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 Summer is bidding goodbye and Monsoon is right around the corner. At this juncture, I thought I should prepare my Monsoon Fashion Wishlist. When I peeked into my closet, I found absolutely nothing that I could call perfect for monsoons. Currently, my wardrobe is filled with summery, breezy clothes and pastel pieces. I thought I should make a change to the colour palette. Monsoon calls for vibrant, bright colours. It’s now time to bid adieu to pastels. Your monsoon wardrobe should take inspiration from the coolness and greenery around.

Monsoon calls for bright colours. It’s now time to bid adieu to pastels. Your monsoon wardrobe should take inspiration from the cool, cosy weather, the green and blue that is ruling the season right now. Monsoon fashion is all about being comfortable, wearing fabrics that resist water or that dries quickly and of course, the colours should be vibrant. In monsoon, the sun doesn’t shine brightly so wearing a pastel piece won’t serve the purpose. You must recreate the bright environment with your clothes. Even if you choose to wear soft shades, make sure your accessories are bold in colour for that spark nature is missing.

Last week, I got to know about the huge discounts TATA CLiQ is offering on all their products. I didn’t waste much time and went through their entire collection. Soon, I picked up 5 pieces that are the must-haves to gear up your Monsoon fashion game. Let me show you the items I chose-


A jumpsuit is a game changer during monsoons. It looks cute, fashionable and most importantly doesn’t get ruined if you accidentally step into a puddle. You can pair these up with a shrug or a casual shirt to layer it as you might feel cold on days when there is a heavy downpour. You can always wear flipflops with a casual jumpsuit to make it even more monsoon-appropriate.

This cute Blue Maria Jumpsuit is from New Look. It was originally priced at Rs 1799 but you get it for Rs 539 only because of the Pre End of Season sale on TATA CLiQ.


With the goal of keeping your legs bare, another thing that you can invest on is a good pair of shorts. They can be your best friend for summers. A pair of vibrant coloured shorts goes well with many things. You can pair it with tank tops and wear a shirt over it, you can wear it with cold-shoulder tops or you can pair it with a kurta for a beachy, boho look. Accessorise your shorts with chappals or strappy sandals or if you love experimenting, you can give rubber booties a try.

These coral shorts are from Vero Moda. It was originally priced at Rs 1895 and currently at a 60% discount.


This is to make yourself really comfy when it’s cloudy and rains for hours. Shrugs will keep you warm if your hands tend to feel cold. Also, it keeps your hands covered on a no-shave day.

This beautiful black printed Honey & B shrug was originally priced at Rs 1299. It’s at a  30% discount right now after which the price is Rs 909.

Bold-coloured Shoes

As I said earlier, accessorising yourself with bold coloured stuff is actually going to make you stand out. The Sun God is not at his full fury so you might recreate the aura around yourself. If you are not comfortable with experimenting with your clothes, you can definitely experiment with your accessories. A bold, vibrant bag or a pair of bright coloured shoes can totally change the scenario and supersede the dullness around.

These red coloured Beach Line Red & White Boat Shoes are perfect for turn any dull monsoon day into bright, sunny day. It will add the perfect pop of colour to your outfit.


Backpacks are a must-haves during these sodden months. You might have to carry and umbrella with you even if you don’t need to use it. Basically, you need to keep your hands free. So, you need to carry a bag that holds all of the things you are carrying, because let’s be honest, in monsoons, you are carrying more stuff than you carry the rest of the year. Backpacks are best as they come in a variety of materials, they have enough space to carry your world and they don’t occupy your hands.

I really like this Pink coloured backpack a lot from Caprese.

As I mentioned earlier, TATA CLiQ is having huge sales on all the top brands like New Look (flat 70% off), Levis (flat 40%), Red Tape (flat 50%), Vero Moda (up to 60%), Caprese (flat 50%), Globus (Flat 70%), Crocs (up to 60%) and so on. The deals are so alluring that you don’t want to miss them. If you are planning to revamp your wardrobe and your monsoon fashion, here is your chance to do so. At this huge sales festival, you will definitely get something for you. It could be a great opportunity to gift your friends or relatives also.

This was my complete monsoon fashion wish list that I am planning to try accomplishing. I don’t like Monsoons much because of the dullness around. I am more of a bright, sunny day lover. The best way I find positivity during monsoon is by dressing myself up in bright clothes and accessories. Although, at any given point of time, I would choose light coloured, pastel coloured clothes I also think bright colours make me happy and confident from within. Which of the things you think you should get for this monsoon?

What is your idea of monsoon fashion?

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Hello, all! It’s been a long time since I talked about fashion. So, I thought why not talk about some fashion that would be best for the upcoming monsoons. Dressing up for work in monsoons is a headache. You can’t wear anything to  your office unless if you have a very cool boss! Today I’ll be talking about ethnic wears that you can add to your workwear closet. All the pieces I talked about in this post are completely budget-friendly so that you don’t have much to think about before heading to buy them. Let’s start-

Monsoon, to me, comes with a dose of fresh colours such as bright greens, yellows and blues. I can easily relate to  nature- drenched with fresh shower, cool breeze and a bit of sunshine. Depending on my choice of colours, here I have picked a few of my favourite Kurtis from Rangriti that you would love to check out-

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

This high-low asymmetrical Kurti comes in a neon green colour which I found is perfect to brighten up a gloomy monsoon morning. Pair it up with churidar or a palazzo depending on your own preference.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

Somehow, I have a leaning towards white clothes. I know it can easily get dirty on the muddy roads of India but I cannot overlook a white garment if I am shopping for myself. To me, whites are perfect for every season. Monsoons might bring frequent rainfall but you can’t ignore the humidity. So, wearing a white will be comforting for you.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

Orange is again a very vibrant colour to cheer you up in a monsoon day. It’s also something that you can easily wear to work. A perfect everyday wear ethnic, isn’t it?

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

Yellow is another of my favourite colours for daytime dress-up. This particular colour of this Kurti has a slight neon hint to it which is making it more appealing. The white motifs are subtle and not clumsy which makes it perfect for work and also for the humid weather.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

This one is my absolute favourite because of the indigo colour and simple prints. Blue is my favourite colour and I like to incorporate blue in almost everywhere. One can style this up in multiple ways, with salwars, churidars, palazzos and also maxi skirts.

Rangriti has a great collection of different types of kurtis, kurtas, palazzos, jackets, dupattas and other ethnic garments. They have a variety of fabrics, colours and designs for every occasion that too within budget. Their kurtis start at only Rs 250, can you imagine! I insist you go through their collection once. I am in love with their everyday wear kurtis.

Monsoon is a season that comes as a relief with a lot of freshness, fragrance and tranquillity. It definitely has its downsides, every season has but you cannot refuse to be grateful to monsoon. I hope you pull off all your ethnic looks beautifully in this monsoon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

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