I am not blessed with good hair. Congratulations to those who are. Every time I leave my hair open and step outside, it starts to behave in a weird way. I generally travel by public transport(local trains, most of the time) and love the window-seats. No matter how well you’ve applied your hair-spray you can’t avoid hitting by a continuous wave of wild wind and finally turning into a mass of hey or a scarecrow. Whenever I decide to let my hair open I end up changing my mind because it is either too hot outside or I start to feel uncomfortable (I am a bun and ponytail person, guys!). 

Packing my bag for a day, I always forget to pack hair-ties or clips which leads to an absolute mayhem and I come home with a knotty and messy hair. I have recently come across an article on Rewardme, which I felt is wrote for me and lots of others who face the same problem. This article shows five products that can be proved essential if you have a bad hair day. These five things are-

1. Bobby Pins- Bobby pins need no introduction. We all know how victorious is the moment when we find a bobby pin in our purse to grab a rebellious lock of hair. You hair is all over the place or your bun becoming way too messy, don’t worry you have got a saviour, a bobby pin! The article also teaches you the right way to put a bobby pin. 

Source- Ebay

2. Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoos come in handy if you have a oily scalp like mine. My hair starts to get oily from the second day. As soon as it seems oily it seems thin and unhealthy. All you have to do is to keep a travel-sized dry shampoo in you purse, spray it whenever you need it and it will make your hair look fresher and healthier instantly. 

Source- okwow

3. Hairspray: Just as I mentioned earlier, hairsprays (for me, a strong hold is must) are must-have if you have terribly unruly hair like mine. 

Source- dazzlebeautystore

4. Mini-toothbrush: Now, I was completely unaware of this thing. Thanks you Rewardme for this tip! A tooth-brush has manifold usages. You can spray some hairspray onto the brush and use it to tame your baby hairs along the hairline or the frisky flyaways.


5. Clear Ponytail Holders: This one is my favourite among all as I love to do it myself every time I feel uncomfortable with the open hair. It is the easiest way to manage your unruly hair yet look fashionably attractive. Just tie up your hair in a ponytail using clear ponytail holders. 

Source- Etsy

That’s all for this article. I found it really helpful because most of us have to (almost) fight to make our hair look perfect for the day. Somedays your hair behaves well and somedays it is unruly as hell. I hope you guys found the article helpful too. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments. 

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Hey all!

I am here again to present to you the videos I made while using the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker. Also, here is an unboxing video for you too. This will help you to understand the functions better. I have also showed you a recipe of Cold Coffee my style! Check that out and let me know whether you liked it or not.

Easy-Peasy Cold Coffee Recipe

Ingredients: Instant coffee, sugar, water, milk, ice-cubes
Method: Make your espresso first. If you are using a coffee-maker or any espresso-maker then there is no hassle but if not then simply mix your instant coffee with hot water to make the espresso manually. Then add some sugar (as per your taste. I like my cold coffee less sweetened), cold milk and stir it till sugar gets dissolved into the coffee mixture. Add some ice-cubes to make it really cold. You can add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to it to make it much more exciting! 
I hope this seemed easy for you. Make it at home and let me know how it turned out! 
P.S.- I apologize for the poor editing. I have not edited a video in my lifetime and I have just started trying it. So, please do forgive me. 
Hello all, I am here again with a brand new post. Recently I was selected for a wonderful activity by Blogadda in association with Lakme School of Style and #Fame. I was aware of such a beautiful initiative where ‘the famous bachelor’ and extremely talented film director, Karan Johar is the editor-in-chief but I had not checked out their YouTube channel so far. When I opened their videos list, I was overwhelmed with such array of amazing videos on different topics like beauty, fashion, DIY, social issues and what not! 

Thoroughly going through the list I found a handful of my favourites among which I am going to talk about the two that I liked the most. The first thing (video) that caught my eyes is the this, obviously because of the much debated issue-

This video says the ugly truth, that too from the mouth of common people. When the world is racing against time towards modernity and progress, some people are pointing towards the women accusing them for their being a rape victim. Where some people seem to be present with a broad mind and an intellectual mindset, some just seem to be adamant to get out of the gloomy well. This video shows how even educated people have that ugly mindset and poor excuses to shut up the dirtiness of rape and the detestable deed of raping someone. It is amusing to see even the women of 21st century can think like this!
This video made me so filled with disgust that I had to scroll up and down to find something that would make my mood. And, what else than a beauty video. Being a selfie-addict I couldn’t help but watch this video-
In this video, Lakme School of Style’s beauty vlogger, Sukhneet Wadhwa shows how to do a makeup that is perfect for selfie. This is basically a tutorial where Sukhneet shows us how to do a makeup that is flawless and great for No-Filter selfies. Even if you are not a selfie person, you can definitely check out this makeup tutorial for it is very apt for any occasion. Flawless base, winged eyeliner, pink lips and peach-y cheeks make this a fun makeup look to try on. 
So guys, do not forget to watch these and some more amazing videos on #LakmeSchoolOfStyle YouTube channel and I am sure you too would find some of your favourites there!

