Hi, guys! Today I thought I should talk about something different from my usual posts, something more serious and something that needs awareness.

Recently, I came across a video on #Fame. So, what happens in this video is the #Famestars empathised with the street-dwellers and vendors who are bound to stay on the roads throughout the day in this scorching summer. They Felt the Heat and understood how it feels to be in the sun, drenching in sweat, burning the skin just to earn something, no matter how small the amount is to make a living.

On 26th May 2016, the #Famestars decided to live the life of those who make their living on the roads of India, under the bare sky in this intolerable heat. Some of them sold flowers on the streets, some took over the street-food shops, some played the roles of labourers etc.

#Feeltheheat with #famestars |

In our usual day-to-day lives, we see a lot of people around us who are street-bound just to make a living. The ignore the weather, not matter how hot or cold it is. Their life never stops for anything. Nothing is actually an obstacle for them just because they can’t indulge in luxury. We, despite being in all kind of comforts around just, are just ignorant of everything that happens outside the four walls. We come across several people on the roads- flower vendors, labourers, rickshawalas, food vendors, dabbawalas, cobblers with makeshift workstations, we feel bad about them and then we forget.  In reality, we cannot do anything for them. They have chosen this job and they do earn by the end of the day. The only thing we can do for them is to show some compassion. The next time you buy something from a street vendor,

In reality, we cannot do anything for them. They have chosen this job and they do earn by the end of the day. The only thing we can do for them is to show some compassion. The next time you buy something from a street vendor, do not bargain insensibly. They deserve some tips too. If you come across an old person, sitting with a basket full of flowers, buy a rose or your favourite flower.  A rose definitely costs less than an unfeigned smile. Whenever you ride a rickshaw, offer him water. Remember, it is the small things that make a difference. We are nothing without them.

So, what do you think? Can you #FeelTheHeat?

It is a #Givingweek at #Fame. 

Despite the multiple burdens that a woman has to bear, there is something relieving, something that can take them to their desired destination and achieve their dreams. Sometimes, women need to completely yield to their imaginations. They need to entrust their buried yearnings and embark on a voyage to the unknown destination. Sometimes, women need to erase the label or ‘this’ and ‘that’ and scream- ‘I am NOT ‘this or that!

Women have their toughest time when their future in-laws visit for the first time. Thousands of questions, millions of inquiries and numerous demands- this could be a normal situation for an Indian household. In between multiple rounds of tea and snacks and a ton of queries on the subjects like cooking, education, family values and so on, one lucky person might be asked if she has any hobby. But, the twist is, whatever might your hobby be, from dancing to trekking, everything will be abolished by a simple statement like ‘my son likes his wife to be ‘gharelu‘ (homely, simple). Then starts the customary labeling of Indian women- a woman should be this, a woman should be that! What if someone wants to break the boundaries? What if she wants to create her own label? A girl might not become a doctor but a wildlife photographer, a girl might want to become a restaurateur instead of a teacher, a girl might refuse to become a wife to live her life on her own terms, she might not long for motherhood, she might not take the responsibility of the kitchen, she might travel alone without any male protection, she might do whatever she wants. What is wrong if a girl wants to live her life the way she wants? When the men have got the chance then why not the women?

A man is considered shrewd enough to lead a life suitable for him, he is considered smart enough to take decisions for himself, he is allowed to give his opinions about what kind of a girl he wants to marry, and he is given the power to reject a girl if he feels like. On the contrary, a girl is always considered a burden, a responsibility that should be handed over to someone else as soon as possible, a girl is considered a fragile ‘showpiece’ that always needs to be taken care of by someone, according to the society, a girl always needs a guardian (obviously a man)- for the first 20-22 years of her life she should be guarded by her father, until 60 her husband should play the part and then till death she should be under the authorities of her son (if she is ‘lucky’ enough to give birth to a son!). Women are not meant to be alone, says the patriarchal society where they suggest that the women should not be alone because they could be harmed and ironically the persons abuse a woman are always those ‘men’ who create the rules and regulations for the women.

No one wants to be dominated, but truth is also that if you refuse to be dominated then no one can dominate you. If women, especially in India, stop tolerating the torture, say NO or YES for themselves and do not let anybody take decisions for them then there is a possibility that women can get the freedom that is rightfully theirs. Next time if someone tries to put a chain on you, show the courage and at least warn them that you have the power to break the shackle and walk away. Women have to sweep away their unseen worries. Every woman can live their life without a male support. Forget about what society will say for society will keep saying against you. Remember one thing, you have got your wings inside you- it’s the ‘AND’ that is always attacked. You are not this OR that, you are this AND that. You are everything you want to be. You and only you are the guardian of yourself. So, let the ‘AND’ be your wings and conquer the world. 

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Society loves to label a woman- beautiful, ugly or smart, slut, mother, sister or daughter! Society loves when women are inside their shells. They don’t like when they step out. A woman is expected to be what others think they should be, not what they actually are. They are expected to be a lot of things but that lot of things does not include ‘being themselves’. The box that confines them isn’t expected to be broken, it might be an explosion that would lead the Patriarchy to an end or shatter it completely. They can’t take that risk!
A woman is not judged by what they can or what they want to become, they can only pass the acid test if they are considered a good listener, they should obey the norms. That is what they are supposed to do! But, what if they refuse to be enchained or inveigh against the society? What if they rebuff and say ‘NO’ to all the labels they are given? What if they choose ‘ANDs’ instead of ‘Ors’ and ‘Ifs’?
The society has detained the womankind with the ‘ORs’. A woman can be a mother OR a businesswoman, a decent girl OR an adventure-lover, a teacher OR a fun-lover, beautiful OR smart and so on. What if the women replace all the ORs with ANDs? It’s the time we start doing that. We are not meant to be controlled, nobody can draw a limit for us. We are beyond it, beyond the so called notion of ‘decent lady’ or ‘marriage material’. We are not born to make ourselves perfect and practice the ‘good girl’ image for our future husbands and in-laws. We are born to be ‘us’, a unique individual, distinct from others. We are not meant to carry the tags ‘society’ has put on us, unlike the breads and vegetables in the market. We are alive, we are beings, and we are the origin of anything beautiful. We are mothers, we have the power to nurture a baby within us for months, and thus we have everything that can prove our strength and determination. Then why live within the boundaries of ORs? Not everyone has it but us. So, use your ANDs and stand apart from the conventions. 
This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus.
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