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Pregnancy is a life changing experience for women as they take up the responsibility of a brand-new human being wholly dependent on them, but it also comes with a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress. One of the major worries that an expectant mother carries is related to the change that their bodies have gone through and the excess weight that they have gained. Weight gain during pregnancy is very common but new mothers need not waste their precious energies on worrying about this because they can surely manage this with some simple habits.

If you started out your pregnancy with an average weight and then gained around 23-35 pounds then it won’t be too hard to lose that extra weight once you have delivered. Your body will naturally work towards normalising its functions and weight and all you have to do is manage a healthy lifestyle which is not only important to get into shape but also for your general health and for the baby. Remember, when you follow these essential steps to regain the pre-baby body, that it took 9 months for all that weight to accumulate so give it at least 3-6 months’ time and don’t push you too hard or try to follow the footsteps of a celebrity.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

  1. Avoid Dieting and instead, eat healthily: Dieting with the stress of taking care of the baby and managing other domestic chores can be counterproductive when it comes to getting back into a fit body as being deprived of your favourite foods can indicate your system to retain fat instead of using it up for energy. It’s better instead if you alter your eating habits towards a healthy well-balanced diet keeping in tune with your hunger and cravings. A good diet not just gives you the nutrition you and the baby need but it will also lead you naturally to a beautiful figure so watch what you eat especially when it comes to unhealthy junk foods. Have healthy snacks around which you can munch on and garnish healthy sides like salads or fruit bowls with delicious garnishes like olive oil or lemon juice to make them more appetising.
  2. Don’t refrain from breast feeding. One of the body’s natural functions post-delivery is breast feeding because the body knows that there is a baby that needs food. Breast feeding also greatly benefits the mom by helping her release the accumulated energy and fat which was needed for the support of the baby through milk production. Your body will burn calories to make the milk every time you nurse. So along with feeding your baby, you will also be losing weight. Stay away from stressful exercising, dieting or skipping meals as it can release harmful toxins in the milk which may harm your baby’s health.

    Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

  3. Move your body: Women who had an uncomplicated vaginal pregnancy should be able to safely exercise after a few days of delivering the baby whereas C section mothers or mothers who had a complicated delivery should consult their doctors to know when and how should they exercise. Cardio and strength building exercises are the best after pregnancy as they will burn calories and support your weakened abdominal muscles. Just make sure that all exercises you do are mild to moderate in the first few weeks.

    Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

  4. Get rest: Make sure you get the rest you need and that you are sleeping enough. Not only has your body gone through a tough biological process but you have countless daily responsibilities to take care of. A lack of rest or sleep will wear you down and impact your health. When you aren’t properly rested you will not have the desire to exercise or eat healthy either as our stress hormones lead us towards sugary and fatty diets. Studies have also shown that mothers who get less than five hours of sleep a night are less likely to quickly shed off their pregnancy body weight than those who sleep seven hours. It may be hard to get a full seven hours of sleep altogether but not when it’s in naps, so adjust your schedule a bit and sneak in some sleep along when your little one sleeps.
  5. Try natural weight loss remedies: There are many natural remedies which are known for their positive results and great medicinal and health benefits. One of these is drinking apple cider vinegar in hot water two or three times a day to promote better digestion and fat reduction. Another such remedy is lime and honey water which also naturally aids in burning fat. Many more natural substances that help in weight loss can be found online which are safe and usually come with other benefits.

    Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

  6. Hydrate: Drinking enough water is the most important when you have a weight to keep under control and a wailing baby to tend to, because not only does water keep you feeling full but it also gives you vitality and moisture that each cell of your body needs. WebMD also writes that some research has shown that water increases the body’s metabolic system. Use the colour of your urine as a guide to knowing if you are drinking enough water. A healthy amount would be one where the colour of the urine is near to clear and when a person needs to go to the bathroom every 3-4 hours.

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