Being a woman in today’s world is harder than ever. Oftentimes, ladies are forced to combine a full-time job, personal life, family or kids-related responsibilities, physical activity, and active social life all at once. At the same time, people (read: men) expect us to always look good, feel energized, and wear high heels 24/7. With so many expectations and demands the society has put on tender female shoulders, there is no wonder we ladies feel stressed out every now and then.

In light of this, it becomes especially important to allocate some time in our busy schedule for procedures and activities that are relaxing and revitalizing at the same time. Many women will agree that one of the greatest activities of this kind is Spa procedures. With this in mind, I’ve decided to make a list of 10 DIY ideas of how to make a Spa day at home. Trust me, they have the same wonderful effect as procedures in Spa/salon but don’t affect your budget as drastically as the latter do.

Quick note: The DIY Spa ideas mentioned below will work especially good in combination with each other.

Take a Restorative Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is a relaxing activity in its own right, but you may take it one step further and decide to light some aroma candles, pour yourself a glass of quality wine (or fresh juice if you’re a healthy foodie), turn some relaxing music on. To make the experience even better, mix essential oils with some aromatic flowers and pour the mass into your hot bath. You are free to choose flowers you like, but keep in mind there are flowers that are especially good for Spa procedures.

Use a Skin Scrub to Delight Your Body

Apart from being a useful beauty procedure, things like skin scrubs are also a perfect fit for an at-home Spa day. If you wonder why it is so, I’ll explain it briefly. There are plenty of DIY Scrub recipes based on coffee, cocoa, honey, etc. Most of them won’t take you a lot of time to make, and you’ll be sure the scrub you put on your skin does not contain any harmful chemicals. Choose among hundreds of receipts and delight your body with a fragrant natural scrub.

Do a Self-Massage to Reduce Chronic Muscle Tension

Most of us have chronic muscle tensions we’re so used to that we no longer consider it a big deal. The most problematic zones are your back, neck, and shoulders. Take some time to knead your muscles with your fingers; this will surely help you to loosen up.

Make Yourself a Foot Soak

Believe it or not, but foot soak is believed to be one of the most stress-relieving procedures you can do at home. While hot water is relaxing in its own right, you can boost the effect by adding some sea salt and essential oils. Your feet will be as soft and tender as never before.

Give Yourself a Steam Treatment

Facial steam can make wonders to your skin, and the good news that it’s easy to do at home. All you need to do is clean your face thoroughly, boil some water (½ litre tends to be enough), select herbs and essential oils such as lavender, green tea, chamomile or mint, prepare a towel and get ready for your steam time.

Do Manicure and Pedicure

Unless you are one of those who cannot (or do not want to) master the art of DIY manicure and pedicure, this procedure is an absolute must for your at-home Spa day. Ideally, do your mani and pedi right after a hot bath. This way, you won’t have any problems removing your fingernail cuticles.

Try a Homemade Hair Mask

Before you get nerve-wrecked at the thought of finding and mixing some complicated ingredients, let me tell you there’s no need to worry. Something as simple as coconut oil can make your hair shiny and silky overnight.

Make Yourself a Green Smoothie

Or Lemon Water. Or anything else that will nourish your body with essential nutrients and vitamins, and will make you feel more energized and generally better. Needless to say, fresh juices will do the job too.

Turn Down the Lights and Use Candles

Thanks to our smart hormonal system, our body gets relaxed when there is no source of bright light around. That is why it is recommended to turn all the lights off when going to bed at night. To help yourself get calm and relaxed, replace the artificial light with the natural light of candles.

Soften Your Hands

If you have enough time and motivation, consider making a mask for your hands. If you’re too tired or just lazy (which is nothing to be ashamed of), take your favourite hand cream and massage your hands for at least 5 or 10 minutes.

As you see, it is not a rocket science to make your own Spa at home. All you need is some essential oils, fragrant flowers, hot water, and the desire to have a truly relaxing day spent at home.

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A lot of people feel inclined to learn how to do their own manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments at home on their own when they calculate how much they spend on these things each month. When they think about how much they spend actually paying a professional to do the job, maintaining the work that is done, as well as buying products to use at home, they see that they could save tons of money. They can invest in some nice equipment and nice products to do their own manicure and other beauty treatments. However, they need to learn the basic steps.

If you have gone to a professional many times to have your nails done, you can basically follow the process that the professional uses. Some people do not pay attention when they are getting their nails or toes done, so this quick reminder can be very helpful.

The very first thing that you want to do is start off with clean nails. This involves getting rid of nail polish and making sure that the nails are clean on top and underneath. Next, make sure that your nails are all the same length. This may involve trimming the nails as well as filing them. You want to give them a good shape, something that you will be comfortable with.

Do Your Own Manicure and Start Saving| Cherry On Top

Once your nails are all cleaned up and they have been trimmed and filed, you can begin the most relaxing part of the manicure. Soak your fingers or even your entire hands in warm water. Some people like to use a mild soap or another product that has been designed for this purpose. Soaking your hands in warm water not only relaxes you, but it loosens up the cuticles.

After your hands have soaked for a little bit, you want to take them out of the water and dry them up. Now you can begin working on the cuticles. Using the proper tools, push them back and trim them if necessary. Now that your hands are dry and your cuticles are in good condition, you can apply nail polish and a nail polish extender. You want to preserve the life of the nail polish as long as possible and help your manicure to last.

After your nails are done and the nail polish has dried, you want to apply moisturiser to your hands. Many individuals enjoy this part of the manicure. They may spend a lot of time just sitting back and looking at how pretty their nails look while allowing the moisturiser to soak in. As they rub the moisturiser in, they will do a small hand massage. This is a great way to end the manicure. Not only will your nails look great, but you will feel relaxed.

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