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For a few weeks I wasn’t feeling good at all. I was stressed and anxious for some reasons, plus, my lower back pain was badly affecting my mood. Then one day, all of a sudden, I discovered an email in my inbox. It was sent by Maithili from The FourFountains Spa inviting me to try their therapies and spend some time at the spa. I was utterly surprised, overwhelmed and excited. It was like a wish come true.
After a long delay, I finally took an appointment for 14th June, Saturday. You might have seen the pictures I shared on Instagram. As it was my first spa session, I was really thrilled about it. I was a little bit nervous about the privacy. I kept asking everyone who had been there about the privacy and each one of them assured me of the same. I was very nervous about getting bare in front of someone totally stranger 😛  
I chose to visit the Saltlake branch because it was convenient for me. They also have a branch at Shakespeare Sarani.  It was a very very hot day and I almost combed the whole BG block to find the spa. I totally forgot the address and at the right moment my internet got conked. At last, after so much of suffering, I found it! I thanked god and entered to an unknown source of spirituality. The whole world behind the glass-door seemed to be transformed into a small space full of serenity and positivity. The reception area was fragrant with an unfamiliar calming aroma and the space resounded with some soothing music.
Sitting Area Decor
Massaging beads on the back-rest

Decor at the Reception

My Experience:
I was cordially greeted and welcomed to the spa by a sweet and chummy receptionist. Half of my anxiety was flushed out after entering the lounge area. The staff was really very friendly and none of my words went unheard. They talk to you softly, listen to each of your words really carefully.

Right after the arrival, I was offered a glass of water and lemon squash. Then an in-house doctor, Dr. Tanushree, conducted a stress test to determine my stress level and according to the result she suggested me a treatment. I was just below the high-stress level. She asked me to choose from the categories of de-stressing treatments. I requested her to recommend me something which will relax my sore muscles as well as remove the tanning from my arms. Keeping my needs in mind, Dr. Tanushree suggested me to go for the Signature Green Tea and Spice Scrubassage. As you can tell from the name, it’s a scrub plus massage treatment which contains all the goodness of clove and green tea. Dr. Tanushree told me the benefits of each of the ingredients very elaborately. 

Then I was escorted to my room which was made ready by the time Dr. Tanushree and I was in a discussion. The name of my masseur was Rina. She was very gentle and whenever I asked something she always replied with a smile. The treatment started with a back massage + scrubbing. Rina made sure that the parts of my body that wasn’t being used at that time remain covered by a disposable sheet of cloth. The factor I was concerned about was totally eradicated from my mind by observing her professionalism. The massage was so soothing and relaxing that I can’t even put it in words. I am afraid I was asleep for a few minutes. Rina kept me asking if I was enjoying the massage and every time I was answering with just a “hmm”. I was that relaxed.  My sore neck was feeling happy. The dark patches on the back of my legs were almost gone and my elbows and knees were lighter and brighter. The treatment ended with a shower. Rina provided me a fresh and clean towel which made me feel I am at home. The freshness and rejuvenation after the therapy is just inexplicable. That made my mood uplifted for the rest of the day and also tiredness couldn’t hit on me easily.
The bed

Wall decor

The massage room

Shower with Body wash and Hair wash

Room decor

Safe to keep all your precious stuff

Room decor

Rina, my masseur 
After the therapy I was offered a cup of refreshing green tea and then I was made to fill a feedback form. I was also presented with large envelope containing two booklets on guide to stress-free living and a prescription booklet that comprised of how to take care of the aches in different body parts, some asanas and diet. 

About The Four Fountains De-stress Spa:

The Four Fountains Spa is India’s largest chain of affordable day spas. Believe me you guys, the therapies are priced between Rs.599 to Rs.1999. That’s just outstanding! Also, they offer great discounts on weekdays. They also have membership options starting from Rs.6000. It gives certain discounts of 10%, 20% or 50% for you and your family which I found a smart scheme.
Those who feel anxious about the privacy issue in a spa like me, be assured about visiting Four Fountains Spa as they only offer same gender therapists, plus they have personal shower comprising of a body wash and a hand wash attached to each room. The light of the room is dimmed when the therapy starts. I myself didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.
The hygiene factor is also ensured by the spa. Before the session, you are told to get changed in fresh disposable basic linen/undergarments. So you don’t need to worry about the clothes were worn by someone else. They are totally disposable. The fabric of the clothes is very natural as you can tell by touching it.

The Four Fountains Spa offers you a great variety of massages and therapies. There are four categories with multiple choices of treatments to choose from. The categories are-
  • Therapies for De-stressing (Reduce Body-aches and pains, Reduce Mental Tension, Reduce Tiredness)
  • Therapies for De-toxification
  • Therapies for Beauty (Make your skin glow, Reverse signs of ageing) 
  • Therapies for Immunity

They have a very useful website to guide you through everything including the addresses, prices, spa menu and booking appointments yourself. 
A few things I’d like them to improve-
  •  I wish the rooms were lit with candles or any dim lamp at the time of the massage. After the lights were put out, the only light that lit my room was the one that was coming from the bathroom. I didn’t like it at all. I hope they think about it in the future. 
  • One more thing that disappointed me was, my room was unnaturally calm, there were no music at all. Only thing I could hear was the continuous sounds at the reception. I think it would have been better if the rooms were soundproof or there was a music like it was there at the reception. 
This is what I got

Overall, I loved each and everything there. From the decorations to the behavior of the staff everything made me feel special. The way they deal with customers is singularly impressive. The decor of the spa is very tastefully done. The wallpapers, the sitting area, there was nothing that was overlooked. Everything was meticulously done for the comfort of the customers. I had a great time there. I wish to visit The Four Fountains Spa soon again. I highly recommend you all to visit The Four Fountains Spa once and I bet you will be as happy and rejuvenated as I am now.

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