I Love My Post Big 1 Year Celebration!

                         Organized by: Futures and Life in a Break Down

Grand Prize: Paypal Cash (Value TBC but all sign up fees will go into the pot!) 
                     Even dates: 31st August- 28th September Open WORLDWIDE 
Referral Prize: $25 Paypal Cash 
Bloggers: Sign Up HERE

Hi all, there’s something great for you today!

How many of you like blog hops? I think everyone of you is raising your finger in the air. Like all of you, I love blog hops too. It’s fun, you get to meet several bloggers around the world, share your views, learn from them and make a good connection. Blog hops are very important to newbie bloggers like me! You get to gain exposure for your own blog while networking and meeting other bloggers in the blogosphere.

This year, Sarah from Life in a Breakdown and Bex from Futures are going to host this blogger giveaway. I am super excited to be a part of this.

So, do join this awesome blog hop + giveaway and make new friends.

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