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Hi, guys! I know it’s been a long time since I posted an OOTD. As spring is here and it is slowly transitioning into summer, I thought of doing an outfit post that would be appropriate for this time of the year. In this post, I have tried to show you an outfit that is very casual, wearable and apt for both day and night time. I know the blazer is looking a tad bit weird because Indian spring is not even close to pleasant nowadays, but I wanted to incorporate it just to make it perfect for you if you have to attend a special event. You may or may not include this, but in this post, this blazer is the star element.

Like all my outfits, this one is very wearable. This is for those who love to dress up effortlessly and want to feel comfortable throughout the day. Basically, I wanted to show you what I would choose to wear for a special event. The pieces I have shown can easily be found in your wardrobe.

Song of Spring | Outfit Ideas for Spring | Cherry On Top

Song of Spring | Outfit Ideas for Spring | Cherry On Top

Song of Spring | Outfit Ideas for Spring | Cherry On Top

Song of Spring | Outfit Ideas for Spring | Cherry On Top

~Outfit Details~

Top- Clovia
Blazer- All About You by Deepika Padukone, a Myntra exclusive.
Jeans- Lee Cooper
Shoes- Styletag

What is your idea of Spring fashion?

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Disclaimer: The blazer was sent by the brand for me to try out and share my styling ideas with you.

Hi, guys! Happy Tuesday to all of you. This is going to be the first OOTD of 2017 and I am really excited about it. I have not done an outfit post in a long time so, I think it would be exciting to you too! Today’s post is in association with Indian Bow Tie Company which is a brand that makes the quirkiest bow-ties from different fabrics and they are extremely stylish.

Let’s start this post by writing a little bit about the brand, Indian Bow Tie Company. As their website says, “Indian Bow Tie Company is an exclusive brand based out of Jodhpur, India. We offer you a wide range of hand-made bow ties. We’re a bunch of people just trying to provide a solution to anyone looking for the perfect bow tie for any occasion.” All their bow-ties are handmade and exclusively designed. You get a vast range of products to choose from. These bow-ties are made of different materials like cotton, satin and wood. Their products are so versatile that you can pull them off for any occasion from casual to formal and add some edge to your outfit. You can also customise your bow-ties as per your own taste. Check out their website to find a few for yourself!

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

In this post, I am going to show you how I styled my bow-tie that I got from the Indian Bow Tie Company. First of all, let me tell you a little bit about this bow-tie. So, this bow-tie is from their new collection which is the 2016 collection. I really love the snakeskin pattern on this. This particular design had been everywhere throughout 2016- from shoes to purses to dresses. I feel this design gives a very edgy and classy look to the entire outfit. This snakeskin bow-tie is made of pure cotton fabric and has buttons on the two sides as closure.

Now, to my outfit. I wore this full-sleeved oversized sweater and paired it up with a pair of slightly faded blue jeans. I really loved the colour of the sweater. I had worn too much black for the past two winters so I thought of bringing back some lively colours to my life (read closet). I love baggy, oversized sweaters. They are the comfiest thing in the world. This particular sweater has thickly knitted and keeps you warm and cosy.

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

The jeans have a great fit. They are not too tight or too lose. They are just perfect for me.

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

The shoes I am wearing are just regular sneakers that have some glittery effect to them. These are the shoes that I literally lived in since I got them.

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

The best thing about the Indian Bow Tie Company bow-ties is that they can be used in so many different ways. You can wear this with a basic shirt or a shirt dress to give it an oomph or you can wear it as a choker. It’s totally up to you. We have always seen a bow-tie as a formal accessory, mostly related to men’s fashion, but that’s not the story. There are so many ways women can flaunt a bow-tie, that too with style and class.

~Outfit Details~

Sweater- Shuffle (Jabong)
Jeans- Lee Cooper (Brand Factory)
Shoes- Amazon
Bow-tie- Indian Bow Tie Company

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Summer is here and we all are polishing up our summer fashion to beat the heat and look fashionable at the same time. I am no exception. When it comes to choosing clothes for summer, I become very picky. Not all colours, cuts, and fits fascinate me. I like light-weight, breathable materials, soft, pastel colours and of course unique designs. Jabong has stocked up some extremely exciting items in their summer-store that cannot get unnoticed. I chose a printed blue dress from Lara Karen’s Spring Summer 2016 collection available exclusively on Jabong.

