Engagements are special occasions and once in a lifetime opportunity. At this ceremony, rings are exchanged between the two persons and commitment is made to live a happy life thereafter. To celebrate this special day rings is exchanged and celebration is held on a grand level. Everyone wants to look their best on this day and wish to buy diamond rings for women that look attractive and trendy. As there is lots of variety available in the market one should not jump into the very first choice that comes their way. Rather look for these qualities when you buy diamond jewellery online

  • The Styles of the jewellery-

    When you look for diamond jewellery don’t forget to look for its style. It should look attractive and must match with the personality of your fiancé. Of course, you won’t prefer buying a delicate ring for a plump finger. Likewise, you should pay attention to the stone setting, metal and how it’s going to look on your fiancé’s finger. Keep in mind all these things and then buy your ring from a trusted online store.

  • Crafting

    The design matters a lot. As an engagement ring is that special ring that connects two different hearts and it’s the centre of attraction of the crowd that gathers for the celebration. So pay focus to its creation. Purchase the one that showcases your love for your better half.

  • Understanding the diamonds-

    While purchasing pendants you should always look for colour, cuts and diamond carats that are used in them. To provide you with best designs different stones are used. Pendants are decorated by adding different colours to its designs. As it’s the daily wearable jewellery diamond pendant designs are available in multiple designs. Wear them to match your dress and create your elegant statement.

  • Authorized seller-

    When you decide to buy a diamond necklace to give as a gift to your would-be daughter-in-law, always look for an authorized seller. To help you in making an excellent choice, Kirtilal jewellers plays a significant role. It provides you with masterpieces. To match with your expectations special machines from Italy is imported. A trained craftsman works on raw stone and carves a masterpiece for you. After all, they understand your feelings attached to the jewellery. That is why a variety of jewellery is displayed in the store and to match your choice the prices of the diamond necklace are kept minimal so that it doesn’t put dentures in your pocket.

  • Bill and card-

    Every authorized diamond seller will provide you with the card that states the amount of gold or number of diamonds used in the jewellery. This is the hallmark of the company that provides you with the proof of buying a genuine ornament. Keep your bill safe and use it for future purpose.

By following above-mentioned points you can easily buy authentic diamond jewellery with ease from an online store.

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Hi, guys. Happy Friday! Hope you had an amazing week. Today, I am going to talk about an Instagram store called Rutuz Craft Studio and the products available there. Also, there is a discount code for you guys in the end of this post. So, keep reading!

I am always on Instagram, posting pictures, liking others’ and exploring pages. One of my favourite things to do on Instagram is to find stores that sell unique items, from cute phone covers to jewellery. Recently I was contacted by this page called Rutuz Craft Studio to check out their feed and the jewellery they stock. They also asked me if I could review their products and let you guys know about them. How could I have said no to those pretty baubles! After knowing that they are totally hand-crafted. You guys know, I am obsessed with handcrafted things. I think they have the most powerful impact. After all, fashion is not only about wearing things, it’s also about feeling and loving what you are wearing.

I received these three things from them-

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio| cherryontopblog.com

The technique used to make this beautiful neckpiece and bracelet is called crochet technique. It is a mesh of copper wires holding the small, pretty glass pearls. The design might look flimsy at first but that is not the face at all! Both the neckpiece and the bracelet are really sturdy and they are also very flexible. They are supposed to be moulded to the neckline and wrist in order to get the perfect shape and flawless look. The earnings have a French back closure that is great as I tend to loose all my push-backs.

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio| cherryontopblog.com

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio| cherryontopblog.com

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio| cherryontopblog.com

The best thing about these baubles is that they can be paired with almost any type of outfit- be it western, ethnic or fusion. You can wear it to style a classy off-shoulder dress or a saree. Crafted using a minimalist design, these baubles are great for using both daytime and night time and for almost every occasion.

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio| cherryontopblog.com

If you are not someone who loves to accessorise but there is some special occasion where you want to wear some jewellery then you can certainly try these out because they are very light-weight (you can’t believe until to hold them yourself, even the earrings feels heavier than the neckpiece), very minimalistic and really classy. Women of almost any age can wear these.

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio| cherryontopblog.com

Rutuz Craft Studio has many other handmade pieces of jewellery stocked at their Instagram store that you can check out. They all are handmade. From earrings to hand harnesses, there is a huge variety of stuff to choose from. I am sure you will like their collection.

Now, for the most exciting part. Rutuz Craft Studio has decided to offer a 10% discount on their entire collection to my readers. All you have to do is mention the *secret* discount code which is cherry10 while buying from them. You can shop from them by contacting their store on Instagram (handle- @rutuzcraftstudio) or you can also shop via Whatsapp.

I hope you guys loved this piece of information. I will be back with a new post this week. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

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