Hi friends, please forgive me for being MIA for these days. I had a hectic schedule for the week. I know that’s none of a good excuse. So, I decided to give you a good news. Cherry On Top has got it’s very first Liebster Award. I am very happy because this blog is too new to be considered to get an award.

I want to thank Shubha from Blue Velvet Addict (click to visit her blog, her blog is worth visiting!) for nominating my blog for the precious award. I believe, most of you you that in order to receive this award, you have to follow certain rules.

Rules: Here are the few rules to receive the award.

  1. Answer all of the 11 questions that you are asked to answer.
  2. Put the badge allotted for you on your blog.
  3. Tag 11 more blogs to giveaway the award in the form of a badge.
  4. Ask the 11 bloggers a set of 11 new questions.
  5. Contact them to notify them about the award they got.
The questions I was asked by Shubha:
1. If you had to live your life with just one beauty product, what it would be??
– If asked to my heart, it would definitely be a Kajal; but if asked to my brain, It got to be a lipstick.
2. Who/What inspires you?
– What comes first to my mind when I hear the word ‘Inspiration’ is my family.
3. Favorite high-end/luxury brand & favorite drugstore/high-street brand?
– Favorite high-end brand: A lot of names come to my mind like, MAC, Bobby Brown, Benefit, Chanel….
  Favorite drugstore brand- Maybelline & Revlon
4. Favorite chocolate?
– Cadbury Bournville with no second thoughts in my mind!
5. If you could have a party with 3 celebrities dead or alive, who they would be?
– Interesting question, ummm, the three names will be, SRK (my fav), Madhuri Dixit & Fossils (a Bengali Rock Band).
6. Heels or flats?
– Both (depends on mood).
7. What is your favorite clothes brand?
– Haven’t ever tried, but Zara is my favorite brand to be tried once. 
8. Something you can’t live without?
– My PC or my Tab.
9. Which actress, you think, is the ultimate style icon of all time?
– I have two pictures in my head right now. One is of Parveen Babi and another one is of Marilyn Monroe.
10. What camera do you blog/vlog with?
– I use my Samsung ES65 to click pictures for my blog.
11. Favorite perfume??
– Currently it is Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Body Mist.
I Nominate You:
Copy-paste the following badge to your blog-

Eleven Questions for You:
  1. Which is your favorite blog?
  2. What/Who empowers you the most?
  3. Which is the first blog that you followed?
  4. Which song in your mobile/i-pod that you’ve listened to the most?
  5. Which is the first cosmetic brand that you have bought from?
  6. Which is your favorite online shopping site?
  7. If you could go back to past and hug and say thanks to somebody, who would that be?
  8. Your favorite YouTuber?
  9. Name one thing in your closet that you can’t go out without?
  10. One quote that you wish the world would live by?
  11. A blogger that you are following who deserves more views/ followers than they have?

That’s it girls! Just answer the questions, paste the above mentioned badge and don’t forget to tag/link my blog in your post. Best of luck & congrats!! Please follow my blog, if you like 🙂


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