

We are all pressed for time these days so shopping online makes our lives much easier. You can get virtually anything delivered to your door including jewellery. Whether you are treating yourself or getting someone a gift, you can find endless options online. You may even find better prices than those in your local stores. The only caveat is that you need to be careful. The best online jewellery store is not necessarily the most expensive but the one which offers value for money and excellent customer service. Here are some of the rules you should follow when buying jewellery […]

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Nykaa Skin Secrets Face Sheet Masks Review | Gooseberry+Papaya & Pearl+Hyaluronic Acid

Nykaa Skin Secrets Face Sheet Mask Gooseberry + Papaya Review | Cherry On Top

Being a beauty blogger, I am always in search of new products to try out. For me, skincare has always been way more essential than makeup. I might now pick up the hottest lipstick or highlighter, but I’m always eager to explore new skincare launches. So, when I saw Nykaa came up with its own Korean sheet masks- Nykaa Skin Secrets Face Sheet Mask with some desi ingredients, I cannot hold my excitement. There was a two-for-two offer going on pre-ordering the sheets, so I got four of them. I am going to review the Gooseberry + Papaya for Nourished […]

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Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Treats You Must Try

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Treats You Must Try | Cherry On Top

Looking for some yummy Valentine’s Day treats that could be made without spending much time in the kitchen? Try these two quick and easy Valentine’s Day Treats recipes that will win the hearts of your loved ones! Check out this video! Rich n Fudgy Mug Brownie (1 Serving) Ingredients- Flour- 3 tbsp Powdered/Caster Sugar- 3tbsp Cocoa Powder- 1 ½ tbsp Salt (Optional)- a pinch Vegetable Oil- 1 ½ tbsp Milk- 3 tbsp 4-5 Chocolate chunks 1 tbsp Gems/M&Ms Method- Mix all the dry ingredients in a microwave-proof mug. Add in all the wet ingredients and mix well. Add chocolate chunks and […]

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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Workaholic Partner

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Workaholic Partner | Cherry On Top

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am sure a lot of you couldn’t decide on a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your partner. Amirite? When you are between 16-24 years, it seems pretty easy to pick a V’Day gift for your significant other but after 24, it becomes quite a task. When your partner starts a career, you feel like gifting him/her something that is actually useful to them. Since now your partner spends most of their time in their office, on their desk, you would want to get a meaningful gift for them. So, here I am […]

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Bharatpur: Witness the Migration

Image: By Nikhilchandra81 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, As someone who loves birds, my constant endeavour has been to protect the avifauna by bringing birders and nature lovers together through social media. And the fact that I am a member of a bird-conservation community in my city, just adds to my effort. So, when the members of that community decided to visit the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary last winter and do a little research on the current status of migratory birds in India, it was obvious that I would never leave such a chance for such an adventure. For those […]

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Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers Review | Cherry On Top

I have been travelling a lot for the past couple of months. Be it long vacations or short trips, I am someone who enjoys train journeys more. If you are quite familiar with Indian train journeys then you know how hard it is to maintain hygiene while travelling. Thank God, I had the Himalaya PureHands hand sanitizers with me to save me from consuming bacterias and other germs. Dirty hands can lead to a lot of diseases, especially related to stomach and intestines.  Hand sanitizers are a must-have whenever you are going out of your home. These are the best […]

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