Today, I thought of sharing an outfit idea with you that you can wear on a regular basis- for brunches, shopping dates, movies, college and even for work. I tried to keep it simple and fashionable at the same time. Let’s jump into the pictures-

The Summer Story- OOTD Ft. Lara Karen's SS16 Collection at Jabong| cherryontopblog.com

The dress by Lara Karen is made out of a very light-weight cotton fabric (however, I don’t think it’s pure cotton) which is really comfortable. It has the perfect length, just like how I like a daily-wear dress to be. The hemline is perfect for me, it makes the dress breezy and flowy. It has a mandarin collar which might be a little uncomfortable for summers but I like it because it gives a really formal, chic look. This dress has front buttons which I really like as I feel it is easier for me. Also, it has a small chain on the side. There is a cinch at the waistline to enhance the body shape which is great. This dress has short sleeves that go well with the entire look.

The Summer Story- OOTD Ft. Lara Karen's SS16 Collection at Jabong| cherryontopblog.com

The bag I have paired up with this outfit is by a brand called Kiara and it is available on Limeroad. This bag is huge so you can carry your world with you. It is a perfect structured satchel which is great for work or college. The pastel baby pink colour makes it really chic and does not limit the usage. You can even carry it to the movies. Although you can use it formally but it does not look completely formal. I hope I made some sense. This bag has two adjustable straps making it easier for you to carry. The only thing bothers me about this bag is its weight. This bag is a bit on the heavier side.

The white sandals I wore are from Styletag. I got these last winter when they were on sale. These sandals are the comfiest thing ever! They fit perfectly, did not hurt and I did not get any blister which is usual for me whenever I wear a new pair of shoes. I thought white shoes would complement the outfit well and make it more summery as well.

The Summer Story- OOTD Ft. Lara Karen's SS16 Collection at Jabong | cherryontopblog.com

I did not accessorize the outfit much only because I do not like over accessorizing my outfits in summer. I wore a watch which I bought from a thrift store. Not a branded one but it definitely goes well with my outfit. What do you think? The pair of round sunglasses I wore is from Lenskart.

The Summer Story- OOTD Ft. Lara Karen's SS16 Collection at Jabong | cherryontopblog.com


Dress- Lara Karen, Jabong. (Buy here)

Bag- Kiara, Limeroad

Shoes- Styletag

Sunglasses- Lenskart

The Summer Story- OOTD Ft. Lara Karen's SS16 Collection at Jabong | cherryontopblog.com

Here are a few more picks from Lara Karen’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection that I really liked. You can find them on Jabong.

That’s the detailed outfit idea for this summer. Hope you liked it. Do share your thoughts on this post in the comments.

*Special thanks to my sister who clicked these photos for me without paying any heed to the blazing sun above her head.


Disclaimer: This dress was sent to me by Jabong in return for my honest review.
Embracing Winter| OOTD| Indian Fashion Blog| Sammydress.com| Cherry On Top Blog

Hello people, hope you are doing well! Finally it has started getting chilly outside and I feel it’s the time to transition into Winter or late Fall. The weather is a bit confusing- the days are hot and it gets colder after dark. It might not be the same throughout India, especially if you are living in a Metro city but in my area it is already winter. You have to keep something warm to get yourself wrapped into if you are travelling. It becomes very irritating for me to dress up like half-summer and half-winter!
Keeping the weather in mind, I teamed up a summer dress with a warm, cozy shrug to make the outfit more wearable for late fall or early winter. The royal blue dress is from Sammydress.com which I showed you in my recent haul. The material of the dress is very soft and comfy. I love how it emphasizes my body shape. Despite being a soft material it does not cling to my body which is a great thing!It has a pull string on the waist area. I feel it has the perfect length for my liking, not much above the knees nor below it. I feel this length makes me look taller. I am in love with this dress. I can totally see myself pairing this dress up with some jacket during the winter.

I chose a pair of black ballerinas to give the whole outfit a very casual look. The gold detailing on the flats are my favourite. I love how it makes the mundane black ballerinas something special. My sling bag has the same thing. It is black with beautiful gold detailing.

