There is no one who wants to go replacing their wedding bands every few years because they got some low-quality ones. There are just so many options for wedding bands nowadays based on the metals they are crafted from. Gold is the most popular choice thanks to the fact that it has been used since the Biblical times. Gold must have been in plenty during this time. This is probably because the people were few and so it was easy to get gold. However, today with a population of seven billion people the world does not have enough gold to make wedding bands for every soul that exists on this planet.

For that reason, people are turning to tungsten carbide. Yes, tungsten is being used to make wedding rings. This is one of those metals that people do not talk much about because they do not even know that they use them in their homes. Filament bulbs, for instance, use a tungsten bulb for them to work. Now it is being used to make wedding bands as well. Actually tungsten wedding rings are not new to the market. They have been around for a very long time. It is only thanks to Hollywood that they have become popular. They are a fantastic option, especially for men.

Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men|

Long lasting bands

To be more specific the material that is used to make these wedding bands is tungsten carbide. This is one of the hardest materials known to man. Actually, it is the hardest material second only to diamond. Polished tungsten wedding bands are sure set to last for a very long time on top of looking very stunning. The polishing gives them that shiny silvery look. Some are black rings but extremely shiny. Tungsten carbide once polished does not lose its sheen. It will remain like that for an eternity.

Men are constantly engaging in some tough tasks like fixing their cars, cleaning the roof and other manual jobs. You do not want to remove your ring lest you lose it- that will not look so nice on your forever-and-always record. Therefore, you need to get a ring that will allow you to do your work comfortably without having to remove it or risk it getting damaged. This is where the tungsten wedding rings come into the equation. They are perfect for men thanks to their scratch-proof nature. Moreover, they exude this manly character making them ideal for men.

Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men| Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men|

Here is the most interesting thing about tungsten wedding bands; they can match with just about anything. It does not matter whether your skin colour is white, yellow or black these rings are fine on anybody. Gold rings, on the other hand, tend to look misplaced on some people’s fingers. A tungsten wedding band will work for everybody and every kind of fashion style. In fact, it enhances the other jewellery pieces you might be wearing. This is truly a wedding band that will work perfectly for your tastes and preferences.

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Sujain Thomas has been blogging about tungsten wedding bands for a while now. These rings have gotten everybody fascinated. They are the ideal wedding bands for all who are looking for unique, strong and affordable rings. To find out more about tungsten carbide, visit her blog today.

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Hello all, how have you been? Today, I am going to post about the other two cute things I got from Crochita. I could not post it in my last post where I introduced the brand to you. Nevertheless, I am going to show you the cuties now. Check out-

The Crochita box was filled with four amazing items. Where two are extremely gorgeous, the other two are outstandingly cute.

Bow Hair Accessories (Ft. Crochita) 

This bow clip, as you can see is definitely cute and funky. It can add a special touch to your attire. It can surely be rocked in a party and will definitely make you noticeable in the crowd. The material, I think is some sort of net with some sequins added to create the oomph.

Bow Hair Accessories (Ft. Crochita) 

Next is this hair comb. Material is, I believe, chiffon. It is actually two separate piece of cloths, attached surely. The shape of the comb is perfect to fit on head and stays in place. You can add it to your loose bun or messy updo. 



Crochita offers you the best things in a good price range. They also customize goodies for you. I liked a bow design but it was a hair-tie and I wanted to get a bow clip. What they did is just customized it and gave me a clip of the same design. You just have to make a wish and it will be fulfilled. 
I have talked about more about Crochita in my previous introductory post. In case you missed it, here it is- My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita). You can buy from their Facebook Store and choose from a rich stock of statement accessories, funky sunglasses and colourful hair accessories. 
This is for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed the post. Pour in your views in the comment section. Two more posts coming up tomorrow, so, stay tuned for that. Till then stay safe and keep smiling!

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Hi guys, I hope you all are doing great. Today, first time in the history of my blog ,Cherry On Top, there will be a OOTD post. I am really very excited to present my first ever OOTD to you guys. I always wanted to do a fashion related post, especially an OOTD but I never could summon up the courage to do so. No, as it is finally happening, I am very, very thrilled. I hope you like it.
If you are following me on Instagram, you would know that I had posted a picture of a box full of Crochita accessories.

