Hello, all my friends! Today we are celebrating our 67th Independence Day. And my inbox is flooded with zillions of Independence Day sale alerts. But I found this too tempting.


This is what I said after I saw this mail in my inbox: “Whoa! OMG! What the heck?” Yes, my loves, Fashion And You is offering up to 95% off on a horde of products and categories such as apparel (men’s and women’s), shoes (men’s and women’s), bags, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, home decor, and many more.
Tomorrow is my birthday, and the sale is until tonight, so I literally convinced my boyfriend to gift me something from the cosmetics section, and he did. I have bought from FNY twice before, and I love them so much because they are the only site in the world that offers cash on delivery to my address unless there are millions of others. I really have been wanting to buy a blush for a few months, so I took advantage of this sale and bought this. This is actually priced at 975 INR, but I got it for only 399 INR and an additional 100 bucks for the shipping charge!
So, if you are a deal-hunter like me, then it’s probably your day! Rush and pick whatever you want. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate today. Happy Independence Day to you all!
You have exactly 18 hours to make the most of this sale! So hurry and Shop From Them.
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All of the pictures above originally belong to the site. They are not my own.
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