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I can’t believe winter is already here. I don’t like Winter much because I am a very lazy person who refuses to leave the bed in the mornings, imagine what will happen when I’ll be forced to leave all the cozy blankets and comforters behind and get out of bed. I am already very scared. The only thing I like about winters is I get to chuck out the oiliness around the t-zone, but as a disadvantage of the advantage I get anextremely dry skin. Such a drama! Nevermind, so let’s get into the post to know what my 5 Holy Grail products are for winters-
1. Lip Balm: Be it winter or summer, I can’t live without lip balms. End of discussion. My lips are not extremely dry, but I keep them hydration all the time as I don’t want my lips to get chapped. By now, it has become my habit to put lip balm in every one hour.  I am currently using Nivea Med Protection balm and it worked wonder for my lips that were acting up for a few weeks.

2.Moisturizer:  As mentioned earlier, my skin is very, very oily throughout the year until the extreme cold weather. In winter, it becomes flaky dry. So, I need two to three types of moisturizer for my skin. For summer, I need a light-weight oil-free moisturizes, in fall I need a moisturizer little more hydrating and in winter I need extra hydration. Currently, I am using Cetaphil – though it feels quite heavy on my skin while application but it sits into the skin in a few minutes and sometimes I also like to use the Naked Potion Lotion as it soothes the skin and deeply nourishes it.
3. Cleanser and TonerSame as the moisturizing part, I need a face wash that does take away the dirt and extra oil but doesn’t make the skin dehydrated. Though I am a huge Clean and Clear fan, but I can’t use it in winter as it makes me dry. I am currently using the Cetaphil Cleanser followed by a wash.
Thalgo Cocooning Tonic lotion is my favourite toner for winter. This toner doesn’t make the skin dry after use but takes off the dirt and oil properly and leaves the skin hydrated. This toner is very gentle on my skin, doesn’t contain paraben, doesn’t contain silicon and most importantly it smells like Vanilla! Need I say more?
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4. Body Butters/Lotions:  Like my skin, my body needs extra hydration as well. I usually have a normal body skin for the rest of the year but in winter, it acts crazy. I started using The Body Shop Almond body butter and later on I realized that TBS body butters are not meant for my skin. They are way too heavy for my skin although it’s winter. So, I skipped the idea of applying body buttes on my skin (though the TBS body butters keep alluring me), instead I am using the normal Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion as I have seen it’s the only thing that works for me, nourishes my dry skin and keeps it moisturized for a long time.
5. Heel care: My heels become dreadful when the winter arrives. They start cracking. I don’t know why this happens. I have used the ordinary healing creams, consumed Vit E capsules but nothing worked. It was all until the Wishbox- Cosmic Bloom arrived at the doorsteps. I got a product which I had shown you in the unboxing postlong ago, it’s a salve for cracked and extremely dry skin. Gehwol is a german production which worked wonders for my heels. I am using this religiously twice a day after cleaning my feet thoroughly. I can’t tell you how effective it is as the cracks are gone and the heels feel even softer. I can comb out the world to get this product again.
 So, here are the 5 must-have skincare products in my drawer. What are yours?
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