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Today, in this OOTD, I have used two things from that lot- a golden metal choker necklace and a metal headband. I really love them a lot for they are golden and they can jazz up an outfit, especially a monochrome one immediately.

Black and Gold is the match made in heaven. They complement each other like no other duos do. The combination of black and gold is timeless, eternal. Black is one of my favourite colours and gold (read golden metal) is my current obsession. This post is the upshot of that.

I went for a very minimal makeup- just the Lakme CC Cream, a touch of compact and a hint of red lipstick (Maybelline Bold Matte MAT5) just to focus on the stunning necklace. Yes, now that the post is up, I realize I could have smiled more 😛

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

My First OOTD Post| Black & Enchanted (Ft. Crochita)

~Outfit Details~
Dress: By Vvougish from
Heels: Sreeleathers, Kolkata
Choker necklace & Headband:Crochita

Photography: Amit Mondal (My beau  
About Crochita: Crochita is accessory brand based in Kolkata. They expertise in statement accessories. From statement sunnies to crochet bow clips, they have everything a woman desires. The cutest hair-ties, boldest jewelry and fashionable head-chains, they make everything to make you stand alone among the crowd. You can buy their product from their Facebook Page where they have a huge range of different products to choose from. Click here to navigate.

I am really excited to show you the other two cuties I received from them in my next OOTD post which will be up in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for that because if you don’t, you’ll really misss out something. Till then stay safe and keep smiling. 

P.S.:  Accessories sent by the brand. 

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 Hello again dearies. First of all, forgive me as I was unable to post on yesterday as I promised you due to some personal reasons. But, it’s never late what it comes to fashion. Today I am going to share with you my choice of accessories for school/college days. Let’s start with Scarves.

Scarves– This can be a style statement for you. A regular outfit can be jazzed up with a scarf.
  1. ASOS Geeky Cat Print Scarf (Shop)
  2. Forever 21 Polka Dot Scarf (Shop)
  3. Forever 21 Rose Garden Scarf (Shop)
  4. Forever 21 Striped Metallic Infinity Scarf (Shop)

Stockings/Tights/Socks– These can be worn to enhance your girly go-to look. Here are my picks.
  1. Basically Amazing Socks in Poppy (Shop)
  2. Grab a Bite Socks [Top left] (Shop)
  3. Clouding Around Socks [Top right] (Shop)
  4. Landlord of the Dance Slipper Socks [Bottom left] (Shop)
  5. Tread Delightfully Socks [Bottom right] (Shop)

Hair Accessories– Now, let’s add some spark to the hair. Let the cuteness be revealed.
  1. Classic Bow Headwrap (Shop)
  2. Faux Pearl Bow Hair Pins (Shop)
  3. Diamond Bow Hair Clips (Shop)
  4. Braided Chain Headband (Shop)
  5. Spiked Faux Suede Headband (Shop)

Hats/Caps– Just to spruce up your persona.
  1. Studded Denim Military Cap (Shop)
  2. ASOS Pearl And Floral Print Cap (Shop)
  3. ASOS Felt Ears Cap (Shop)
  4. Vans Hello Kitty Trucker Cap (Shop)
  5. Barbour Summer Wax Cloche Hat (Shop)

Belts– How could you forget to style your waist line? Check them out.
  1. Cinch You’ve Been Got Belt (Shop)
  2. Pieces Soa Waisted Belt (Shop)
  3. Perforated Heart Belt (Shop)
  4. Sash Samba Belt in Teal (Shop)
  5. Cute Skinny Belt (Shop similar)

Sunglasses– We girls always need something stylish to protect our persuasive eyes. Let’s have a look.
  1. F3647 Clear Wayfarer Sunglasses [Top Left] (Shop)
  2. Made for Beach Other Sunglasses [Bottom Left] (Shop)
  3. F3754 Round Sunglasses [Top right] (Shop)
  4. Chill Haute Sunglasses [Bottom right] (Shop)

So, that’s it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to comment. If you have a suggestion for me, don’t hesitate, just post as a comment. Please do link your posts in the comment box if you have done similar posts or willing to do one. I would love to add your links in my posts. Stay tuned to read more Back to School/College posts coming up soon. Goodbye till next time. Take care!
Next post will be about Back to School/College Jewelry+Watches. 
Disclaimer: All the images are from corresponding websites that I’ve linked down below every picture. I just edited them to make compilations.
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