Hi, guys! How are you all? This week has been a really boring one for me. The past few days were really gloomy and it’s still raining every now and then here in West Bengal. You know how much I hate gloom. I am eagerly waiting for the sun to come back soon! Today, I am going to review a website called that specializes in printing your photos onto canvas. So, keep reading.

I have always been a person who loves photographs, photo albums and different types of photo frames. Since childhood, I have a weird interest in photo albums, be it mine or anyone else’s. Even today, I love to flip through the pages of our old albums. It helps me relieve the memories that tend to fade away with time. I think photographs prevent those memories to get lost and make sure they are etched on our hearts forever.

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen the photo where I showed what I received from If you have not seen it yet, here is how it looks- is a site that allows you to print your favourite photos on canvas in different sizes in a very inexpensive price. The price range they have set is quite reasonable. They give you a bunch of options to customize your print in order to get the desired product. I think it is very thoughtful of them to allow the customer to customize the photo as per their preference.

Print Your Memories on Canvas with| Cherry On Top

Print Your Memories on Canvas with| Cherry On Top

No, let me show how it works. You can shop for your print by logging in to their site or without logging in, as a guest. First, you need to select the size you want your print to be. Next, upload the photo you want to be printed on canvas. You can also import your Facebook and Instagram photos too. Isn’t that great? Also, you can choose from their own gallery of images if you like. After uploading the image, you will be made to select the size and orientation and also, you will get the clear view of how your print will look on a wall. How cool is that! Up next, you will be redirected to the next tab where you can choose the hardware options and styles, border and frame options and also the colour finishing. Although the last one is completely optional, I am sure you are going to love the pop-art and caricature options available there. In one word, Canvas Champ offers you a lot of different options to modify and beautify your print before you make your payment. The last step before payment is where you can add texts on your image.

They ship almost everywhere in India. They do not take a long time to deliver your order. In my case it took a week. That is very usual for me. I am sure they have faster delivery in metro cities. The packed my frame very meticulously. It came intact. Also, they sent a screw to hang the framed photo on the wall. Overall, I liked everything about it. I would recommend you to try their service and print your photos on canvas. Currently, they have a Flat 25% off going on on all their products. I think it’s the best time for you to try their service. I am happy that I am using something eco-friendly and contributing a little to the environment.

I hope you liked this review and found it helpful. I tried to make it as detailed as possible. I would be really happy if you share this post with your family and friends.

Disclaimer: I received a 12″x8″ framed print as a gift. My review is totally unbiased as usual. 

There is no one who wants to go replacing their wedding bands every few years because they got some low-quality ones. There are just so many options for wedding bands nowadays based on the metals they are crafted from. Gold is the most popular choice thanks to the fact that it has been used since the Biblical times. Gold must have been in plenty during this time. This is probably because the people were few and so it was easy to get gold. However, today with a population of seven billion people the world does not have enough gold to make wedding bands for every soul that exists on this planet.

For that reason, people are turning to tungsten carbide. Yes, tungsten is being used to make wedding rings. This is one of those metals that people do not talk much about because they do not even know that they use them in their homes. Filament bulbs, for instance, use a tungsten bulb for them to work. Now it is being used to make wedding bands as well. Actually tungsten wedding rings are not new to the market. They have been around for a very long time. It is only thanks to Hollywood that they have become popular. They are a fantastic option, especially for men.

Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men|

Long lasting bands

To be more specific the material that is used to make these wedding bands is tungsten carbide. This is one of the hardest materials known to man. Actually, it is the hardest material second only to diamond. Polished tungsten wedding bands are sure set to last for a very long time on top of looking very stunning. The polishing gives them that shiny silvery look. Some are black rings but extremely shiny. Tungsten carbide once polished does not lose its sheen. It will remain like that for an eternity.

Men are constantly engaging in some tough tasks like fixing their cars, cleaning the roof and other manual jobs. You do not want to remove your ring lest you lose it- that will not look so nice on your forever-and-always record. Therefore, you need to get a ring that will allow you to do your work comfortably without having to remove it or risk it getting damaged. This is where the tungsten wedding rings come into the equation. They are perfect for men thanks to their scratch-proof nature. Moreover, they exude this manly character making them ideal for men.

Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men| Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men|

Here is the most interesting thing about tungsten wedding bands; they can match with just about anything. It does not matter whether your skin colour is white, yellow or black these rings are fine on anybody. Gold rings, on the other hand, tend to look misplaced on some people’s fingers. A tungsten wedding band will work for everybody and every kind of fashion style. In fact, it enhances the other jewellery pieces you might be wearing. This is truly a wedding band that will work perfectly for your tastes and preferences.

