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The alarm clock rings and before you can get accustomed to your surroundings, the voices in your head tell you to hit the snooze button.
For most, mornings can be a dreaded period. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to gather your thoughts before plunging headlong into the chaos that engulfs the outside world. If you manage to clear your mind and mentally prepare yourself for a great day, you’re going to make the most of it.

The Answer: Mindfulness

Most people switch to autopilot mode as soon as they wake up, where your brain instinctively navigates its way through the daily habitual patterns that you’ve established. In short, you’re able to go through your everyday routine without really paying any attention to what you’re doing.
Stray thoughts enter your mind, where they are entertained and nurtured. These musings tend to tire out your neurons, leaving you exhausted. The best way to avoid this, is to begin your day with mindful practices, where you’re focusing on what’s happening in the moment. Starting your day like that keeps you mentally prepared and relaxed for what’s ahead.
It might take a while to actually implement these practices, but try them out if you’re ever in need of a super-charged morning.

Light Meditation

As soon as you wake up, slowly sit up in bed, shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on your breath and let any thoughts that enter your head stay in the background. Don’t try to eliminate them, just continue to focus on your breathing, and eventually, those stray thoughts will stop bothering you.
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Even 5 minutes of meditation in the morning is like a shot of espresso. It’ll awaken your brain so that you can be fully aware of the next step.

Happy Melodies 

Right after your mental trip, slip on your headphones, spend at least 15 minutes listening to a couple of songs that infuse you with pleasant feelings. It’ll put you in a happy mood before you can begin to ponder any of the challenges that you might encounter over the course of your day. That way, you’ll enter a more positive state of mind and be able to enjoy your next activity.

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Brisk Jogging

When you’ve had your fill of music, throw on your running gear and get out of the house. You can jog to a particular location and back, or map out a circuit and do a couple of laps around it. Try to perform this activity for a good 20 minutes, or until you run out of breath. You’ll increase the blood flow to your muscles, charging your limbs with energy.
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Spiritual Stretching

The final activity to wrap up this routine is yoga. All you need to do is find a great yoga guide online, and get started.

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Learn the basics of this spiritual art form, and you can add the posture stretches to your morning routine. Yoga is like a culmination of all the previous activities; it involves focusing on your breath, being mindful, and physical exertion. It’s the best way to end your preparations and tackle the day that lies ahead.
This is just a basic rundown of what you can do in the morning to set the pace for the rest of your day. This entire routine shouldn’t take you longer than an hour, and it’ll leave you reinvigorated.
Remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water when you wake up, so that your body stays energized. Follow these steps, and you’ll never have to fear the sunrise again.
Hope you liked this post. See you next time. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!    
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