Embracing Winter| OOTD| Indian Fashion Blog| Sammydress.com| Cherry On Top Blog
Embracing Winter| OOTD| Indian Fashion Blog| Sammydress.com| Cherry On Top Blog
Embracing Winter| OOTD| Indian Fashion Blog| Sammydress.com| Cherry On Top Blog
~Outfit Details~
Dress- Sammydress
Shrug- Sammydress
Ballerinas- Limeroad
Sling Bag- Caprese 
Neckpiece- Wild child Shoppe
I hope you like this OOTD. I loved sharing it with you guys. Let me know in the comments how are you welcoming winter. I will be back with a new post soon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling! 

Ethnic and Off-beat| OOTD| Fashion| Cherry On Top Blog

Hello all, how are you doing? I can’t believe September is about to bid goodbye and October is not too far away. I can’t suppress my excitement as Durga Puja starts on October 19th!! Gosh, one more year passed! Anyways, today’s post is going to be an OOTD post. A few weeks ago, we spontaneously planned for a day-out with our friends. This was an impromptu OOTD so excuse me for the quality of photos. I brought the usual point and shoot camera with me. The background and lighting aren’t as good as they should have been as the trip was not meant for photography. Anyhoo, I succeeded in choosing some good quality pictures for this post as I eagerly wanted to share the outfit with you guys. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the post.

You guys might know that I am not an ‘ethnics’ person. I feel extremely comfortable in my jeans or chinos and oversized blouses. I rarely choose to wear ethnic outfits only if there is any traditional function or wedding. This is the reason I merely have 4-5 traditional outfits. If I ever choose to wear an ethnic attire, I make sure that it is not heavy, bland and most importantly conventional. 

Ethnic and Off-beat| OOTD| Fashion| Cherry On Top Blog
Ethnic and Off-beat| OOTD| Fashion| Cherry On Top Blog
Ethnic and Off-beat| OOTD| Fashion| Cherry On Top Blog

The Kurti that I am wearing is my favourite at this moment because it is very  lightweight, it has 3/4 sleeves and it has a high-low cut which is just what I need in my ethnics- cool, classy, casual! The material is Poly Crepe which is not breathable yet comfortable. 

I wore these white and gold sandals which I think complemented the ‘ethnic-ness‘ of the outfit. 

I didn’t accessorized much as it was very hot and humid and of course I had no plans of clicking for the blog. I wore a pair of beautiful golden earrings from Gotta Go Gorgeous.

Ethnic and Off-beat| OOTD| Fashion| Cherry On Top Blog

My sling bag is from Caprese. I love the faux leather material. The black and gold combo gives it a oomph. I love slings bags so much and this one is my current favourite!

Ethnic and Off-beat| OOTD| Fashion| Cherry On Top Blog

~Outfit Details~
Kurti- Flipkart
Leggings- Local store
Sandals- Cleo by Khadim’s 
Sling Bag- Caprese 

That’s all about this post. Hope you like my outfit. Please let me know in the comments. I will come back with a new post soon. Till then, be happy & keep smiling!

Disclaimer: Not sponsored.
Hi guys, I hope you all are doing great. Today, first time in the history of my blog ,Cherry On Top, there will be a OOTD post. I am really very excited to present my first ever OOTD to you guys. I always wanted to do a fashion related post, especially an OOTD but I never could summon up the courage to do so. No, as it is finally happening, I am very, very thrilled. I hope you like it.
If you are following me on Instagram, you would know that I had posted a picture of a box full of Crochita accessories.

Follow me at instagram.com/saayantinee

Today, in this OOTD, I have used two things from that lot- a golden metal choker necklace and a metal headband. I really love them a lot for they are golden and they can jazz up an outfit, especially a monochrome one immediately.

Black and Gold is the match made in heaven. They complement each other like no other duos do. The combination of black and gold is timeless, eternal. Black is one of my favourite colours and gold (read golden metal) is my current obsession. This post is the upshot of that.

I went for a very minimal makeup- just the Lakme CC Cream, a touch of compact and a hint of red lipstick (Maybelline Bold Matte MAT5) just to focus on the stunning necklace. Yes, now that the post is up, I realize I could have smiled more 😛

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

~Outfit Details~
Dress: By Vvougish from FashionandYou.com
Heels: Sreeleathers, Kolkata
Choker necklace & Headband:Crochita

Photography: Amit Mondal (My beau  
About Crochita: Crochita is accessory brand based in Kolkata. They expertise in statement accessories. From statement sunnies to crochet bow clips, they have everything a woman desires. The cutest hair-ties, boldest jewelry and fashionable head-chains, they make everything to make you stand alone among the crowd. You can buy their product from their Facebook Page where they have a huge range of different products to choose from. Click here to navigate.

