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Productiveness is not something that can be acquired by following a set of rules. Productiveness is a state of mind that can only be achieved if you genuinely feel productive. In this post, I will share with you how to be more productive every day. These points are something I personally follow or you can say I feel productive when I follow these.

Be a Morning Person

I know, I know! It’s easier said than done. But trust me, you can. I’ll tell you a trick that is 100% effective. Put an alarm next to you and once the alarm rings just get out of the bed and get yourself moving. No social media checks, no pondering, no dozing off again! It has to work. Also, make a list of tasks that you need to do for the day the night before. I am sure the pressure to complete the task won’t let you snooze your alarm clock.

I have always loved waking up early in the morning. The tranquillity and the freshness of the air have always played a major role in bringing out my inner productive person. Also, one of the boons of waking up early is you get plenty of time to finish all your chores. Maybe, you’ll get more time to enjoy your tea or your coffee or to upload more Insta stories!

Start the Day off with Relaxing Music

Last year, when I started facing some anxiety issues (I’ll tell you about it in a separate post), I started using some meditation apps which, to some extent, helped. Soon, I felt like I was not in a state of mind to completely concentrate on some for 15-20 minutes. All these meditation sessions had some amazing relaxing music in the background that made me think that maybe I can listen to this type of music while doing my daily morning routine and it worked! It de-stressed me, made me calmer and soon my restlessness was gone.

“Music is the Medicine of the Mind” – John A. Logan

Before starting a productive day you must enliven your senses. That’s what relaxing music does to you! You can find plenty of them on YouTube.

Plan Your Day Ahead

How to be More Productive Everyday | Cherry On Top

Let me share a fun fact about me with you. I cannot function without writing everything down in my notebook. I cannot take mental notes. Kudos to you if you can. I like to plan my day ahead, typically the night before, because A. it saves time, B. you already have a plan to follow.

Recently I have found a great app that is the most efficient online planner. The best part about this is that it takes very little space (2.5MB). Earlier, I used to use a physical planner but I found it hard to maintain. Then I went on to plan on Google Calendar, but then again it was not convenient enough for me. Finally, I found Dreamie Planner. This is available on the Android Playstore and it’s completely free. (#notsponspored)

Make a Routine

This helped me a lot in time management and getting better at it every day. A daily routine can help you be more productive every day. Making a routine and getting accustomed to it helps a lot in achieving daily goals and in dividing the time evenly. Allot time-frames for each task to some extent that it doesn’t get in the way of your flow or ease of work. Also, keep a recreation gap for you in the routine. Getting a break is also as important as working. In short, make a routine that is more practical and doable than an overtiring one.

Find a Cozy & Peaceful Corner

Cozy Workspace | Work Desk | Cute Desk Area | How to be More Productive Everyday | Cherry On Top

Your workspace plays a very important role in setting your mood for a productive and creative time of work. It acts as a mood board that inspires you and helps you stay focused. The main issue I used to have when I started taking my work seriously is to lose focus and get disorganised at times. A peaceful corner really adds up to the overall mood. Even if you are a student, try studying in a peaceful spot. That helps a lot.
I like to decorate my little workspace/desk with things that inspire my work and my goals. Do whatever suits your needs- add cute or quirky objects, fancy stationery, things that will invite you every day to that space.

Create a Vision Board

Mood boards or vision boards are really helpful if you have issues in focusing on certain things. A vision board is a collage of pictures, quotes or random things that you take inspiration from. A vision board gives you an atmosphere that helps you create and produce content. It’s like the dots that you join with your imagination to acquire valuable content.

Here’s an example of a mood board/vision board-

Vision Board Ideas Pinterest Tumblr | How to Stay Productive Everyday | Cherry On Top
Vision Board Ideas | Source: Target.com

Set Small Goals for the Day

I don’t know about you but I am the happiest when I am productive. I know being surrounded by work can be really tiring and hectic but hey! isn’t it the purpose of our lives? To be working and make every moment count? At least for me, it is. I have always wanted to be the independent woman that I am slowly becoming. I have always wanted to be my own boss, which I am today. In short, I am living the life I have always wanted to live and in the way I wanted it to be. But you know the drill, no pain no gain! Nothing comes easy in life, everyone has to sacrifice something or the other in the process of becoming themselves. For me, it was my sleep, my laziness, and my sensitiveness. But then, I am in the process of overcoming all these obstacles.

I know how hard it is to cope up with the hell lot of work that bloggers and influencers are supposed to do. It’s very easy to get detached and lose motivation at times. I hope incorporating these little things in your daily routine would make a change. With this, I wrap up #Episode2 of Pep Talk. If you want me to cover any other topic then let me know in the comments. See you soon!

How do you keep yourself productive?

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