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A lot of people feel inclined to learn how to do their own manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments at home on their own when they calculate how much they spend on these things each month. When they think about how much they spend actually paying a professional to do the job, maintaining the work that is done, as well as buying products to use at home, they see that they could save tons of money. They can invest in some nice equipment and nice products to do their own manicure and other beauty treatments. However, they need to learn the basic steps.

If you have gone to a professional many times to have your nails done, you can basically follow the process that the professional uses. Some people do not pay attention when they are getting their nails or toes done, so this quick reminder can be very helpful.

The very first thing that you want to do is start off with clean nails. This involves getting rid of nail polish and making sure that the nails are clean on top and underneath. Next, make sure that your nails are all the same length. This may involve trimming the nails as well as filing them. You want to give them a good shape, something that you will be comfortable with.

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Once your nails are all cleaned up and they have been trimmed and filed, you can begin the most relaxing part of the manicure. Soak your fingers or even your entire hands in warm water. Some people like to use a mild soap or another product that has been designed for this purpose. Soaking your hands in warm water not only relaxes you, but it loosens up the cuticles.

After your hands have soaked for a little bit, you want to take them out of the water and dry them up. Now you can begin working on the cuticles. Using the proper tools, push them back and trim them if necessary. Now that your hands are dry and your cuticles are in good condition, you can apply nail polish and a nail polish extender. You want to preserve the life of the nail polish as long as possible and help your manicure to last.

After your nails are done and the nail polish has dried, you want to apply moisturiser to your hands. Many individuals enjoy this part of the manicure. They may spend a lot of time just sitting back and looking at how pretty their nails look while allowing the moisturiser to soak in. As they rub the moisturiser in, they will do a small hand massage. This is a great way to end the manicure. Not only will your nails look great, but you will feel relaxed.

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