Do You #Feeltheheat? So Do they!

#Feeltheheat with #famestars |

Hi, guys! Today I thought I should talk about something different from my usual posts, something more serious and something that needs awareness. Recently, I came across a video on #Fame. So, what happens in this video is the #Famestars empathised with the street-dwellers and vendors who are bound to stay on the roads throughout the day in this scorching summer. They Felt the Heat and understood how it feels to be in the sun, drenching in sweat, burning the skin just to earn something, no matter how small the amount is to make a living. On 26th May 2016, […]

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‘AND’ is the Wings

Despite the multiple burdens that a woman has to bear, there is something relieving, something that can take them to their desired destination and achieve their dreams. Sometimes, women need to completely yield to their imaginations. They need to entrust their buried yearnings and embark on a voyage to the unknown destination. Sometimes, women need to erase the label or ‘this’ and ‘that’ and scream- ‘I am NOT ‘this or that!’ Women have their toughest time when their future in-laws visit for the first time. Thousands of questions, millions of inquiries and numerous demands- this could be a normal situation […]

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Finding the ‘And’

Society loves to label a woman- beautiful, ugly or smart, slut, mother, sister or daughter! Society loves when women are inside their shells. They don’t like when they step out. A woman is expected to be what others think they should be, not what they actually are. They are expected to be a lot of things but that lot of things does not include ‘being themselves’. The box that confines them isn’t expected to be broken, it might be an explosion that would lead the Patriarchy to an end or shatter it completely. They can’t take that risk! A woman […]

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