Author bio

Sujain Thomas has been blogging about tungsten wedding bands for a while now. These rings have gotten everybody fascinated. They are the ideal wedding bands for all who are looking for unique, strong and affordable rings. To find out more about tungsten carbide, visit her blog today.

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Kama Ayurveda Festive Gift Boxes for Durga Puja| Cherry On Top Blog

Hello people, I can’t believe that Durga Puja is just round the corner. Officially three days left till Mahashashthi! We Bengalis love to pamper ourselves before the Puja starts. Every Bengali woman polishes herself before the festivity. Keeping that in mind, Kama Ayurveda has come up with an array of gift boxes containing some of their skincare and hair care products. 

The boxes are said to be launched exclusively for Durga Puja but they fit to every occasion when you need to get pampered. These boxes contain skincare or haircare products. The great thing is you can actually customize your box according to your need and specific concerns. The box I received contains three full-sized skincare products.

Kama Ayurveda Festive Gift Boxes for Durga Puja| Cherry On Top Blog
This box contains-
1 full-size Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser (675 INR)
1 full-size Pure Rose Water (875 INR)
1 full-size Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream (1650 INR)

Kama Ayurveda Festive Gift Boxes for Durga Puja| Cherry On Top Blog

I loved all the products came in the box. I can’t give an opinion right now as I have not used them that much but, I am anticipating a good result. My favourite product from the box is the Pure Rose Water. I can already feel a difference in my skin. I will review the products individually after the testing period is over. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates. 

Except from these boxes, Kama Ayurveda has an impressive range of gift boxes. Priced from Rs 450 to Rs 4000, this gift boxes are perfect for any occasion. I would highly recommend you guys to visit their store or their website and get a box for yourself this festive season. You will like it. Some of the cult products from Kama Ayurveda are Pure Rose Water (great for combination/oily skin), Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Ayurvedic Night Serum and the Bringadi Intebsive Hair Treatment Oil. All the Kama Ayurveda products are made of autherntic ayurvedic products and 100% natural. I know they are a little expensive but the products are worth every penny. 

Kama Ayurveda Festive Gift Boxes for Durga Puja| Cherry On Top Blog

Thanks for reading this post. I will be back again with another very soon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

You can find the Festive Gift Boxes here-

Kama Ayurveda Store, Quest Mall, Kolkata- 17
Kama Ayurveda Online Store-

Disclaimer: PR sample but unbiased opinion. 

Hello guys! I hope you are doing great. Today, I will be reviewing a gift portal that has a large number of online gifts for several occasions. Today, I will be talking about a site named IGP. India is known to have several occasions throughout the year- Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Durga Puja, Navratri, Eid, Diwali, Christmas and lots of other festivities. How can we forget about international ones like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. Birthdays and anniversaries are bonuses. So, it is obvious that we need to keep gifting quite frequently. IGP is a site that makes that bulk gifting possible.


With thousands of products across various categories, it is easy for you to choose the right gift. There is a long list of items, from home decor to personal care. The list also contains flower delivery, chocolates, cakes, apparel, stationery, kitchenware, beauty essentials, jewelry, and many more. They also ship across the world. Yes, they have international shipping. Isn’t that great?

What I liked most about IGP
  • International shipping.
  • Same-day delivery options
  • Secure payment method.
  • Preferred delivery is where you can choose the delivery date yourself.
  • Amazing range of products that suits every occasion and personality.
  • Hand-to-hand delivery for flowers and cakes
  • Personalized gifts.
  • Reasonably priced products
  • Easy navigation.
  • Easy return, refund, or order cancellation.
You can also search for the right gifts for the occasion just by entering the required data, which seemed very helpful to me. No one wants to get lost in the ocean of gifts. It saves you valuable time. For those who travel most of the time, you can set a delivery date yourself as per your preference.

Overall, I quite liked this website. With this, I don’t have to worry about gifting my precious ones, and I also don’t have to worry about sending flowers and chocolates to those who live far away from me. This awesome site has multiple payment options, and they have an SSL certificate enabled for the shopping cart and payment page, which makes your payment secure.

You can choose from a large variety of gifts for mother for Mother’s Day. I hope you find a lovely gift. Happy gifting!

