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Hello all! I hope you all are doing great because summer has started to fade out and monsoon has come! In Bengal, it’s raining most of the time, sometimes in torrents and sometimes it is drizzling only. Talking about monsoon, I remember that my hair acts extremely bad during monsoon. I have very week roots resulting in severe hair-fall and during monsoons it becomes excessive. Every time I comb my hair I feel like all my hair has come to my hand. It’s not only bad to see, but also it’s very depressing.  But this monsoon, something unusual has happened. Keep reading to know more-

I think it was the month of June, when I received a hair-oil from Lancy (She is the maker and manufacturer of this oil. Lancy has a beautiful blog named Makeup And Beauty Home). I had also posted a picture on Instagram. She wanted me to review it. I usually worry about trying any new skincare of haircare product, for I always think ‘what if it breaks me out noxiously or what if it makes me bald?’ But when I google-searched the MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil, I found a lot of positive reviews about me. I also searched on Lancy’s blog and got to know that this hair oil is absolutely herbal devoid of any chemical substance. Moreover, it was written on the packaging that it is meant to be speed up hair growth and control hair-fall, what more I would have asked for?

Pamper Your Hair with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil| Review
As soon as the product reached me I decided to try it for a month or more before delivering my final thoughts. I have been using it for one and a half months now and I think I am now enough experienced to give my ‘expert opinion’ 😉 During the entire testing period, I used it every alternate night just before going to sleep as I love to apply oils in this way only. I applied it onto my scalp by gently massaging it to the scalp. I wiped the rest of the oil that was on my hands on the top portion of my hair. I then covered my hair with a soft cotton cloth so that I don’t stain my pillow covers. 

Product Category– Hair oil

Brand– MABH Herbals
Price– 400/-

What it Claims: A unique combination of natural herbs and essential oils present in the MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil penetrates deeper into your scalp to provide rich nourishment. It also improves blood circulation, thus resulting in faster hair growth. It also takes care of dandruff, premature graying and rough hair. Our product makes your hair shinier and manageable from the first use itself; it stops hair fall within weeks of regular usage and helps you grow longer beautiful hair!

Pamper Your Hair with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil| Review
Pamper Your Hair with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil| Review
My Experience: I have already said here that I have severe hail-fall problem along with terrible dandruff problem. I am not a person who oils her hair religiously, but this time it has opened my eyes. I can’t tell you how smooth my hair feels after every use. This oil isn’t at all greasy. I have used many herbal oils but they always left my hair with some kind of a tacky feeling, which is irritating. It has a strong fragrance which is quite often found in most of the herbal hair oils. I somewhat don’t like the fragrance. I think it can be disturbing for people who are not fond of strong fragrances like me. The scent fades away with shampooing but a little bit does linger for a little time after one wash. The oil is very light-weight, that’s a good thing for me as I prefer my hair-oils to be very, very light. I feel it didn’t do anything for my dandruff, it is the same as it was before. I won’t say it has arrested the hair-fall, but it has definitely reduced it. Also, it didn’t help in regaining hair, neither did it claim that. So, what is actually did to my hair is- it nourished it from the roots to the tips, my hair became manageable. It eliminated the frizz from the hair making it shiny and smooth. It reduced the hair-fall miraculously. I can’t say if it made the hair grow faster because I have hair that grows really fast naturally. So, I’d skip commenting on this part.
All I Have to Say is– I have been using this hair oil and can vouch on the fact that it does make your hair touchably smooth. So far it has worked great for me- it has made my hair soft and shiny, manageable and has lessened my hair fall to some extent. It is a bit pricey compared to other hair oils available in the market, but I can say that I am loving this hair-oil for more than one reasons and I am sure you won’t regret buying and using it yourselves.
My Rating– 3.8/5

I will be back soon with another new post (you can expect a haul next week). Till then take care and stay beautiful J
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