I am really excited to show you the other two cuties I received from them in my next OOTD post which will be up in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for that because if you don’t, you’ll really misss out something. Till then stay safe and keep smiling. 

P.S.:  Accessories sent by the brand. 

 photo CDC9FF6FF5EC04AD8EE1C7D59049EBD7_zpsec8626b0.png

Travel is the salt of life. It’s that adventure that adds flavor to our routine. It creates the story that we’ll share years down the line. And what’s a story without a dash of style? Whether you’re jetting off to a beautiful beach or exploring historic cities, what you wear can make a big impact.

So, let’s explore some cool outfit ideas that will make you look awesome on your trip.

Sun, Sand, and Style

 Imagine walking on the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, with the gentle sea breeze gently playing with your hair. For such dreamy destinations, a dress to wear in Goa is your perfect companion. They are lightweight, breezy, and effortlessly chic, capturing the essence of Goa’s relaxed beach vibe.

You can choose Maxi dresses, sundresses, kaftan dresses, and many others. These dresses are not just clothes; they’re your passport to this attractive paradise’s laid-back, beachy vibe. Pair them with sandals and a wide-brim hat, and you’re ready to soak in the sun in style.

Coord Sets

Coord sets are super comfortable and must-add outfit pieces from the travel wardrobe. They offer the illusion of a jumpsuit or dress with the versatility of separate pieces.

Also, you can mix and match them with other items in your suitcase, creating multiple outfits with just a few pieces. Plus, coord sets make getting ready a no-brainer—they’re matched for you!

The Versatile One-Piece Dress

For those city explorations or casual outings, a one piece dress can be your go-to option. Why? Because it’s the essence of “throw on and go.” A one-piece dress is a versatile choice that can be dressed up with heels and accessories for a night out.

Pair it with comfortable sneakers for a day of exploring to make it classy. Plus, it saves you the hassle of matching tops and bottoms, making packing a breeze.

The Statement Top

A statement top is a must-have in your travel wardrobe. It can transform your look instantly, adding a pop of color or a touch of elegance to basic bottoms. You can simply pair it with jeans, shorts, or skirts. A statement top can adapt to any setting, from urban adventures to dinner by the beach.

Comfortable Yet Chic Bottoms

Never underestimate the power of comfortable bottoms. Be it a pair of wide-leg pants, a flowy skirt, or even stylish shorts,. The right bottoms can provide both comforts for long walks and chicness for your travel OOTDs (outfit of the day). Choose breathable fabrics and relaxed fits to keep you moving freely.

Layer Up: Jackets and Scarves

Layers are super important, especially in unpredictable weather. A lightweight jacket or a stylish scarf can add a layer of warmth when needed. Also, it can elevate your outfit. Plus, they can easily be removed and carried around when the sun graces you with its presence.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Show off some skin with off-shoulder dresses that are perfect for a beachy vibe. Pair them with statement earrings and a floppy hat for a chic look. Off-shoulder dresses make you stand out at the beach, whether you’re sipping cocktails or taking a walk by the coastline.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can make or break an outfit. When traveling, opt for functional yet fashionable accessories. A stylish hat protects you from the UV rays. It also adds a cool element to your look. Similarly, a compact yet trendy backpack can carry all your essentials while keeping your hands free to take photos.

The Essential Checklist

Before we start a fashion journey, remember that the best travel outfit is the one that combines comfort with style. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Light fabrics: Comfort is very important, so always choose fabrics that breathe and move with you. Choose fabrics that breathe and move with you.
  2. Versatility: Opt for pieces that can be mixed and matched. So that you do not need to carry multiple outfits, you can just mix and create a new look with limited options.
  3. Local Flavor: Consider the culture and climate of your destination. Always choose your outfits according to your traveling destinations. This will help you create a look that matches their culture.

The Final Thoughts

Traveling in style is about finding the perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and fashion. By choosing the right outfits, you can ensure you look and feel great on your next adventure. Remember, the best travel outfit is one that reflects your personal style and adapts to your adventures, making every journey an unforgettable one. So, pack your bags, put on your most stylish outfit, and get ready to explore the world in elegance and class.

