Having been born and raised in a semi joint family, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different things from each and every member of my family. Where my mother taught me the basics of a human life and reading books and writing postcards to my maternal grandparents, my grandmother taught me to be firm in my decisions, to be strong yet sensitive. 
My childhood days were like what every child should get. Learning a new thing everyday- related to life, relationships, sensibility, books and toys. My grandfather was the only one to tell me stories from Panchatantra to his imaginary incidents and popular fairytales. I still can feel how mesmerized I used to be every time the Prince found his Princess in my grandfathers stories. Growing up I understood that those were not merely fancy fairytales but they were life lessons that had been injected into my mind at the very beginning of my life. The stories taught me that I shouldn’t lose hope and give up when there is a war between good and evil, they taught me that there is always a hope however thorny the roads might be, they taught me that the good will always prevail over the evil. The morals of the Panchatantra stories are etched in my mind in a way that I can clearly judge the good and the bad.
Apart from all these, the lessons that helped me in excelling as a human being had been taught by my father- the source of all my strength and creativity. He instilled the passion for creating and composing into my psyche in such a way that it has now become an inseparable part of me. The goals I achieved and the milestones I reached today are only because of him. Well, that was a part of his teachings, now let’s talk about the few others. Like any other fathers, my father is also the pillar of my success and progress. He was the only one to support me every time I needed it. I knew that my father won’t abhor me or stop talking to me if I bring home a poor report card. I knew he would call me, talk to me and want to know the reason behind the result. I think that is the only reason why I never had to keep mum about or hide the weirdest and the most awful things from my parents. I knew that whatever the problem is, it could only be solved if I disclose it before him. My father always has encouraged me and my sister to do whatever we liked, unlike many others who push their children to do anything. My father never forced me to anything, he never told me to come first or second in class, he has always emphasized on becoming a good person and a perfect human being. His teachings, advices and encouragement have made me what I am today. He is surely the one who has created the ‘human’ inside me. 

This post is written for the IndiBlogger Happy Hours ‘My Family My Pride’ campaign in association with HDFC Life.

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