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Tribal Jewellery at Abof

Do you know about the collection of Tribal Tales at Abof? Abof  is all about fashion. Here you not only get the trendiest and best in apparel, footwear and accessories, you also get to know the latest in fashion through their fashion articles and news.
Tribal Tales at abof has a tribal bend to the new age fashion. Here the stylist plays with prints and tribal motifs.  The patterns are richly woven. One thing that will draw your attention is the tribal jewellery collection. Heavy looking jewellery with tribal finish would give you a different look altogether.

Tribal Jewellery in India

India has a huge tribal population with around 645 different tribes still living in India. One thing that you cannot miss about the tribal attire is their filling heavy jewellery. The jewellery is ethnic, attractive and has a distinct rustic charm of their own. It is usually made up natural materials like bone, wood, clay, beads, stones, shells and crude metal. The unrefined and distinguishable size of the jewellery makes it so unique. They sometimes also have unique stones, like turquoise, studded on it.  Jewellery is worn as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, nose rings, pendants, anklets, belts, tassels, headpieces and hair jewelry

What makes it look like a Tribal Jewellery

So what makes it look like tribal?

1.  The sheer size

What attracts one’s attention to a tribal costume is its superimposing jewelry. It is exquisite and a charm of its own. The jewelry covers the head, the forehead, neck, chest, arms, legs toes.

2.  The rugged design

The designs are rugged and one can easily make out that they are made out of hand. The unsymmetrical and intense look of the jewellery can be felt from a distance. It is usually made out of crude silver but white metal, an alloy of low content silver with nickel and zinc is also used.

3.  The weight

Some traditional Indian tribes wear up to 11/2 kilogram of jewellery. Earrings hanging from stretched earlobes are a common site. The ornament plays a role to exhibit the wealth of the tribe. It is also meant for protection and health.

 4.  Materials used

The ornaments that people wore were from natural materials. They used wood, feathers, clay, bones, beads, stones, shells to adorn. These materials were strung together and they complemented each other to give a distinctive look.
Go Tribal: Abof's Exclusive Collection of Tribal Jewellery| cherryontopblog.com

Tribal Jewellery at Abof

Abof has started with its tribal designed jewellery collection. It has brought broad necklaces at very affordable prices. These can be easily worn with tops, kurtas and even traditional and ethnic wear. They have multicolor stone studded on it. It has detailed beading with white, yellowish and gunmetal tones. The jewellery is adorned with tassels, beads, feathers and threads. Transparent faceted droplets are something you would not miss. These jewellery have adjustable lobster clasp with helps you to easily adjust the length you want to suit with your attire.

The maintenance of the jewellery is easy. Wipe with a clean cotton swab when needed. Complement it with your apparel. You can get clothes of your choice at Abof too. Visit Couponrani to get those unique discounts and coupon codes from major Trendin and Abof.

Go Tribal: Abof's Exclusive Collection of Tribal Jewellery| cherryontopblog.com
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