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 Fashion Tip of the Day: You don’t have to be headed to class to rock a backpack.

In fact, style superstars and celebrities are opting for functional and fashionable backpacks instead of either overly bulky or too-small handbags. For every day outings, a chic backpack is the perfect errand partner to keep your belongings safe. Fuss-free and ready for anything the day holds, backpacks are quickly becoming one of the most coveted cool-girl accessories. 

The key to finding the right backpack to fit your style is to ask yourself what vibe you’re aiming for. Are you looking for a posh appearance or a laid-back look? Different days call for different designs, so I went ahead and picked out my top three lusts for the season. 

3 Chic Backpacks for Every Day| Cherry On Top Blog

1. Bohemian 
Nothing says “day off” like a slouchy, patchwork sack. Ripe with the spirit of adventure, donning bright hues and eye-catching design, a boho bag will accompany you on your next day off from work with spirited style. The bohemian look is best suited for sun-soaked days, so leave this bag behind if you’re headed to a meeting. 
3 Chic Backpacks for Every Day| Cherry On Top Blog

2. Leather 

Polished and perfect to wear from the mall to meeting up with friends, a structured leather backpack is just basic enough to match almost any outfit. Whether pleather or the real thing, “little leather backpacks” are sophisticated and chic. When your bag is small in size, it’s unassuming and seamlessly becomes one with your outfit. 

3 Chic Backpacks for Every Day| Cherry On Top Blog
3. Shaped 
The freedom that comes with a hands-free bag makes room for lots of fun. Since you don’t have to worry about toting these bags on your shoulder – or worse, tucked underneath your arm – why not take advantage and find a fun shape for ultra personalization? This backpack looks like a diamond, which I love! 
I found the above three bags while perusing Lyst’s site. And if you thought just one backpack was enough, think again: Their collection is described to have “backpacks to suit all moods and occasions,” so it’s time to start envisioning your hands-free, fashionable future, because there’s never a bad time to wear a backpack.

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