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Slippers are footwear that’s easy to put on and take off. However, picking a pair of slippers might be tricky. Numerous women frequently make misjudgments when they shop for women slipper. Choosing the wrong women slipper for your feet may create multiple issues. Even so, slippers also provide numerous advantages. They shield the health of our feet and give comfort, which other shoes can’t provide. They offer the feet the rest they require to retrieve from the strains of an average day. Also, the slipper comes in multiple sizes and different fabrics. There are also several variables to account for when copping a pair of slippers, and we have made it easy for you by listing down a few factors before you cop a pair of women’s slippers. The correct women slipper will regulate the blood to circulate in the legs properly so that your feet don’t feel numb. This is why choosing the right women slipper is so essential.

1. Check the material and its quality The better the material, the further comfy your feet will be. The material of the women slipper shouldn’t solely be comfy, but they should also permit airflow. The quality of the material is similarly vital. You don’t want to spend your income on women slipper that will easily break after wearing them twice or thrice. This is exactly why you must pay attention to the quality of the women slipper you choose because you’ll probably wear them every day. 

2. Select the size wisely The size is vital when opting for slippers for day-to-day wear. As an initial step, ensure your women slippers fit you well and are comfortable walking in. Never purchase slippers that are a size smaller or a size bigger than your foot size. If you buy slippers that are very small for your feet or are difficult to put on, they could bring on foot problems like ligament rips and shoe bites. And if the slippers are a bit bigger for your feet, walking in them can be tricky, and you gamble on hurting your ankles or feet as the chance of tripping in more giant slippers are high. Always ensure enough room between your toes and the end of the women slipper. Judging your foot size is necessary for bagging that fits perfectly, as it helps in opting for the right size of slippers.

3. Check the grip of the slippers It’s essential to buy slippers with a fine grip, particularly if you’re purchasing them for older people or people with balance problems. The chances of them slipping or tripping on a wet floor or road are slim if the grip of the slipper is firm.

After accounting for the above-mentioned essential tips, further questions might come up in your mind, such as the cost of the slippers, the shade, or the style of the slippers, among other factors, but the most significant factor is to try them and check how you feel while wearing them, and how your feet feel post wearing. That’s why at times, the price tag isn’t so vital; the most significant thing is how comfortable you are walking in those slippers.

The trends in shoes for Women keep evolving from time to time. To create a good outfit with all the different types of footwear, you need to have a variety to choose from. Well, we went on a shopping spree to buy the most beautiful pair of shoes and have shortlisted a few that you need to buy. Sharing a list of 9 of our favourite shoes for women that you definitely need to add to your closet. 

Sneakers: Sneakers will always be on the list for the cool, trendy feel and also the comfort and ease it provides. When shopping for this type of Shoes for Women, you are bombarded with options that might confuse you. But the important part is knowing how to pair them correctly, so as a safe option, I would suggest going for solid white sneakers. 

Pumps: When you are leaving for work and do not know how to complete the outfit, you just have to reach for the Pumps. As the name suggests, this footwear just pumps up your overall look.  

Loafers: Stylists consider loafers to be the more dressy clothing option that should be kept for suitable occasions. This footwear gives you a trendy Parisian vibe and can literally be worn with every other basic outfit. 

Crossover Strap Sandals: I feel these are more like classic chic-looking sandals that can be worn with any type of outfit. These go really well with your everyday outfits and cute dresses too. 

Sports Shoes: If you are planning a casual outfit, then you have to consider buying a pair of sports shoes. As they are those types of Shoes for Women for any casual outfit. Popping on the sports shoes with a casual dress just adds a little jazz to the whole outfit.

Clogs: Clogs and crocs are the perfect staples for Spring and Summer looks. As this funky footwear is in trend during those months and is functional too. For any outfit giving a beachy vibe, they just fit in well, adding to the overall look. 

Peep Toe Sandals: These types of shoes work really well for women with narrow and wide feet as they give them enough space. Someone who wants to get an elongated look must go for these with some high heels.

Moccasins: These are the Shoes for Women that give a classy vibe and can be styled with formal wear as well as party wear. My go-to choice for this footwear would be the one with textured leather, as it will be the best statement piece. 

Slip-on Shoes: As per me, slip-on shoes are the only type of Shoes for Women that are not just comfortable but stylish too. You can experiment with your look and get slip-on shoes made from colourful printed fabric for women. It is the simplest way to clash prints in an outfit. 

With these options being laid out, you can go ahead and choose the right ones for you. Pay attention to the price and practicality of the footwear instead of being blown away by the look and feel of the shoe. 


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