Hi, lovelies! Hope you are enjoying these rainy weather. If you are taking some time out from your busy schedule to read my post then I am sending warm hugs and hot chocolates on your way! Today, I am going to talk about an international online shopping portal called Dresslink.com that stocks a huge variety of modern women clothes and accessories that too with very affordable price tags. I am sure you would want to know more about it.

DressLink.com is very popular among women who love shopping internationally within a very limited budget. They have an array of clothes, bags, shoes, beauty accessories like makeup brushes and a lot of other ‘womanly’ stuff. The sell the most stylish formal or casual clothes, considering the ongoing trend. Thus, it is very popular among the fashion lovers. They have a great range of products across categories. Their jumpsuits and dresses are totally must-haves for your wardrobe.

Order, Dispatch and Delivery

Ordering from DressLink was really easy, just fill up your cart with your desired products and click checkout. So far as the payment options are concerned, they have options like Credit Cards, Paypal and Western Union money transfer. They ship internationally across various countries. The dispatch for my order was really quick and so was the delivery. I placed my order on May 28, it was dispatched on May 31 and I received my package on June 11. The delivery was made by Aramex and it was quite smooth. Other shipping companies that they have are FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS and China Post.

Shipping Cost and Customs

Their products are priced at a very inexpensive rate but it isn’t the same with the shipping cost. The shipping charges may comparatively seem to be a bomb. They have a ‘free shipping’ option also. Check out this page for the same. For my order, I did not have to pay any customs.

Quality of DressLink Items

When you are planning to buy from a site that sells extremely inexpensive clothes or accessories, you certainly are sceptical about the quality. What is most common with these type of sites is the poor quality of the material used for the clothes, sizing issues and complete difference from what is displayed as a reference image. Most of the time people get a wrong sized item or cheap quality material. But with DressLink, I did not find the same. The items I bought came exactly same as it was displayed in the reference image and the sizes were true to the size chart. I am really impressed with the quality of the products.

Here is what I bought-

My DressLink Experience and Haul| cherryontopblog.com

  1. Sleeveless Elastic Waist Trouser Jumpsuit Overalls (USD 3.56)

  2. Half Sleeve Back Zipper Office Pencil Dress (USD 3.79)

  3. Slim Leggings Stretch Pants Thick Footless Tight (USD 1.91)

As you can see, these are very reasonable priced. You can get a few items even within a budget of $10! They have always some huge discounts going on on a number of items. Also, they have a ‘flash buy’ category where you can buy any item for only $0.01 which is insane!

 Have you guys shopped from DressLink.com?

What was your experience? Share them with me in the comments. I will post an OOTD soon using items from my haul. Till then, be safe

Hello all, how have you been? Today, I am going to post about the other two cute things I got from Crochita. I could not post it in my last post where I introduced the brand to you. Nevertheless, I am going to show you the cuties now. Check out-

The Crochita box was filled with four amazing items. Where two are extremely gorgeous, the other two are outstandingly cute.

Bow Hair Accessories (Ft. Crochita) 

This bow clip, as you can see is definitely cute and funky. It can add a special touch to your attire. It can surely be rocked in a party and will definitely make you noticeable in the crowd. The material, I think is some sort of net with some sequins added to create the oomph.

Bow Hair Accessories (Ft. Crochita) 

Next is this hair comb. Material is, I believe, chiffon. It is actually two separate piece of cloths, attached surely. The shape of the comb is perfect to fit on head and stays in place. You can add it to your loose bun or messy updo. 

Source: facebook.com/crochita.india

Source: facebook.com/crochita.india

Crochita offers you the best things in a good price range. They also customize goodies for you. I liked a bow design but it was a hair-tie and I wanted to get a bow clip. What they did is just customized it and gave me a clip of the same design. You just have to make a wish and it will be fulfilled. 
I have talked about more about Crochita in my previous introductory post. In case you missed it, here it is- My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita). You can buy from their Facebook Store and choose from a rich stock of statement accessories, funky sunglasses and colourful hair accessories. 
This is for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed the post. Pour in your views in the comment section. Two more posts coming up tomorrow, so, stay tuned for that. Till then stay safe and keep smiling!

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