While packing our bags we always make sure we have packed our wallet, mobile phone, chargers etc but what you often tend to forget is a bottle of hand sanitizer. With the increasing awareness of hygiene, the use of hand sanitizers has increased over the past few years. Everybody is now quite aware of the fact that to be healthy, you need to maintain some basic hygienic practice.

Being Indian, I find it very crucial to clean your hands before you eat your food because almost every Indian prefers to eat with their hands and I am not an exception. Not always you’ll find water around you to clean your hands, especially while travelling. I find it really gross to wash your hands with the water from a bottle through the windows of a bus or train. That is a complete no-no.

Not only for cleaning your hands, hand sanitizers, in general, have a lot of other usages. Here, I have listed all the usual and unusual uses of a hand sanitizer-

  • To clean your hands (the most common use!)
  • To sanitize your makeup palettes and brushes.
  • To disinfect your fingers before applying makeup.
  • To disinfect your makeup closet or desk.
  • To clean your spectacles or sunglasses.
  • To wipe off your fingerprints from different surfaces.
  • To clean spots on your car seat.

>>Did you know all these?

A hand sanitizer is a must in your kids’ school bag. Children are the most prone to catch infections and most of them they get from school. Now, you cannot control your child’s movements but you can make sure that they don’t bring the germs home with them. It’s better to start a healthy habit from childhood. Teach them the importance of hand sanitizers. It’s most likely for them to not understand but still, you can help them grow a habit of cleaning their hands with sanitizers before eating. In this way, you can pass on the baton of healthy living.

Kleanse Pocketbac Advanced Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Cinnamon Muffin Review

Kleanse Pocketbac Advanced Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Cinnamon Muffin Review

Kleanse Pocketbac Advanced Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Cinnamon Muffin Review

There are a plenty of hand sanitizers available in the market but you have to make sure you pick up the right one. Most of us don’t know that a sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol which is considered to be the ideal amount to kill germs. Make sure to check the amount of alcohol present in your sanitizer before buying. Kleanse Pocketbac Advanced Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer contains 65% Ethyl Alcohol which is claimed to kill 99.9% germs. It is a 30ml bottle that is easy to fit in your luggage or your purse. It also comes with a silicon Pikachu holder which is really cute and it helps in attaching the sanitizer to your handbag, backpack or even to your key chains. The design is very attractive to children, they will never wish to lose it.

The formula of this sanitizer is very light, it gets absorbed to your skin very fast leaving them hydrated yet non-greasy. This also has floating Vitamin E granules that take care of your skin. The fragrance of the Cinnamon Muffins variant is a subtle cinnamon fragrance which fades off after a few minutes. It does not smell alcoholic at all. Kleanse Pocketbac Advanced Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer comes in 3 more variants- Red Guava, Vanilla Kiss and Water Melon.

The claims-

1. Easy to kill 99.9% of germs when you’re on-the-go.
2. Attached to your bag pack & purse.
3. It is a rinse-free and a non-sticky solution.
4. Allowed in the aeroplane.
Kleanse Pocketbac Advanced Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer comes for Rs 239/-

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Hi, guys! Today I am going to write about something that I have been wanting to share with you for the past few weeks. Today, I’ll be reviewing a special green tea named 6X Green Tea by the Four Fountains Labs. Four Fountains Labs is founded by Four Fountains De-stress Spa. Remember my first spa session? It was at the Four Fountains De-stress Spa. It’s a pleasure to write about their new venture.

If you follow me on my social media platforms, you might know that I am a huge tea lover! I can’t think about starting my day without a cup of tea. I prefer a cup of hot green tea without sugar. It gives me such a good feeling from within. I feel light the entire day and also it provides me with a lot of energy and some sort of comfort. It makes me feel I am doing something really good for my body.

