Hello all, I am here again with a brand new post. Recently I was selected for a wonderful activity by Blogadda in association with Lakme School of Style and #Fame. I was aware of such a beautiful initiative where ‘the famous bachelor’ and extremely talented film director, Karan Johar is the editor-in-chief but I had not checked out their YouTube channel so far. When I opened their videos list, I was overwhelmed with such array of amazing videos on different topics like beauty, fashion, DIY, social issues and what not! 

Thoroughly going through the list I found a handful of my favourites among which I am going to talk about the two that I liked the most. The first thing (video) that caught my eyes is the this, obviously because of the much debated issue-

This video says the ugly truth, that too from the mouth of common people. When the world is racing against time towards modernity and progress, some people are pointing towards the women accusing them for their being a rape victim. Where some people seem to be present with a broad mind and an intellectual mindset, some just seem to be adamant to get out of the gloomy well. This video shows how even educated people have that ugly mindset and poor excuses to shut up the dirtiness of rape and the detestable deed of raping someone. It is amusing to see even the women of 21st century can think like this!
This video made me so filled with disgust that I had to scroll up and down to find something that would make my mood. And, what else than a beauty video. Being a selfie-addict I couldn’t help but watch this video-
In this video, Lakme School of Style’s beauty vlogger, Sukhneet Wadhwa shows how to do a makeup that is perfect for selfie. This is basically a tutorial where Sukhneet shows us how to do a makeup that is flawless and great for No-Filter selfies. Even if you are not a selfie person, you can definitely check out this makeup tutorial for it is very apt for any occasion. Flawless base, winged eyeliner, pink lips and peach-y cheeks make this a fun makeup look to try on. 
So guys, do not forget to watch these and some more amazing videos on #LakmeSchoolOfStyle YouTube channel and I am sure you too would find some of your favourites there!

This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity is association with #Fame
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