Getting ready for school/college can be a mess if you don’t have a step-by-step plan to do your makeup and hair. I usually never liked the idea of putting a lot of makeup on my face when I was in school. But I am listing here 5 simple and essential step of makeup that you can easily wear for school/college.
  • Shape and Fill in Your Brows: Shaping your brows and filling them in is very important because your eyebrows are responsible for the prompt upturn of your beauty. Properly shaped and filled eyebrows can make you look more defined.

  • Apply Tinted Moisturizer: Tinted moisturizers or BB creams help you get an even skin as well as retouch and correct the skin. Replacing your foundations with BB creams is a smart idea, because foundations are too heavy for the skin and mostly when you have to spend long hours. BB creams or tinted moisturizers are very lightweight and doesn’t give you that cakey and artificial look which you don’t want to have.

  •  Lip gloss: Lip glosses are more wearable than lipsticks when you are doing makeup for school/college because they give you a subtle look. Or instead you can use a tinted lip balm to stain your lips.
  • Apply a Natural Blush: This step is self-explanatory. Don’t be playful with colors when you’re getting ready for school/college. Using a natural blush shade you can get the most natural look.
  • Apply Eyeliner and Mascara: After curling your lashes, tight-line your eyes using a kohl pencil and line the upper and lower lash line as well. Use a pencil liner to achieve a natural look. Don’t forget to apply coats of mascara on your lashes. You can use transparent mascara.

Now if you dine all the steps, you are good to go. You don’t need anything more. Remember one thing, Natural is everything. Now wear your precious smile and see the world embracing you.
Well, with this post, the Back to School series ends. I don’t know if I have disappointed you guys or not. If yes, then please forgive me. I am very new to this world of beauty blogging and improving myself bit by bit. I love all of you who showed interest in my posts and liked them. I want to grow my blog so please come up with your suggestions. They mean a lot to me. Any suggestion, query or comment is welcome. Feel free to share this post. I will be up in a while with another review. Till then, keep smiling and stay healthy.

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How many times you carry a huge make-up bag or torso to the school or college. Never, right? But touch ups during the long weary periods is a must. Stocking up the nuts and bolts is must. So, what are the essential things that must be in your pouch? I have created a list (in no particular order) for you. Check out the list-
  • Moisturizer: If you have dry skin, you would certainly need a moisturizer during the school/college hours. Be it moisturizer or hand cream or body butter; keep them in your bag to avoid dry skin.
  • Lip Balms/Chap-sticks: Lip balms are quite important because, in school/college, we need to do a lot of job talking, blabbering and gossiping. So, our lips get chapped several times and lack moisture. Mending it by applying lip balms or chap sticks to avoid persecutions.

  •  Facial Wipes: Facial wipes come into two different varieties, dry and wet. It’s good to use a wet wipe as it contains moisture. There are several kinds of wipes available in market, cleansing, moisturizing, makeup removing, soothing and a lot others. You should choose a cleansing wipe as it does all the necessary things for you. Cleansing your face and neck during school/college is more than important.

  • Blotting Sheets: Some of you might have experienced patchiness or shine on your skin after a few hours of putting makeup or cleansing your skin. To make your skin look matte and natural use blotting sheets to blot the redundant oil from your skin.
  • Hand Sanitizers: This is also an essential thing that should be kept in your BSK. In school/college, we meet several people, go to toilet and do more other jobs that could defile our hands. So, we should use a hand sanitizer to basically keep our hands clean and prevent germs to invade into our body. 

  • Nail Clipper: Nail clippers can be proved as your emergency assistant. Think, you are rummaging inside your bag and one silly nail breaks. For a girl, when a nail breaks it feels like a heart-break! So, having a nail clipper in your survival kit is very important.
  • Rubber bands, Bobby pins: It’s almost impossible to maintain untied hair throughout the long hours of school/college. So, keep some rubber bands and bobby pins in your bag, so that you could manage your hair whenever you need to.
  • Eye Lash Curler: Eyelash curler can help your eyes to open up instantaneously. Keep an eyelash curler to transform your weary eyes to rejuvenated eyes.

  • Deos/Mists: Body odor during the periods is the biggest turn off one can have. Stinking body is certainly a no-no. Keep deos or mists in your bag to freshen up yourself.
  • Water: Always keep a bottle of water in your bag to avoid dehydration and skin impurities. Keep in mind, 8 litres of water per day is essential to keep healthy. 
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 Hello again dearies. First of all, forgive me as I was unable to post on yesterday as I promised you due to some personal reasons. But, it’s never late what it comes to fashion. Today I am going to share with you my choice of accessories for school/college days. Let’s start with Scarves.