I never tried any exotic flavours when it came to green tea. I am always comfortable with my regular green tea without any added flavour. But, when I got to know about the 6X Green Tea, I knew I have to try it. Firstly, I have a certain kind of both green tea and Four Fountains De-stress Spa and secondly, this particular green tea is formulated with six times higher antioxidants compared to a regular green tea. 6X Green Tea comes with the right amount of antioxidants that your body required to neutralise the free radical’s effect. This green tea is absolutely caffeine free thus making it much healthier. These products have been formulated by Dr. Ezhil Arasan who happens to be an ex-Dr. Reddy’s Research Scientist. Sounds great, eh?

Four Fountains Labs 6X Green Tea Review| Cherry On Top Blog

Four Fountains Labs 6X Green Tea Review| Cherry On Top Blog

Four Fountains Labs 6X Green Tea Review| Cherry On Top Blog

The 6X Green Tea comes in sachets and the product is a ready-to-mix powder. You just have to mix it with a glassful of hot water and you are done! 1 box of 6X Green Tea comes with 30 sachets which enough good for at least a month.

Benefits of 6X Green Tea-

  • Fights the harmful free radicals that damage body cells. This helps in reducing ageing, wrinkles and white hair.
  • Quenches oxidative stress and thus helps in detoxification.
  • Shown to be the value for healthy metabolism and fat reduction in the body. The antioxidants present in 6X Green Tea boost metabolism and help in weight loss.
  • Prevents diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.

Four Fountains Labs 6X Green Tea Review| Cherry On Top Blog

I have been drinking this tea of the past few weeks. I love having it in the mornings because it takes care of my metabolism and requirement of antioxidants for the rest of the day. If you haven’t switched over to green tea yet, this might be the perfect way to start. Try having it at least once a day and you’ll feel the difference yourself. It also tastes good so there is no reason for me to hate it. I really love my tea sessions with this 6X Green Tea. These are available at their website and all the Four Fountains De-stress Spa branches. They are launching these on Amazon and Godrej Nature’s Basket very soon.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you did then please do share this post with your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to enter my ongoing giveaway (refer to the previous post). Until next time, be safe & keep smiling!

Disclaimer: Products sent by the brand in exchange for an honest review.

Oh holidays, the sweet blissful time when everyone is sinful. It is the season when we indulge in food and drinks and often neglect to care for our skin, hair and the amount of sleep we are having. What we eat and how we are sleeping is reflected the most on our skin and sometimes hair too.
Often we do not even notice the consequences until the season passes. What then? You can deal with these issues, recover and shine like a Christmas tree for months after the holidays. All you need is a couple of days of proper care to regain your beauty.
Here are some steps you can take to achieve that.
 Detox from the Inside!
Your hair, skin and organism have been exposed to harmful influences, both from the outside and inside. That is why you have to get rid of those toxins endangering your health and appearance by detoxification.
Boost Your Beauty: How to Shine After the Holidays| Guest Post by Sophia Smith|

 First, you need to cleanse from the inside. Do that by banishing any unhealthy foods and stock your home with healthy ingredients. Start every day with some form of physical activity and by eating a healthy breakfast (cereals, fruits, yogurt, etc.). At nighttime you should consume lighter food. At lunch and dinner, eat lean protein, such as poultry and seafood.
Drink a lot of water and green or ginger tea. Start your day with one glass of water with lemon juice and a spoon of honey. Eat at least one fresh salad a day. Include some of the “detox wizards” (beets, cabbage, hazelnuts, avocado, almonds, etc.) in your diet.
Take Care of Your Skin
If you have had enough eggnog for the season, you should consider something less harmful for your skin. Opt for other wintery foods that are good for your health, such as sweet potatoes, cocoa and turkey. 
Boost Your Beauty: How to Shine After the Holidays| Guest Post by Sophia Smith|

Once you have made adequate changes within, you should start battling the damage from the outside. Avoid heavy makeup to give your skin time to rest. Choose organic products with fewer synthetic ingredients. Improve circulation and stimulate toxin release by your lymphatic system using dry-brushing.
 Avoid harsh soaps and opt for pH neutral and chemical-free cleansing products. Use face masks which contain avocado and vitamin E. Choose a quality moisturizer with an SPF and apply it every day.
Recover Your Hair and Nails
Your hair is a sign of your overall health. Adequate nutrients in your diet are helping your hair and nails look beautiful and shiny. Sufficient amounts of vitamin B and calcium are exactly what you need to kickstart your hair recovery. You can get those nutrients by consuming dairy products and leafy greens, but you can also include calciumsupplements, to battle the calcium deficiency.
Boost Your Beauty: How to Shine After the Holidays| Guest Post by Sophia Smith|