Disclaimer: Sponsored post but 100% honest opinion

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Gifting options for Valentine’s Day at The Park hotels across its properties
  • Special couple spa packages at Aura Spa at The Park
  • Valentine’s Day special at The Park, New Delhi – offers at its night clubs, award winning restaurants and sweet treats.
Below are the details of gifting options at The Park:-
1.    Couple spa package at Aura Spa at The Park- Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam.
Rekindle the magic of your romance at Aura
If you’re bored of the mundane ways to woo your partner and are game for trying something new, here’s what you can do to add that extra zing to relationships. Revive your senses by slipping into amazing spa sessions at Aura Spa at The Park. Right from relaxing your tired feet with Sugar Foot Scrub to pampering with Choco Fruit Body Scrub to remove the dead skin and restore your skin’s youthful luster. This is followed by Aromatherapy Massage using our wide range of aromatic oils leaving you calm and peaceful before the final part of your treatment. Brightening C complex Facial helps to restore the glow of your facial skin and to leave you feeling completely refreshed. To make it a complete experience for the couple and adding to the fun quotient is a Floral Bath in the Jacuzzi which you can enjoy with relishing on Chocolate Coated Strawberries&Sparkling wine.  Apart from leaving you amazingly rejuvenated, renew your vows of romance in a state of pure Blissful Love.
  • A pick up by a luxury car from your doorstep
  • A Spa package
  • A Romantic dinner by the poolside in Aqua

PRICE: Rs 20,000 inclusive of taxes
2.    Valentine day special at Aura at The Park, New Delhi
·         You & I
A sheer indulgence for two with our Choco-strawberry massage. The above combination stimulates the blood flow leading to increased supply of oxygen to cells. Also helps in dehydrating the skin.
Duration: 60minutes,
Price: 5000+taxes (Charge for couple)
·         Heaven Scent
Treat yourself this year to a “V” day. Rediscover the benefits of a Vineo scrub, massage and a facial. Enriched with molasses, anti-oxidants and skin revitalizing and rehydrating properties of the ingredients used in this session will enliven your body, mind and soul. It can be coupled with a vineotherapy bath on request.
Duration: 2 hours 15mint
Price: 5500+taxes (Charge for a single person)
·         Hot Chocolate
An absolutely sinful way to soothe your senses and tempt your taste buds all at once. This wrap uses Cocoa to promote circulation by increasing the supply of oxygen and removing the toxins from the skin, while toning and firming up the skins tissues.
Duration: 45mint
Price: 2000+taxes (Charge for a single person)
·         With Love
Say “I Love You” to self or to the loved ones this Valentine through a date with Health in Aura. Special offers on purchase of Gift Vouchers that entitles the customer to avail a 10%-20% discount on any one service at Aura.
3.       Valentine’s day special at The Park- New Delhi
Valentine’s Day specials at The Park include some really fancy, fun, joyful experiences and lots more.
·         Cupid Strikes
At MIST, our 24 hour dining:
XOXO, whisper sweet nothings and enjoy the lavish dinner buffet with your loved one.
Dinner buffet per person at Rs. 1600
Dinner buffet with wines at Rs. 2500
Timings: 7.30pm onwards
At FIRE, our contemporary Indian restaurant:
A romantic evening with a special menu paired with wine
Special dinner menu per person at Rs. 1400
Special dinner menu with wines at Rs. 2400
Timings: 7.30pm onwards
International DJ Raketa with techno house under the clouds.
Timings: 8:30pm onwards
DJ Shubh with ishqiya Bollywood tracks.
Timings: 8:30pm onwards
Want some more!
·         Our cake counter has kisses and sweet treats that you can gift.
Box of Assorted petit fours                                                                         Rs.900 (Box of 24 pieces)
v  Chocolate dipped fresh strawberries   
v  Walnut frangipane rolls
v  Almond macaroon sandwiches
v  Lemon filled chocolates
Cakes for the one you love                                                                         Rs.1000 (Per kg)
v  Rum and raisin Truffle heart cake
v  Balsamic soaked fresh strawberry baked cheesecake
v  Duet of cranberry and passion fruit mousse cake
v  Linzer torta with cream chantilly dollop
Express yourself with our sinful pastries                                                Rs.150 (Each pastry)
v  Red velvet pastry
v  Orange and milk chocolate mousse pastry
v  Silvana heart shaped pastry
v  Star anise spiced fresh strawberry tart
Crumble your heart with our fresh valentine cookies                     Rs.500 (Per kg)
v  Oats and raisin cookies
v  Honeybee cookies
v  Heart eyes cookies
v  Double Choco chip cookies  
Love makes your soul crawl for chocolates                                          Rs.1000(Box of 24 pieces)
v  Liquor chocolates
v  Honey and raisin filled chocolates
v  Rose petal filled chocolates
v  Strawberry mousse filled chocolates

Rates are exclusive of taxes.

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