saree draping


Silk sadi is the epitome of grace and perfection; any festivity seems incomplete without them. Whether you are attending a wedding, an engagement ceremony or a party, take your ethnic look up a notch in an exquisite silk said

Since silk is considered a staple for festive wear, distinguishing your style becomes essential to making a statement amidst the elegance. Embracing innovative draping techniques offers an unparalleled opportunity to do just that, transforming the traditional silk sadi into a standout ensemble. Let’s explore some of the remarkable draping styles that can elevate your silk sadi look.

Classic Nivi Drape

Originating from Andhra Pradesh, this is the most popular form of draping style. In this classic style, you must pleat the sadi at the waist and let it fall gracefully while the pallu hangs over your shoulder beautifully. The rich textures and colourful designs of a silk sadi make this draping style an elegant choice to highlight your grace and sophistication. Pin the pallu to highlight its border for extra glamour, mixing traditional and modern styles beautifully.

Bengali Draping Style

Give your sadi a touch of traditional Bengali charm by draping it in the iconic Bengali style. You’ll want to pleat the sadi at the back first, then bring the pallu to the front so that it fans out broadly, creating a stunning display. This technique lets the design of the pallu shine, especially if your sadi is rich with intricate patterns. Don’t shy away from bold bindis and statement jewellery to round off this gorgeous look. And, of course, the quintessential red-and-white sindoor is a must to fully embrace the beautiful Bengali tradition.

Gujarati Panetar Drape

Drape your silk sadi in the Gujarati panetar style for a chic and elegant look. This involves pleating the sadi at the back and bringing the pallu to the front across the body diagonally. This style is great for highlighting a sadi’s unique pallu design.

Mumtaz-style Butterfly Drape

Inspired by the iconic style of the legendary Bollywood actress Mumtaz, this drape is a playful and stylish way to showcase your silk sadi. For this style, you need to create multiple pleats and tuck them in the middle, allowing the sadi to fan out like a butterfly’s wings. The pallu then goes over the shoulder, which adds a touch of glamour to your look. This draping technique is ideal for cocktail parties and wedding receptions.

Lehenga Style Draping Technique

Whenever you’re torn between wearing a sadi or a lehenga, drape your sadi the lehenga style and get the best of both worlds. Start by tucking the pleats at the centre, resembling a lehenga skirt. The pallu is then draped over the shoulder, showcasing the sadi’s border and design. You can create a lehenga silhouette whilst wearing a sadi, helping you give an ironic twist to your traditional look. If you want to experiment with your style while maintaining the sanctity of traditional attire, try this draping style for special occasions, such as a wedding or reception.

Experimenting with these five draping styles allows you to showcase the beauty of your silk sadi in different ways, adding versatility to this timeless attire. Whether you opt for the classic Nivi drape or embrace the playful butterfly style, each draping technique uniquely elevates your silk sadi look and makes a lasting impression on any occasion. So, dive into the world of saree draping and unleash your creativity with these stunning styles. And for more fashion inspiration, don’t forget to explore the creations of top fashion designers in India.

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