After you have taken care of your hair health within, the first thing you should do is to visit your hairdresser and cut the ends. Treat your hair with a scalp massage with essential oils or serum. Some celebrities, such as Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel, use coconut oil to stimulate hair growth. Do not wash your hair more than three times a week, but opt for dry shampoo instead. Avoid hair straighteners and styling gels.
 Also, you can improve your nail health by avoiding nail polish for some time and rubbing in olive oil to boost their recovery. Wear protective gloves when washing the dishes or performing some house chores which require the use of chemicals.
Holidays are a lovely time of the year. Still, they often lead to extremes which are only harming your health and appearance. Do not allow for that to happen. Fight back with a proper diet and a new beauty routine, and you will shine through the whole following year.

Author Bio:

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about organic beauty products and healthy lifestyle. Sophia writes mostly in beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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The alarm clock rings and before you can get accustomed to your surroundings, the voices in your head tell you to hit the snooze button.
For most, mornings can be a dreaded period. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to gather your thoughts before plunging headlong into the chaos that engulfs the outside world. If you manage to clear your mind and mentally prepare yourself for a great day, you’re going to make the most of it.

The Answer: Mindfulness

Most people switch to autopilot mode as soon as they wake up, where your brain instinctively navigates its way through the daily habitual patterns that you’ve established. In short, you’re able to go through your everyday routine without really paying any attention to what you’re doing.
Stray thoughts enter your mind, where they are entertained and nurtured. These musings tend to tire out your neurons, leaving you exhausted. The best way to avoid this, is to begin your day with mindful practices, where you’re focusing on what’s happening in the moment. Starting your day like that keeps you mentally prepared and relaxed for what’s ahead.
It might take a while to actually implement these practices, but try them out if you’re ever in need of a super-charged morning.

Light Meditation

As soon as you wake up, slowly sit up in bed, shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on your breath and let any thoughts that enter your head stay in the background. Don’t try to eliminate them, just continue to focus on your breathing, and eventually, those stray thoughts will stop bothering you.
Cherry On Top- Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Even 5 minutes of meditation in the morning is like a shot of espresso. It’ll awaken your brain so that you can be fully aware of the next step.

Happy Melodies 

Right after your mental trip, slip on your headphones, spend at least 15 minutes listening to a couple of songs that infuse you with pleasant feelings. It’ll put you in a happy mood before you can begin to ponder any of the challenges that you might encounter over the course of your day. That way, you’ll enter a more positive state of mind and be able to enjoy your next activity.

Cherry On Top- Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Brisk Jogging

When you’ve had your fill of music, throw on your running gear and get out of the house. You can jog to a particular location and back, or map out a circuit and do a couple of laps around it. Try to perform this activity for a good 20 minutes, or until you run out of breath. You’ll increase the blood flow to your muscles, charging your limbs with energy.
Cherry On Top- Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Make sure that you’re wearing the right sports shoes, to avoid injury. Columbus shoes provide the best support to your heels while running, so if you’re looking to buy a pair, head over to

Spiritual Stretching

The final activity to wrap up this routine is yoga. All you need to do is find a great yoga guide online, and get started.

Cherry On Top- Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Learn the basics of this spiritual art form, and you can add the posture stretches to your morning routine. Yoga is like a culmination of all the previous activities; it involves focusing on your breath, being mindful, and physical exertion. It’s the best way to end your preparations and tackle the day that lies ahead.
This is just a basic rundown of what you can do in the morning to set the pace for the rest of your day. This entire routine shouldn’t take you longer than an hour, and it’ll leave you reinvigorated.
Remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water when you wake up, so that your body stays energized. Follow these steps, and you’ll never have to fear the sunrise again.
Hope you liked this post. See you next time. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!    
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