High-speed comfortable trains, planes that easily carry us from one corner of the globe to another, chic cars – all this is great! But, when you arrive at the place of travel, you want to see as much as possible. And for this, a tourist has to move on his feet. During a leisurely walk in a new city, you have a wonderful opportunity to slowly explore architectural monuments and colorful sights, get acquainted with local people or other travelers, and relax in a shady park or a summer cafe. So, here is a list of the most romantic cities in Europe from primedating.

  1.      Cumbria, England

The beautiful region of England (the highlands of the county of Cumbria) is known for its irresistible beauty and it becomes even more stunning and charming in autumn. Thanks to the richness of crystal clear lakes surrounded by golden and ruby hills, the region remains a perfect place for walks.

  1.      Czech Republic, Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is good at any time of the year. Cool weather makes lovers cuddle up to each other and go to one of the cozy restaurants to try real Czech beer. In the evening, it’s so cool to walk under flashlights and admire the landscapes of the Old City or even better – to book a romantic cruise on the Vltava.

  1.      Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not only the most “elegant” city of the Old World. It is also the capital of operas and famous waltzes. Exquisite cafes with crystal chandeliers and beautiful parks are equally well-suited for romantics. Go boating, taste wine at one of the surrounding vineyards, and get acquainted with the legendary Vienna forest.

  1.      Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is the most spectacular landscapes of Germany and Europe in general, with endless alpine forests and mountain peaks where fairy-tale castles and palaces are lost. Maybe you don’t know but Bavaria is considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

  1.      Wicklow, Ireland

Choose Wicklow National Park for a romantic trip. Fresh mountain air is so cool and trees are covered with a gold patina. In the park, there are kilometers of hiking trails. So, just go and view fantastic landscapes!

  1.      Wellington, New Zealand

Only twenty-five years ago, New Zealand began to attract adventurers. But now it got to the top of romantic cities in Europe. A huge set of hiking trails, charming valleys, national parks, majestic peaks inspired many to explore the country’s refined topography and travel to the wildest and untouched corners of New Zealand.

  1.      Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a dynamically developing center of art, culture, and gourmet cuisine. Over the past two years, the country has opened many museums and become one of the best romantic cities in Europe. In 2016, more than 300 Portuguese beaches got the “Blue Flag” sign. It’s no wonder that everyone is talking about this country and dreaming of a trip around Portugal.

  1.      Valletta, Malta

Valletta is prehistoric megalithic temples, fortifications of the XVII century on the whole coast, mysterious gorges and ruins – from underground sanctuaries to catacombs, knight castles, and the ancient architecture. It is worth noticing the relaxed atmosphere that reigns in Malta, its beaches and more than three hundred sunny days a year.

  1.      Paris, France

Welcome to Paris! As you know, it is considered one of the best cities in Europe. You may not even have enough time to enjoy all the walking routes because Paris is the Latin Quarter and the Luxembourg Garden, and Montmartre and lovely summer cafes, street artists’ shows, Notre-Dame De Paris, and many other places for lovers. Make a trip there!

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