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People, who know the power of a daily nap, know too of its benefit. Having a nap somewhere in the middle of your routine is the best improvement you can have for yourself. If you work from home you have an added advantage since you can lay down in your Casper mattress, put relaxing music on and have a fast nap. Those who are away from home too can get somewhere within their work or school environment and enjoy a quick nap as well. A nap lets you power up for the remaining of the daily duties.  If you have a pet you have witnessed how often they take naps, and also other animals that are not necessarily domesticated. There is a great secret that animals seem to know that we humans take for granted. We tend to think naps are for the lazy and undetermined individuals. Hence through this socialization people who take a nap feel ashamed especially in public scenes.

Counters burnout

While most naps are taken during the middle of the day. The reason is mostly since they help counter the burnout and the information overload that has been gained in the first half of the day. Although most people find naps as unnecessary, especially with the workload that is laying ahead of them. It is vital to know naps are awesome ways to boost your productivity and feel refreshed to finish your first half of the day. The difference of people who nap and those who do not is evident in their performance in tasks that they are assigned not limiting to the various daily routines of people.

Lifts mood

The Benefits and Importance of a Nap

You could have had a bad night’s sleep and considering you have to show up at work or school. The cranky mood is evident and it easily rubs off on others unknowingly. Taking a nap at your lunchtime break is the deal breaker for a fresh mood and energy boost to finish up the day. This feeling of contentment after a nap gives you a shift in your mood that is worth it. Hence, the nap stigma that most people are affected with especially when working shift jobs or 12-hour jobs should stop to enable people to experience this self-improvement sleep tool.

Multiplied alertness

A study by NASA found out that a 40-minute nap increases your alertness by 100% a better percentage outcome from the caffeinated and energy drinks we consume to keep alert. When you are overcome with sleepiness especially during your shift work for an instant as a nurse. Taking a short nap will enable you to serve people better, and careless mistakes that can occur when administering medicine to a patient are minimal to none compared to other nurses who despise taking short naps. This works all the time and even short naps after work if you have an event to attend take a short nap to glow you up instead of making you look all weary at the function.

Improves your senses

The Benefits and Importance of a Nap | Cherry On Top Blog

Our senses can be affected by a relaxed body that has come straight from a nap. Such a case is when you feel almost everything is beautiful. Viewing a sunset is beautiful, food tastes better, bird sounds or music is fantastic to hear and even weird smells don’t smell as horrible. Basically, your senses improve and become clearer and profound after a good nap. Through this, your creativity is also given a boost and you are able to easily get those light bulb moments after a nap than when you are exhausted.

Suppressed cortisol hormone

The cortisol hormone is also known as the sleep hormone. Whereby while you nap for thirty minutes to one hour your cortisol hormone is suppressed. Through this, your body is able to rest and heal effectively from any stress issues that might arise when you were sleep deprived. This is crucial since if the cortisol hormone levels increase they will increase abdominal fat, glucose intolerance and weaken your immune system which has risks that can lead to diabetes and heart ailments.

Keeps you sane

People who are sleep deprived due to poor sleep cycles tend to have hallucinations and imagery’s that they cannot even describe. This is due to the uncoordinated circadian rhythm and a mix up of brain chemicals that make you fatigued. These fake memories due to poor sleep patterns can be improved by taking short naps if a complete rest is impossible due to commitments and to keep you insane before your colleagues think you are going mad.

Other benefits

The Benefits and Importance of a Nap | Cherry On Top Blog

Napping will assist a lot while handling complex subjects and a lot of workloads that you should study in your school work. Through this, it boosts your memory when you have a nap consistently. It becomes important to retain both your short and long term memory. Another awesome benefit is napping saves your money in a unique way. If you count the amount you spend on a cup of coffee or an energy snack daily to a nap. You could have an excess of thirty dollars with you. Choosing to nap is an inexpensive and natural way of enjoying the benefits you seek out in these caffeinated products.

The western trends and habits have cocooned as to a certain lifestyle of hard work and not taking naps. You may call it a nap or siesta but enjoying it and not going different to your circadian rhythm will improve your life tremendously. The world’s great men and women were also great nappers. Some of them as Churchill, Napoleon, and Edison among others neither did nor forfeit taking their daily nap. Just as having quality sleep is important to every human. A nap has the same effectiveness especially when it is consistently taking the performance of the mind and body to a new level. In summary, since naps take only a few minutes giving it a try and practising it for a while you will be able to see the differences when you napped and did not.

I hope you enjoyed reading so much about the quick naps. Now, don’t feel guilty of them!

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