Back to School/College Beauty Survival Kit

How many times you carry a huge make-up bag or torso to the school or college. Never, right? But touch ups during the long weary periods is a must. Stocking up the nuts and bolts is must. So, what are the essential things that must be in your pouch? I have created a list (in no particular order) for you. Check out the list- Moisturizer: If you have dry skin, you would certainly need a moisturizer during the school/college hours. Be it moisturizer or hand cream or body butter; keep them in your bag to avoid dry skin. Lip Balms/Chap-sticks: Lip balms are quite important because, in school/college, we need to do a lot of job talking, blabbering and gossiping. So, our lips get chapped several times and lack moisture. Mending it by applying lip balms or chap sticks to avoid persecutions.  Facial Wipes: Facial wipes come into two different […]

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