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Despite the multiple burdens that a woman has to bear, there is something relieving, something that can take them to their desired destination and achieve their dreams. Sometimes, women need to completely yield to their imaginations. They need to entrust their buried yearnings and embark on a voyage to the unknown destination. Sometimes, women need to erase the label or ‘this’ and ‘that’ and scream- ‘I am NOT ‘this or that!

Women have their toughest time when their future in-laws visit for the first time. Thousands of questions, millions of inquiries and numerous demands- this could be a normal situation for an Indian household. In between multiple rounds of tea and snacks and a ton of queries on the subjects like cooking, education, family values and so on, one lucky person might be asked if she has any hobby. But, the twist is, whatever might your hobby be, from dancing to trekking, everything will be abolished by a simple statement like ‘my son likes his wife to be ‘gharelu‘ (homely, simple). Then starts the customary labeling of Indian women- a woman should be this, a woman should be that! What if someone wants to break the boundaries? What if she wants to create her own label? A girl might not become a doctor but a wildlife photographer, a girl might want to become a restaurateur instead of a teacher, a girl might refuse to become a wife to live her life on her own terms, she might not long for motherhood, she might not take the responsibility of the kitchen, she might travel alone without any male protection, she might do whatever she wants. What is wrong if a girl wants to live her life the way she wants? When the men have got the chance then why not the women?

A man is considered shrewd enough to lead a life suitable for him, he is considered smart enough to take decisions for himself, he is allowed to give his opinions about what kind of a girl he wants to marry, and he is given the power to reject a girl if he feels like. On the contrary, a girl is always considered a burden, a responsibility that should be handed over to someone else as soon as possible, a girl is considered a fragile ‘showpiece’ that always needs to be taken care of by someone, according to the society, a girl always needs a guardian (obviously a man)- for the first 20-22 years of her life she should be guarded by her father, until 60 her husband should play the part and then till death she should be under the authorities of her son (if she is ‘lucky’ enough to give birth to a son!). Women are not meant to be alone, says the patriarchal society where they suggest that the women should not be alone because they could be harmed and ironically the persons abuse a woman are always those ‘men’ who create the rules and regulations for the women.

No one wants to be dominated, but truth is also that if you refuse to be dominated then no one can dominate you. If women, especially in India, stop tolerating the torture, say NO or YES for themselves and do not let anybody take decisions for them then there is a possibility that women can get the freedom that is rightfully theirs. Next time if someone tries to put a chain on you, show the courage and at least warn them that you have the power to break the shackle and walk away. Women have to sweep away their unseen worries. Every woman can live their life without a male support. Forget about what society will say for society will keep saying against you. Remember one thing, you have got your wings inside you- it’s the ‘AND’ that is always attacked. You are not this OR that, you are this AND that. You are everything you want to be. You and only you are the guardian of yourself. So, let the ‘AND’ be your wings and conquer the world. 

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Society loves to label a woman- beautiful, ugly or smart, slut, mother, sister or daughter! Society loves when women are inside their shells. They don’t like when they step out. A woman is expected to be what others think they should be, not what they actually are. They are expected to be a lot of things but that lot of things does not include ‘being themselves’. The box that confines them isn’t expected to be broken, it might be an explosion that would lead the Patriarchy to an end or shatter it completely. They can’t take that risk!
A woman is not judged by what they can or what they want to become, they can only pass the acid test if they are considered a good listener, they should obey the norms. That is what they are supposed to do! But, what if they refuse to be enchained or inveigh against the society? What if they rebuff and say ‘NO’ to all the labels they are given? What if they choose ‘ANDs’ instead of ‘Ors’ and ‘Ifs’?
The society has detained the womankind with the ‘ORs’. A woman can be a mother OR a businesswoman, a decent girl OR an adventure-lover, a teacher OR a fun-lover, beautiful OR smart and so on. What if the women replace all the ORs with ANDs? It’s the time we start doing that. We are not meant to be controlled, nobody can draw a limit for us. We are beyond it, beyond the so called notion of ‘decent lady’ or ‘marriage material’. We are not born to make ourselves perfect and practice the ‘good girl’ image for our future husbands and in-laws. We are born to be ‘us’, a unique individual, distinct from others. We are not meant to carry the tags ‘society’ has put on us, unlike the breads and vegetables in the market. We are alive, we are beings, and we are the origin of anything beautiful. We are mothers, we have the power to nurture a baby within us for months, and thus we have everything that can prove our strength and determination. Then why live within the boundaries of ORs? Not everyone has it but us. So, use your ANDs and stand apart from the conventions. 
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