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Hello my beautiful readers, there’s a surprise for you all. If you’re following me on my Facebook Page, then it’ll be no surprise to you that it’s time to announce a giveaway. I have been raving about it on my facebook page for quite a long time now.

Recently, I had announced that whenever Cherry On Top’s Facebook page reaches 150+ likes there will be a giveaway and it’s time for the giveaway!

Before jumping to the post I’d like to let you know that I am thankful to all of you who have helped me in climbing the ladder of success. Believe me, it was not an easy journey. But, I am lucky enough to have you beside me all the time. I want to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart. Always be with my and keep showering your love and blessings on me. Thank you J


There will be two choices of prizes to choose from. After the winner is declared, he/she will have the sole right to choose from the two options. He/she can choose either of the two sets.

First Choice: There are three items. One Faces Lipstick (Suede Pink), One Faces Eyelash Curler and One NYX Eye Pencil (Bleu Roy).

Second Choice: One Flipkart Gift Voucher worth 500INR. (I will buy the gift voucher after the winner confirms to receive it as prize).

Celebrating 150+ Likes on Facebook!! | Cherry On Top’s First Giveaway 

So, now let’s get into the giveaway. This is going to be a Rafflecopter giveaway. The first 4 entries are mandatory and rest are optional. The giveaway will start from tomorrow 8:00am and shall be ending on 3rd July, 8:00pm. Before entering the giveaway, I’d suggest you to go through the below mentioned pointers carefully.

  • This giveaway will start from 25th June, 8:00am to 3rd July, 8:00pm. 
  • Giveaway is only for Indian Residents.
  • Anyone who is above 18+ is eligible to enter this giveaway.
  • There will be 5 mandatory entries and 2 optional entries. If you don’t complete the mandatory entries, you’ll be disqualified and I will not be answerable to any questions regarding this.
  • Optional entries obviously give you the chance to gain some brownie points, which will acquire more chances for you to win.
  • This is a Rafflecopter giveaway.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly, I repeat, randomly. I am not answerable to any questions regarding the selection of winner. Just believe in my honesty and transparency. I can click some snapshots of the randomizer or can do a video of the process if you want a proof of it.
  • I will ship the prize (if winner chooses the first set) within one week of the declaration of winner. If the winner chooses the second set, I will mail the voucher code within 4 days of the declaration.
  •  The Flipkart voucher would be bought by my own money. Flipkart is, in NO way, compensating me or nor it’s a sponsored giveaway by Flipkart. I am NOTendorsing Flipkart by this giveaway.
  • Flipkart gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. You can redeem the amount on only.
  • Feel free to drop me an email at sayantineebh@gmail.comif any problem arises.
That’s all people, just abide by the rules and enjoy this giveaway. The prizes might not be that alluring or in a huge quantity, but my love that you’ll receive with your prize is never-ending. I want you to regard this as a token of love from me. I just wanted to show you how much I acknowledge the love you’ve showed to my blog. Please, I beg you not to judge it by any means.

Thank you so much!!

P.S.- Giveaway prizes are not sponsored. Everything is bought with my own money.

Hello all, today I am going to review a recent launch by Maybelline, the Colossal Kohl Turquoise. If you’re following this blog then you would know that I have mentioned it in my last haul post. At first I was too skeptical about this because I am not much into shimmery eyeliners, I love them matte. When I first saw the swatches of this kohl on others’ blogs, it seemed metallic and a bit shimmery. But, to my surprise, the shimmers were not as intense as I though it to be. It wasn’t matte but not glittery as well. 
I am currently loving coloured eye-liners, especially when it offers a two-way formula. This Colossal Turquoise kohl is formulated for both upper and lower lash-line. Let’s see what I feel about the product-

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD

Product category- Eyeliner/Kohl

Brand- Maybelline

Price- INR 249 

Packaging- This kohl come in the classic Colossal packaging that is a bright yellow twist up pen with a tight cap. On the packaging there are some metallic turquoise accents. 

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD

Shade- This variation of the Colossal Kohl comes in a Turquoise shade.  Duh, that wasn’t a surprise at all! I would rather call it a bluish turquoise if that makes any sense at all. All I mean is it is not that typical turquoise shade. The shade is kind of a metallic turquoise blue with a bit of shimmers in it. The shade doesn’t look shimmery at all on the eyes. Just a tiniest hint of metallic sparkle. The product isn’t loaded with shimmers, it stays on place and most importantly, after washing or wiping off the product there’s no hint of any shimmer.
Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD
Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD
Texture- The texture is really very smooth if applied on the upper lash line, but I had a hard time using it on the lower lash line. It’s really very difficult to draw a smooth line along the lower lash line with this kohl. The tip of the liner broke when I tried to apply it on the lower lash-line L Otherwise it gives an even and smooth application. 

Staying power- My lower waterline and lash-line is extremely oily, the product stayed for a good 5-6 hours on my eyes. I found that the staying power is more on the upper lid/lashline than the lower waterline. It stayed for approximately 7-8 hours when applied on the upper lash line. I don’t agree with their claim about the lasting power to be 12 hours. At least for me, it was nowhere near 12 hours. Maybe oily eyelids are the reason for that. It doesn’t smudge out. I agree to the company claim here. For me, it didn’t smudge out but it faded out a little. 

Pigmentation- The new Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise decently and evenly pigmented. Though it doesn’t give you the exact pigmentation in a single swipe, but it is really buildable. You can always swipe it twice to get the desired shade. 

What I have to say is- The colossal Kohl Turquoise is a nicely pigmented eye pencil with a 2 in 1 benefit of kohl and eyeliner. It doesn’t irritate the eyes if applied on the lower waterline. It happens to be a metallic shade though it isn’t loaded with shimmers. It is subtly shimmery which I don’t mind. I wish it was as smooth on the lower lash-line as it is on the upper lash-line. I would have loved if it was a matte shade. It has a decent price tag. Overall, I have a good experience with the Colossal Kohl Turquoise. 

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD
Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD
Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise | Review, Swatches, EOTD


  • Beautiful metallic turquoise blue shade.
  • Doesn’t irritate the eyes.
  • Nice colour pay-off.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Doesn’t smudge out.


  • Application is not smooth when applied on the lower lash-line.

Will I buy it again- Not sure, but probably no. 

Rating- 3/5

Thanks for patiently reading this review. I hope you liked it. If you have tried the Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise then please share your views and experiences in the comment section. I would love to know. I will be back with a new post soon. Till then, take care. Bye! 

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