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Every year, we see new styles emerge and brides dressed in airy bridal gowns. Brides are pushing the envelope and experimenting with unusual colour palettes and lehenga styles. We’ve seen it everything, from women experimenting with the tones of their dresses to brides who embrace minimalism. When it comes to their clothing and style, today’s brides are all about embracing unconventional choices. Every season, bridal and wedding designers introduce new trends to meet the escalating aspirations of brides. We’ll go over some of the latest bridal lehengas online and their trends that every bride-to-be should be aware of. Scroll down to see what’s hot and see if it’s something you’d like to try.

  1. The multi or Technicolor lehenga — Technicolor bridal lehengas online have become a millennial bride’s absolute favourite. The metallic tones and geometric designs work so well together. This design is ideal for brides who want to make a statement with their modern style and appear absolutely stunning on their wedding day. This is a style that we’ve seen brides choose for their pre-wedding ceremonies. However, you can always try something new and go with this style for your wedding lehenga.
  2. The lehenga trail — A trail can undoubtedly boost your style and provide that oomph element, whether you’re wearing a gown or a bridal lehenga. Many designers are exploring lehenga designs and adopting the trend of putting a lehenga trail into their creations. This trend is ideal for brides who want to add a touch of drama to their ensemble. We adore the way brides have experimented with this style and carried it off so tastefully. You can go with any colour you want, from champagne gold to red or pastel pink, to create a dramatic trail on your wedding lehenga.
  3. The flowery pastelsPastel shades are so soothing to the eyes and will definitely never go out of fashion. Pastel bridal lehengas have been in trend for some time now and will continue to rule. We have seen brides opting for bridal lehengas with floral embroideries and completely rocking that look. It is such a beautiful combination and will make you look ethereal on your special day. If you are someone who loves pastel shades, you can definitely experiment with this trend and look like a princess on your special day. 
  4. Shimmer and blingy lehengas — These days, shimmering and blingy lehengas with elaborate workmanship are extremely popular. The handcrafted lehengas with Swarovski crystals, sequins, and pearl details are a visual treat. These are fashions that you can wear from your engagement party through your reception.
  5. Flairy can-can lehengas — Without that flair and enormous can-can, a bridal lehenga is nothing. They provide volume to your attire and give your bridal lehenga the perfect vibe. If you want flared lehengas, you should choose ones with underskirts and a hefty can-can. You can choose some unusual bridal tones, such as a combination of old rose and khaki, or a magnificent combination of all pastel shades; you can even play with the colours.
  6. Storytelling lehengas — You might choose this style if you enjoy wearing ensembles that are based on a concept and are one-of-a-kind. You can even have your own love tale read on your wedding lehenga or have something personalised embroidered on your bridal dupatta. Personalization and storey will give your garment that special touch while also enhancing its beauty.
  7. Lightweight and embroidered lehenga – For the minimalist brides out there, opt for simple georgette bridal lehengas online that are available in light neutral shades and look fascinating with minimal embroidery over them. 


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