Gifting options for Valentine’s Day at The Park hotels across its properties
  • Special couple spa packages at Aura Spa at The Park
  • Valentine’s Day special at The Park, New Delhi – offers at its night clubs, award winning restaurants and sweet treats.
Below are the details of gifting options at The Park:-
1.    Couple spa package at Aura Spa at The Park- Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam.
Rekindle the magic of your romance at Aura
If you’re bored of the mundane ways to woo your partner and are game for trying something new, here’s what you can do to add that extra zing to relationships. Revive your senses by slipping into amazing spa sessions at Aura Spa at The Park. Right from relaxing your tired feet with Sugar Foot Scrub to pampering with Choco Fruit Body Scrub to remove the dead skin and restore your skin’s youthful luster. This is followed by Aromatherapy Massage using our wide range of aromatic oils leaving you calm and peaceful before the final part of your treatment. Brightening C complex Facial helps to restore the glow of your facial skin and to leave you feeling completely refreshed. To make it a complete experience for the couple and adding to the fun quotient is a Floral Bath in the Jacuzzi which you can enjoy with relishing on Chocolate Coated Strawberries&Sparkling wine.  Apart from leaving you amazingly rejuvenated, renew your vows of romance in a state of pure Blissful Love.
  • A pick up by a luxury car from your doorstep
  • A Spa package
  • A Romantic dinner by the poolside in Aqua

PRICE: Rs 20,000 inclusive of taxes
2.    Valentine day special at Aura at The Park, New Delhi
·         You & I
A sheer indulgence for two with our Choco-strawberry massage. The above combination stimulates the blood flow leading to increased supply of oxygen to cells. Also helps in dehydrating the skin.
Duration: 60minutes,
Price: 5000+taxes (Charge for couple)
·         Heaven Scent
Treat yourself this year to a “V” day. Rediscover the benefits of a Vineo scrub, massage and a facial. Enriched with molasses, anti-oxidants and skin revitalizing and rehydrating properties of the ingredients used in this session will enliven your body, mind and soul. It can be coupled with a vineotherapy bath on request.
Duration: 2 hours 15mint
Price: 5500+taxes (Charge for a single person)
·         Hot Chocolate
An absolutely sinful way to soothe your senses and tempt your taste buds all at once. This wrap uses Cocoa to promote circulation by increasing the supply of oxygen and removing the toxins from the skin, while toning and firming up the skins tissues.
Duration: 45mint
Price: 2000+taxes (Charge for a single person)
·         With Love
Say “I Love You” to self or to the loved ones this Valentine through a date with Health in Aura. Special offers on purchase of Gift Vouchers that entitles the customer to avail a 10%-20% discount on any one service at Aura.
3.       Valentine’s day special at The Park- New Delhi
Valentine’s Day specials at The Park include some really fancy, fun, joyful experiences and lots more.
·         Cupid Strikes
At MIST, our 24 hour dining:
XOXO, whisper sweet nothings and enjoy the lavish dinner buffet with your loved one.
Dinner buffet per person at Rs. 1600
Dinner buffet with wines at Rs. 2500
Timings: 7.30pm onwards
At FIRE, our contemporary Indian restaurant:
A romantic evening with a special menu paired with wine
Special dinner menu per person at Rs. 1400
Special dinner menu with wines at Rs. 2400
Timings: 7.30pm onwards
International DJ Raketa with techno house under the clouds.
Timings: 8:30pm onwards
DJ Shubh with ishqiya Bollywood tracks.
Timings: 8:30pm onwards
Want some more!
·         Our cake counter has kisses and sweet treats that you can gift.
Box of Assorted petit fours                                                                         Rs.900 (Box of 24 pieces)
v  Chocolate dipped fresh strawberries   
v  Walnut frangipane rolls
v  Almond macaroon sandwiches
v  Lemon filled chocolates
Cakes for the one you love                                                                         Rs.1000 (Per kg)
v  Rum and raisin Truffle heart cake
v  Balsamic soaked fresh strawberry baked cheesecake
v  Duet of cranberry and passion fruit mousse cake
v  Linzer torta with cream chantilly dollop
Express yourself with our sinful pastries                                                Rs.150 (Each pastry)
v  Red velvet pastry
v  Orange and milk chocolate mousse pastry
v  Silvana heart shaped pastry
v  Star anise spiced fresh strawberry tart
Crumble your heart with our fresh valentine cookies                     Rs.500 (Per kg)
v  Oats and raisin cookies
v  Honeybee cookies
v  Heart eyes cookies
v  Double Choco chip cookies  
Love makes your soul crawl for chocolates                                          Rs.1000(Box of 24 pieces)
v  Liquor chocolates
v  Honey and raisin filled chocolates
v  Rose petal filled chocolates
v  Strawberry mousse filled chocolates

Rates are exclusive of taxes.

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