Hello everybody! Hope you are doing all well. Today I am going to review a very effective, actually my favourite foot care product from H₂O+. We all know about this brand for its high quality products and their efficiency. Today I am going to review a foot scrub from H₂O+, named H₂O+ Spa Pumice Foot Scrub. 

In this hectic lifestyle we sometimes forget to pamper our important limbs. We do care for our hands, but close the eyes to the most stressed organ, our feet. Our feet need equal pampering like our hands. 

What the company claims:
  •     This gentle exfoliating scrub massages away calluses and smoothes rough spots.
  •       Menthol instantly soothes tired feet with a cooling sensation.
  •         Fine-grained volcanic pumice softly polishes dry, rough skin.
  •         Deep-sea nori, himalthalia and spirulina replenish vital moisture.

Directions to use:  Massage over wet feet, concentrating on heels and soles. Rinse.

Product Category- Foot Scrub      
Brand- H₂O+
Price- 800 INR for 120g (4.2oz) 

Packaging: This scrub comes in a wide tube with a semi-transparent lid. The tube is also a lit bit see-through. You can see the product reducing with every use inside it. That’s a good thing, I guess. You can see how much is left. The quality of the packaging is worth the price.

The Product: The product is a creamy material with lots of pumice particles. The thickness of the product is very good. It’s neither heavily concentrated nor liquidy. It’s just perfect for a scrubber.  The texture is really good to scour away the dead-cells and other impurities. 

My Experience: H₂O Spa Pumice Foot Scrub is a scrub with loads of sandy pumice dust, as I said earlier. The texture is not too mild and not too harsh on the skin as well. It gently cleanses your feet without irritating your skin. The feet feel so soft and supple after using it. It has a refreshing mild fragrance of menthol that purportedly relaxes the feet. Though, according to me, the smell has nothing to do with relaxation. I personally don’t like menthol. I use it twice a week as my feet need extra care. 

  • Suits all skin types.
  • Fine granules.
  • Not harsh on skin.
  • Makes the feet supple.
  • Smoothens skin.
  • Efficiently removes dead cells and dirt.
  • No-allergenic.

  • High price.
  • I personally hate the menthol smell.
Verdict: If you guys are looking for a very effective foot scrub and are ready to spend 800/- on a foot-scrub, you may try this. I highly recommend it. Other than the high price, I found nothing to really hate it. I got it from where a 50% discount was going on. So, I got this for only 400 bucks. If you guys are interested, wait for a sale. It’s best to buy this on a discount.

My Rating:4/5 (-1 for the price)

Repurchase: Yes, as soon as I find another discount 😛

I hope you liked the review. Feel free to comment. New post will be up next week. Till then be happy, be beautiful.

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