Scarves– This can be a style statement for you. A regular outfit can be jazzed up with a scarf.
  1. ASOS Geeky Cat Print Scarf (Shop)
  2. Forever 21 Polka Dot Scarf (Shop)
  3. Forever 21 Rose Garden Scarf (Shop)
  4. Forever 21 Striped Metallic Infinity Scarf (Shop)

Stockings/Tights/Socks– These can be worn to enhance your girly go-to look. Here are my picks.
  1. Basically Amazing Socks in Poppy (Shop)
  2. Grab a Bite Socks [Top left] (Shop)
  3. Clouding Around Socks [Top right] (Shop)
  4. Landlord of the Dance Slipper Socks [Bottom left] (Shop)
  5. Tread Delightfully Socks [Bottom right] (Shop)

Hair Accessories– Now, let’s add some spark to the hair. Let the cuteness be revealed.
  1. Classic Bow Headwrap (Shop)
  2. Faux Pearl Bow Hair Pins (Shop)
  3. Diamond Bow Hair Clips (Shop)
  4. Braided Chain Headband (Shop)
  5. Spiked Faux Suede Headband (Shop)

Hats/Caps– Just to spruce up your persona.
  1. Studded Denim Military Cap (Shop)
  2. ASOS Pearl And Floral Print Cap (Shop)
  3. ASOS Felt Ears Cap (Shop)
  4. Vans Hello Kitty Trucker Cap (Shop)
  5. Barbour Summer Wax Cloche Hat (Shop)

Belts– How could you forget to style your waist line? Check them out.
  1. Cinch You’ve Been Got Belt (Shop)
  2. Pieces Soa Waisted Belt (Shop)
  3. Perforated Heart Belt (Shop)
  4. Sash Samba Belt in Teal (Shop)
  5. Cute Skinny Belt (Shop similar)

Sunglasses– We girls always need something stylish to protect our persuasive eyes. Let’s have a look.
  1. F3647 Clear Wayfarer Sunglasses [Top Left] (Shop)
  2. Made for Beach Other Sunglasses [Bottom Left] (Shop)
  3. F3754 Round Sunglasses [Top right] (Shop)
  4. Chill Haute Sunglasses [Bottom right] (Shop)

So, that’s it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to comment. If you have a suggestion for me, don’t hesitate, just post as a comment. Please do link your posts in the comment box if you have done similar posts or willing to do one. I would love to add your links in my posts. Stay tuned to read more Back to School/College posts coming up soon. Goodbye till next time. Take care!
Next post will be about Back to School/College Jewelry+Watches. 
Disclaimer: All the images are from corresponding websites that I’ve linked down below every picture. I just edited them to make compilations.
Hello girls, as I promised, I am back today. If you have read my previous post then you’ll know that I am doing a “Back-to-School” series on this blog throughout the month. I will post up to two posts each week. But as the first week has passed, there will be more than two posts on one week. I have arranged all the posts in a particular manner. The first post will be about fashion, the second will be beauty, third hair, fourth tips and trick and after that I will post about miscellaneous topic. I hope you understood what I tried to say. Thanks.
So here’s the first post about Back to School/College Fashion.

Tops– I have picked these keeping in mind that this is summer. Let me introduce you with the items I selected-
  1.  Faballey Solid Orange Shirt (Shop)
  2. Miss Bennett Bird Print Top (Shop)
  3. Miss Bennett Off White Top (Shop)
  4. UCB Cap Sleeves Floral Print Shirt (Shop)

Dresses– We all are fond of cute dresses. Here is my pick.
  1. Harpa Cap Sleeves printed Red Dress (Shop)
  2. MIAMINX Duck Print Ruffle Dress with Belt (Shop)
  3.  Meira Printed Knee Length Dress (Shop)
  4. Harpa Sleeveless Printed Pink Dress (Shop)

Bottoms– Shorts or Skirts? Leggings or Trousers? Why not pick all of them?
  1. Elle Coral Pleated Trousers (Shop)
  2. MEEE Printed Ankle Length Leggings (Shop)
  3. OOMPH! Vibrant Floral Navy Blue Skirt (Shop)
  4. Vero Moda Slim Fit Denim Shorts (Shop)
  5. My Addiction Solid Green Shorts (Shop)

Footwear– These are really important to jazz up your look. I recommend low heels for schools/colleges because long wearing of high heels can be tiring for your feet. Look, what I have chosen for you-
  1. Catwalk Orange Sandals (Shop)
  2. Miss Bennett Blue Bellies (Shop)
  3. Portia Beige Bell Shoes (Shop)
  4. Carlton London Blue Wedges (Shop)

Bags– Now, the most important and most necessary accessory for school/college, your bag. Look at my picks.
  1. Alessia Pink Messenger Bag (Shop)
  2. Caprese Clara Yellow Sling Bag (Shop)
  3. KIARA Blue Sling Bag (Shop)
  4. Starx Green College Backpack (Shop)

So, that’s for today. I only picked tops, bottoms, shoes and bags. Next time, I’ll be up with accessories. Hope you liked all of them. Thanks for reading the post. Feel free to comment below. Also, if you have done similar posts before or willing to do one, please link them below in the comment box. I would love to add your links to my posts.
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Do you ever secretly wish to go back to your school or college days, to revisit your classrooms and to relive the most unforgettable moment with your friends? Well, I do.  We all have a child within us. We might be busy in work or other stressful issues, but we all want to relive our childhood once. So, I am going to celebrate my school days with posting some back to school hair-styles, make-up, outfit ideas, tips and much more throughout this month. I’ll start from tomorrow and will hopefully pursue this till the end of this month. Hope you enjoy the series of posts. I hope I would let you find your childhood again.

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